Snowfall – Seven-Four

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By: Jessica Wolff

In the desert, Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) tends to the plane that crash-landed and injured Alejandro Usteves (Juan Javier Cardenas).  He drinks from a carton of water and drips some water into Alejandro’s mouth.  Teddy yells at Alejandro for putting them in this predicament and tells him that he diverted their landing location because he doesn’t trust him.  Teddy then apologizes, but tells Alejandro that he gave him no choice.


Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) counts cocaine packets as Lucia Villanueva (Emily Rios) tells her workers that there is no work for them today.  She apologizes to them and Gustavo remarks that he thought that they would be able to sell more.  She tells him that tomorrow will be a great opportunity for them as people are looking to get wasted on the Fourth of July.  She asks him if he has any plans for the holiday and he says that he does.  She kisses him on the cheek and wishes him a happy holiday before she leaves.


Cissy Saint (Michael Hyatt) comes home and Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) asks her about hosting a Fourth of July party at the house.  She tells him that it’s a lot of work and he comments that his Dad, Alton Saint (Kevin Carroll), didn’t think so.  He reminisces about his father’s parties and shows Cissy a picture he found of his father.  He asks why he hasn’t seen it before and she tells him that she forgot about it.  She mentions that she took the picture and Franklin tells her that she has talent and asks her if she’s ever thought of doing more photography.  She tells him that taking pictures doesn’t pay the bills and confronts him on his recent business dealings.  He tells her that he quit doing that and she tells him that he’s going to get a real job again so they can pay their bills.  He promises that everything will be all right, as he looks at the picture of his father.


Franklin looks for his father and bails him out of jail.  Alton is released, but Franklin leaves to avoid talking to him.  Gustavo spends the holiday doing things around his house and Pedro Nava (Filipe Valle Costa) arrives to tell him that he’s taking Gustavo to his family’s party.  Gustavo doesn’t think that it’s a good idea, but Pedro won’t take no for an answer.  Teddy continues to talk to the unconscious Alejandro in the desert, rambling about various subjects.  As he tries to give Alejandro more water, the protective tarp blows away and Teddy chases after it.  He catches up to it and brings it back, finding the water carton tipped over.  He puts it in the plane and demands that Alejandro wake up and fly them out of the desert.  He slaps him repeatedly, but Alejandro remains unconscious.


At the Saint family party, Franklin greets Melody (Reign Edwards).  She remarks that it’s good that he hasn’t been arrested yet and he asks what she is talking about.  She tells him that he knows what she’s talking about.  Cissy and Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) hang out by the grill and Cissy is not happy to see Alton arrive to the party.  She tells him to leave and Franklin runs over to diffuse the situation.  He tells her that he wants to speak to Franklin and thank him for bailing him out of jail.  Cissy lets him stay on the condition that he clean himself up, reminding him that he knows where the bathroom is.  When he goes inside Cissy turns to Franklin, who walks away before she can say anything.


Franklin lays some clothes out for Alton and Cissy gets angry with him for inviting him to the party.  He tells her that he didn’t invite him, but she reminds him that he was the one to bail him out of jail.  She asks him where he got the money from and he says that he got it from his safe.  She doesn’t believe him and tells him that she can’t have Alton back again.  She tells Franklin that he can stay for an hour, but then he has to kick him out.  Aunt Louie calls Franklin over and asks what’s going on with his dad.  Jerome Saint (Amin Joseph) asks him when he’ll return the gun he borrowed.  Alton watches the conversations from the kitchen window.


Pedro and Gustavo arrive at the party and Lucia is surprised to see Gustavo.  Mauricio (Carlos Linares) comes over and Pedro introduces Gustavo to his father.  Pedro encourages him to talk to Gustavo about what he can do for the family business.  Mauricio invites Gustavo inside and Lucia confronts Pedro about how dangerous it is to have Gustavo there.  Pedro doesn’t believe that Mauricio would kill his only son and assures her that nobody knows the truth before telling her to act normal.  Teddy digs up a bag and drags it back to the plane.  He loads several bags into the plane and puts Alejandro in the co-pilot’s seat.  He prepares the plane for takeoff, but can’t figure out how to fly the plane.


Jerome is ready to light fireworks on the roof of the house and Franklin tells Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) that he doesn’t want Kevin Hamilton (Malcolm M. Mays) or anyone else involved in his business.  Leon tells him that everyone already knows his business and that one of Karvel’s friends was killed.  Franklin refuses to speculate about what happened to him.  Alton asks to speak to Franklin, and starts to reminisce.  Franklin interrupts him and asks what he wants and Alton reminds him that he’s the one that bailed him out.  He asks Franklin what he was talking to Jerome about and Franklin doesn’t answer.  Alton tells him that he didn’t come to judge and Franklin tells him to shut up and that he doesn’t need to hear that he’s sorry.  Incensed, Alton asks what he has to be sorry about and they yell at each other.  The fireworks exploding on the roof interrupt their argument.


Teddy looks at the picture of Alejandro and his family and Alejandro stirs awake as he talks to him about it.  He realizes that Alejandro is awake and checks on him.  Mauricio gives Gustavo the details of the job and tells him that they’ve had issues with trust recently.  Gustavo assures him that all he wants is work and respect and agrees to his terms.  Alejandro drinks the rest of the water and prepares to fly him and Teddy out of the desert.  Teddy admits that he never should have told him to land here and they climb into the plane.


Two white police officers arrive and ask whose house it is.  Jerome steps forward, but Cissy approaches the officers first.  The officers ask about the fireworks and are suspicious of the weed as well.  Franklin taunts the officers and Cissy stops them from going over to him.  Cissy asks for a civil conversation, but the officer pushes Cissy out of the way and attacks Franklin.  One of the officers puts Franklin in a chokehold while the other officer points his gun at Cissy and the rest of the party.  A black officer, Clark (Karl Risinger), arrives at the scene and pulls the officer off Franklin.  Clark tries to check on Franklin, but Jerome yells at him.  Aunt Louie restrains him as Melody and Cissy tells Franklin to breathe.  Franklin watches Alton walk away as Cissy assures him that she’s there for him.


The party resumes and Cissy sits next to Franklin on the step as he recovers.  His voice is scratchy as he admits that his throat hurts.  Cissy asks him if Alton said anything to him before he left and Franklin insists that he’s fine and that he should have told her about bailing him out.  He promises to make the bail money back and she tells him that it doesn’t matter now.  They watch the nearby fireworks together.


Gustavo remarks to Lucia that her family is a mess as they watch the fireworks.  Mauricio comments to Pedro on Gustavo’s pursuit of Lucia.  Pedro calls him an ape, but Mauricio comments that she seems to be into him.  Mauricio asks if they can trust Gustavo, after what happened with Enrique.  Pedro tells him that he has nothing to worry about and tells him that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for him.  Mauricio takes away his glass, commenting that he’s had too much to drink.


Gustavo tells Lucia that he knows someone that can help them sell the cocaine.  If it works out, he wants to be made equal partner with her and Pedro.  She tells him that he sounds crazy and he reminds her that he’s already killed two people for them.  Lucia tells him that Pedro isn’t going to like it and Gustavo says that he doesn’t care.  She promises that he will get his fair share if this works.  Teddy wakes up to find Alejandro flying the plane to Los Angeles and they talk about what will happen when they land.  Alejandro asks if it matters how they behave if the CIA backs them and Teddy can’t argue with that.


Franklin, Leon and Kevin sit on the roof as the party winds down and talk about the party.  Leon and Kevin pour out their liquor and joke around.  Franklin asks Kevin if he can borrow his aunt’s car and explains that he needs it so they don’t have to take a bus to Drexler’s.  Leon and Kevin are excited to that he wants back into the cocaine business.

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