Snowfall – A Long Time Coming

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By: Jessica Wolff



Victoria (Justine Lupe) puts up missing person signs around town for Kristin Grelli.  Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) listens to a recording of his wife and daughter, as he prepares for his day.  He calls Alejandro Usteves (Juan Javier Cardenas), who tells him that he’ll never complain about a migraine again.  Teddy reports that Lucia Villanueva (Emily Rios) didn’t have enough money to buy the next shipment of cocaine, and they should look for another buyer, and he is working to get the weapons to the soldiers.


Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) brings Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) and Kevin Hamilton (Malcolm M. Mays) to see Claudia Crane (Judith Scott).  Franklin introduces his business partners to Claudia, but she is not impressed.  Leon and Kevin joke around, and Claudia tells Franklin to take the clowns back to the circus.  Leon calls her a bitch as he and Kevin leave the club, and Claudia questions Franklin’s seriousness about the business.  He tells her that he’s serious, but he needs people he can trust to help him.  Claudia tells him that he can’t trust anybody in this business and that she’s only buying two of the kilos.  She tells him that she’s not a drug dealer and hands over payment for the kilos.  He asks if she knows anyone else who would be interested, but she tells him that she doesn’t. She warns him to be careful in this area after what happened with Lenny (Craig Tate) and Ray Ray (Markice Moore).  She tells him to come back if he ever wants her to teach him something, and then tells him to leave.


Lenny and Ray Ray wait for Franklin and his friends to walk by in their car, and Lenny pulls out a gun.  Ray Ray suggests letting it go, but Lenny reminds him of what they did to him.  As Ray Ray agrees, Andrew Wright (Marcus Henderson) knocks on their window and asks them to roll down their window.  They comply and he asks what they’re doing.  They tell him that they’re just cruising and he tells them to go.  They drive away, watching as Franklin and his friends go into one of the houses.


Franklin and his friends throw their money around as they celebrate their successful sale.  Leon wants to try the cocaine, but Franklin tells them that they shouldn’t and asks them to help him cut the next batch.  The three of them cut and bag the cocaine, and there is a knock on the door.  Franklin tells them to hide the cocaine, and to figure it out when they ask how to hide it.  Franklin sees nobody at the door and goes back to the bedroom where Melody (Reign Edwards) climbs through the window.  She notices the cocaine immediately and Franklin sarcastically compliments their great hiding job.  Melody offers her help in selling it.  They debate where to sell the next batch, and Kevin suggests taking a road trip to see his cousin in Oakland.  Franklin realizes that they tried some of the cocaine and tells them to get out of the house, and forces them out the front door.


Lucia and Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) walk through the hospital and look for Gustavo’s friend.  They visit Hernan (Michael Ray Escamilla), who asks what he’s doing there.  Gustavo tells him they want to talk to him and Lucia introduces herself as his business partner.  Hernan warns her that Gustavo tends to run when things get scary.  He wheels away from them, and Gustavo follows him asking for an introduction.  Hernan grabs him and tells him that a nearby group of men will attack Gustavo if he asks them to.  Gustavo threatens him and gets him to listen to him.  He asks for a meeting and Lucia promises him some blow for helping them.


Teddy reports to James Ballard (Nic Bishop) that a guy who feels that he’s not getting enough respect is holding up the guns.  He tells him that they need to get the weapons to the soldiers and asks if he wants another Bay of Pigs.  Ballard tells him that he thought he had things under control, and Teddy tells him that he needs a little push from the top.  Ballard asks if he needs help, and Teddy tells him that he already has a partner.  He warns him to be careful, and offers a bit of assistance.  Teddy thanks him, but Ballard tells him that he hopes he didn’t make a mistake allowing him to do this.


Teddy’s wife (Peta Sergeant) gets a call from Teddy, who tells her that he is in DC.  He tells her that he was hoping to see her and she asks what he wants to see her about.  He tells her that he has been thinking, and he wants them to be together again.  She tells him to stop, and he asks for one visit.  She tells him not to bring any bullshit when he comes over and he assures her he won’t.  She tells him that she’s unsure if she wants to be with him, and he says he understands.


Jerome Saint (Amin Joseph) makes cookies for Franklin, and he hands him some cash.  He asks Franklin why he’s there, and he asks why he doesn’t want in on the cocaine business.  Jerome tells him that there was an incident where a truck filled with cocaine was hijacked and a lot of people died, that there are no winners in the business, and there is a target on his back when he has to sell to white people.  Franklin believes there has to be a way he can do this without ending up dead or in jail.  Jerome tells him to stay in the neighborhood and Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) suggests a person he can go to.  In the kitchen, Louie tells Jerome that Franklin is stubborn and they won’t be able to talk him out of it.


Teddy has sex with his wife, who refuses to stop even when they hear crying on the baby monitor.  They finish and she leaves to check on their kid.  Afterwards, she asks what’s changed and he tells her that she doesn’t want the details.  He tells her that she was right, and maybe he should put some distance between him and the operation.  He suggests that he run the whole operation from here while Alejandro works in Los Angeles.  She asks him if he’s truly capable of doing that, and he insists that he is if it means being with her.  She is silent for a moment before reminding him that he was so intent on staying in Los Angeles a week ago.  He tells her that a lot has happened in the last week, but she needs assurances.  He promises her, but she says she can’t live her life on his whims.  She gives him one more chance and tells him not to screw it up.


Franklin and Jerome meet with a man (Bokeem Woodbine), and Jerome demands that he tells Franklin the story of his cocaine deal gone wrong.  He tells him that one of his testicles was shot off and warns Franklin to be careful.  The man mentions that a gang controls all of the cocaine, and Franklin asks for more details.  Lucia counts the cocaine and asks Gustavo how much his friend’s associate will buy.  She asks what the chance is of this being a setup, and Gustavo estimates it to be a 50/50 chance.  She pours them shots and Gustavo asks if she’s heard from Pedro Nava (Felipe Valle Costa), but she says she hasn’t.  They discuss recent events and Gustavo plays the cassette he was winding as they drink together.  He picks her up and they dance together to the music.


Franklin goes back to the warehouse to talk to the man, and he isn’t surprised to see him again.  He refuses to tell Franklin where to find the gang and warns him about who he wants to end up controlling his life.  Franklin tells him not to lecture him, and he writes the information down, asking for payment.  Gustavo and Lucia meet with the potential client (Tony Sancho), who samples the cocaine.  They tell him that they can provide more to him, but he claims he doesn’t need them.  Gustavo and Lucia convince him that it’s better to buy from them, and he asks Hernan if he trust them.  Hernan vouches for them and one of his associates asks if Lucia is included in the deal.  Gustavo is not happy about his advances on her, Lucia moves away when he tries to grope her.  The associate challenges Gustavo to a fight, and the potential client questions whether Gustavo has the balls to fight.  Gustavo promises Lucia he’ll take care of it, and Lucia tells him to beat the guy up.


Franklin comes home to find Cissy Saint (Michael Hyatt) vacuuming.  He brings her snacks and tells her that he got a job for a porn company.  She isn’t happy, but decides that at least he’s getting a paycheck.  He asks to borrow the car, and she reluctantly agrees.  Gustavo fights the guy as everyone gathers around.  They trade punches, and Gustavo gets the upper hand punching the guy to the ground.  Gustavo keeps punching the guy while he’s down, and Lucia calls out to him.  He asks the potential client if he’s proved himself, and they agree to a deal.


Teddy tells Alejandro that the weapons will be delivered by the end of the week, and that some egos need to be stroked first.  Alejandro offers to fly Teddy to DC, but he asks if he’s found another buyer for the cocaine.  Teddy promises they’ll figure it out and asks Alejandro to pull over for food.  Franklin drives to meet the gang, but one of the gang members, Ephraim (Bernardo Bedillo) asks if he is lost.  He tells them that he’s on the wrong street, and Ephraim asks why he’s nervous.  He gives them his name, but before he can drive away, Ephraim and another gang member break his window and drag him out of the car.  They tell him he is in the wrong neighborhood and pull a bag of cocaine out of his pocket.  He tells them he wants to talk business and they attack him.


Lucia and Gustavo step out of the house as Ephraim pulls a gun on Franklin.  He tells them to bring Franklin into the house, and Franklin pleads with them as they drag him into the house.  Gustavo stops them, and asks what Franklin did.  Ephraim shows him the cocaine packet, and Gustavo tells them that he knows Franklin.  The head of the gang calls out to them, and they let Franklin go with a warning.  Gustavo checks up on him, and Franklin recognizes him and Lucia.  He tells Franklin to leave, but Franklin introduces himself and offers his services.  Gustavo tells him to leave again, and Franklin drives away.  Teddy and Alejandro walk along the street and Alejandro recognizes the girl in the missing person posters.  Teddy asks if he knows her, and Alejandro tells him that she is one of the girls he killed.

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