Snowfall – Story Of A Scar

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By: Jessica Wolff


Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) enters his house and Cissy Saint (Michael Hyatt) asks him where he’s been.  Franklin tells her that he was at the station and embraces her.  He asks how Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) is doing and she tells him that he is lucky to be alive.  She demands to know what happened, but Franklin lies that he doesn’t know.  Cissy isn’t convinced and tells Franklin that he scares her.  She tells him that Jerome Saint (Amin Joseph) stopped by and asks how long they’ve been selling weed together.  Franklin admits that it’s been six months and she gets angry with him for lying to her.  He tries to justify it by telling her that she’s smoked weed, and she tells him not to talk to her like that.


Andrew Wright (Marcus Henderson) enters the house, interrupting the fight.  He checks up on them and tells Cissy that he wants to talk to Franklin.  Wright goes into the kitchen and Franklin maintains that he doesn’t know anything about Leon’s shooting.  However, Wright tells him that he saw two boys parked on the street watching his house a couple of days ago.  He asks Franklin to help identify them, but Franklin tells him that he can’t help him.


Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) calls Jules (Peta Sergeant) as he works on the operation.  He sees Alejandro Usteves (Juan Javier Cardenas) come into the warehouse and wraps up their conversation before hanging up on her.  Alejandro unloads the new shipment on the table and tells him that it was all they could salvage when the camp was destroyed.  He tells Teddy that he has other resources and he confirms that he’s referring to the Columbians.  Teddy raises his concerns, but Alejandro assures him that it will work out.  He questions whether they can trust them, and then gives in at Alejandro’s glare.


Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) meets with Lucia Villanueva (Emily Rios) in a motel parking lot, and she informs him of how Ramiro (Jose Zuñiga) has taken over the business.  She lays out the new conditions including cutting him and Stomper (Tony Sancho) out of the business.  Lucia gives him money as a severance package, and tells him that Ramiro wants him dead.  He asks why he’s doing business with Ramiro and Pedro Nava (Filipe Valle Costa), and she reminds him that they are her family.  Gustavo refuses the money and tells her that he’s not going to run or give up.  He asks her what she wants and she pauses.


Franklin visits Melody (Reign Edwards) at school and she hugs him.  As she pulls away, she kisses him and he notices her friends watching them.  He walks her home from school and tells her that Leon is supposed to come home from the hospital that day.  In her room, Franklin retrieves his backpack from her closet.  She sees him walk out of the closet with it, and he explains he had to hide it from the cops.  She calls him out for not considering her when hiding it there.  He tells her that he thought she was okay with it, and she says that she thought he cared about her.  She tells him that he can’t see anything other than what’s in the bag, and tells him to get out of her house.


Teddy lets Victoria (Justine Lupe) into his apartment, and she gives him a copy of the Jimmy Stewart movie “Harvey” as a thank you for his help.  He tells her that he can’t accept the gift, but she insists he take it.  She tells him that he’s been the one bright spot in everything that’s happened, and he jokes about getting punched in the face.  Victoria tells him that she has to accept that her sister isn’t coming back, and he tells her that she’s done more than anyone else would have.  She thanks him again and embraces him before leaving.


Cissy goes to see Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) and tells her that she is looking for Franklin.  Louie tells her that he’s not there, and Cissy asks her how much she is involved in the drug business.  She tells her that she empathizes with her, but that she shouldn’t come after her.  Cissy refuses to leave, and Louie makes her some coffee.  She admits that everything is falling apart, and comments that she never should have let Franklin drop out of college.  She comments that he never would have started working with Jerome if he stayed in school.


Louie tells her that Jerome has been trying to get Franklin out of the business and Franklin is the ambitious one.  She reiterates that it’s not Jerome’s fault, but Cissy suggests blaming her instead.  Louie tells her that she should be blaming herself and accuses her of being a bad role model.  Cissy gets angry, and tells her that she’s been the one providing for Franklin on her own.  She insults Louie and tells her to stop dragging Franklin into all of this.  Louie yells insults at her as she storms out of the house.


Teddy observes Alejandro walking on the docks, and loses sight of him when he walks closer.  He goes into the nearby restaurant and the waitress tells him to sit anywhere.  He chooses a seat by the window and takes pictures of Alejandro meeting with some men on a boat.  He sees an older man walk towards them, and takes pictures of him.  He gives his order to the waitress and then loses sight of the older man.


Will (Jacob Justin Barnes) and Lorraine (Trinitee Stokes) play while Leon is resting on the couch.  Franklin gives the kids money to buy candy and shows Leon the brand new sneakers he bought for him as hazard pay.  Leon asks him when they’re going to make a move on Lenny (Craig Tate) and Ray Ray (Markice Moore), and Franklin tells him that he’s still figuring that out.  He is confident that he can take them, but Franklin reminds him that he can barely walk.  Leon tells him that just Lenny was there when he was shot, but Franklin doesn’t believe that they are ever apart.  He reminds him that he was the one who witnessed it, and tells him that they need to cement their reputation by coming back at them.


Teddy hears a pounding noise in his ears that the waitress can’t seem to hear.  He pays for his food and takes pictures of Alejandro fighting with one of the men on the boat.  The older man walks towards them and reaches into his pocket.  Teddy runs out of the restaurant, but sees that the man grabs a cigarette and doesn’t acknowledge Alejandro as he walks by.  Teddy sees Alejandro toasting with his friends on the boat and sits down on the patio.  Jerome comes home and is grinning, barely acknowledging Louie’s mention of Cissy’s visit.  He drops his earnings on the table, and he and Louie are excited about the amount.  Louie can’t believe that he made all of this money in one day, and Jerome tells her how well the business is doing.  She pretends to be excited, but she leaves the room with a look of panic.


Franklin visits Claudia Crane (Judith Scott), who introduces him to her latest prodigy, Shayla.  He tells her that he needs to talk to her, and she tells him that she’s glad that he is okay.  She tells him that she heard a variety of rumors about the shooting incident, and he tells her that Leon is going to be okay.  Franklin asks her to arrange a meeting with Ray Ray, and she thinks the idea is ridiculous.  He tells her that his product is better now, but she tells him that it’s more than that and tells him that she needs something personal.


Teddy drives to the warehouse and Alejandro tells him that he’s late.  He talks to him about business and Teddy says that he’s okay with all of his suggestions.  Alejandro is confused that he’s not arguing with him, but Teddy thanks him for handling everything.  He opens the warehouse, and Ramiro walks in with Pedro and Lucia.  Pedro assures them that they have money and introduces his father.  Teddy asks why Ramiro is there and asks Lucia where Gustavo is.  Ramiro promises to increase the payment, but Teddy is worried about the sudden change in the plan.  Ramiro promises to double the profits, and Alejandro agrees to the terms.


Gustavo informs Stomper that Lucia cut off the deal they made with him.  He is angry about them backing out of the deal, and Gustavo assures him that it wasn’t his decision.  He tells him that he was cut out of the deal too, and Stomper laughs.  He asks why Lucia changed her mind so quickly, and he tells them that Ramiro is now leading the business.  Stomper can’t believe that the Villanueva family is now their competition and tells Gustavo he did the right thing by coming to him.  He asks him if he knows everything about her family, and he tells him that he does.


Franklin tells Louie about the deal he made with Claudia to arrange a meeting with Ray Ray and asks for her help.  She asks if Claudia told him about their past, and Franklin tells her that she didn’t.  She tells him that she has faith in him to take care of Ray Ray, but that she wants to know what’s in it for her if she helps him.  He offers her money, but she tells him that she wants Claudia and the club.


Ramiro tells Lucia that he’s going to bring someone else in to manage the books.  She tells him that she doesn’t need help, but he tells her that she can’t be the only one that knows about their finances if something happens to her.  Pedro gets a message from Lucia’s father, Mauricio (Carlos Linares) and she rushes to his house.  Teddy hears Victoria leave a voice message for him and he rushes to pick up the phone.  She tells him that she found a lead and he goes to the club where she has photos from the night that her sister went missing.  She shows him the photos of Alejandro and her sister leaving the club together.


Ray Ray meets Franklin at the diner and joins him at the booth.  Franklin asks if he wants any food, but he refuses.  Ray Ray asks him what he thought was going to happen after he and Leon attacked Lenny.  Franklin reminds him that they attacked him first, and that Wright saw them watching his house.  Ray Ray asks if he is going to snitch on them, but Franklin tells him that he wants to discuss business with him.  Santos (Moe Irvin) brings Louie into Claudia’s office for the meeting and Claudia closes the door behind them.  Stomper and Gustavo look at a crate of guns as they prepare their move.  Lucia grieves, as her father is pronounced dead.  Franklin watches as Ray Ray walks out of the diner.

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