Shamier Anderson & Varun Saranga – Wynonna Earp – Comic Con 2107

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By: Brittany Dailey


Q) Are we going to find out more about of what Dolls is? Lizard? Dragon?

Shamier: Dragon, lizard – for sure. I’d like to see him more what he can actually do with those special abilities. That’s cool! I love Power Rangers. So, I feel like when Dolls is ready to go into dragon mode I feel like he’s getting into a Power Rangers suit. It’s dragon time! [laughs] I don’t actually say those words, but hopefully in Season Three.

Varun: I feel like Jeremy would transform into a puppy. Like the least threatening thing. [laughs]

Q) Shamier, what’s it been like doing more scenes with Doc?

Shamier: It’s great! Working with Tim [Rozon] is such a blast. The relationship between Doc and Dolls is always fluctuating. Sometimes we’re cool. Sometimes we’re not. It’s just one of those things that keeps things exciting. Tim and I always keep things very, very exciting with jokes, pranks and all that good stuff. It’s fun. That dynamic between the two of us is always, always, always, always intense. I’m like, “I’ve got a scene with Tim today? Shit’s going to get real!” [laughs]

Q) Varun, as a new cast member. Has everyone been welcoming on set?

Varun: It’s been amazing! Everyone has been so kind, generous and nice. I’ve been saying this over and over because everyone has been so nice since the minute I landed there. Dominique was super nice. I knew Shamier from Toronto and he was prepping me. I just had an easy transition into everything because it rarely happens. Usually, you have to work your way into the inner circle. As you know, Earpers are super loving and welcoming and that’s exactly like the cast.

Q) What did Shamier say to prep you?

Varun: Just kind of the craziness of the schedule and the world, really. It’s a sci-fi Western. It’s random genres mashed together so I never knew what I’d experience with that kind of stuff.

Q) Were you a fan of the show before joining the cast?

Varun: I got the call that I had to fly out on Monday and it was Saturday morning. So, I had to binge on the show. So, I watched it on the plane ride over and got deep into the mythology. Then, I started to really love it.

Q) Jeremy is kind of the comic relief. Will he have more of a dramatic turn to his character?

Varun: You know Emily Andras. She doesn’t let you sit around for very long. That’s the nice thing. She always gives us a different thing to play. So, I’m excited to see the twists and turns.

Q) Will we get to see the backstory between Dolls and Jeremy? Jeremy has alluded to a previous connection with Dolls.

Shamier: There is so much going on in that entire story that it is almost necessary for us to have a Season Three.

Varun: Yeah.

Shamier: It’s lizard time!

Varun: It’s puppy time!

Q) How is Dolls feeling about Wynonna’s current situation?

Shamier: I think he’s just sad for a lot of things. Also, it’s what she is going through and what that means for him and for her – having a child and the entire state of what is going on. He’s processing a lot – Black Badge. Dolls is stressed out! [laughs] I feel sorry for him. He needs a shot! A lot.

Q) Will he be less stressed by the end of the season?

Shamier: You’re going to have to watch and find out.

Q) Now that Black Badge is gone, what does that mean for Dolls?

Shamier: It means he’s going to need some money. So, maybe you guys could make a Go Fund Me for Dolls. [laughs]

Varun: That’s the whole arc of Season Three. [laughs] He opens an airBNB.

Shamier: He doesn’t have a house! He lives in the office. In episode two of this season, actually, his roommate was played by Rachel Skarsten.

Q) Where do you hope Dolls is in Season Three?

Shamier: I’m really hoping to see that now that Black Badge is no longer and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) is about to have a baby – I want to see where his priorities are going to be now. I think that is going to be interesting to see Xavier as opposed to Agent Dolls. Because now that Black Badge isn’t happening, I want to see how Xavier is going to be – how he is going to dress and how he is going to interact and do in certain situations. Maybe he is a break dancer! We don’t even know! I want to see sides to him where the world is going to be like, “What?!”

Varun: A musical episode!

Shamier: Maybe Dolls is a DJ.

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