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By: Gladys Luna



Alex (Ryan Destiny) is with Derek (Quincy Brown) when she receives a text asking her to go to the label. Before she leaves, her boyfriend questions her about the new bracelet she is wearing and she lies saying that her mother got it for her.

Cotton (Amiyah Scott) is taking a shower and starts touching herself while remembering an intimate encounter she had with another inmate while she was in prison. Her thoughts are broken by a very impatient Star (Jude Demorest) banging at the bathroom door. Cotton finishes her shower and lets the younger girl in. By the way she is acting, Star can guess Cotton earlier activities at the shower and, of course, doesn’t let the opportunity to tease her pass by.

Miss Bruce (Miss Lawrence) has taken her new assignment at the salon very seriously as she is doing as many changes as she believes are necessary. She is even considering on knocking down some walls, but is immediately stopped by Carlotta (Queen Latifah) who believes that would be too much. Cotton walks in the room stylishly dressed and Bruce throws some comments at her to piss her off. When Carlotta attempts to defend her, Cotton starts an argument with her mother by calling her a liar. Jahil (Benjamin Bratt) walks in and asks Cotton to stop being disrespectful with Carlotta so Cotton gets mad and walks away from him but he follows her asking for a minute to talk. She just keeps being harsh at him as she is hurt that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her he was still alive. Jahil tries to explain his reasons, but Cotton decides to ignore him and leave after thanking him for the car.

At the label, Ayanna (Michael Michele) and Andy (Elijah Kelley) have gathered all of the label´s artists and announce that in order to put Midtown Sound on the map, they will be performing in different venues which also will help them to see which one of them is more highlighted out there. The girls’ venue will be the mall Atlanta Underground, which doesn’t make the girls pretty happy about that as Star makes it very clear. Alex and Simone (Brittany O’Grady) start to protest as well, but Carlotta assures Ayanna that they will make the gig anyway. The woman explains to the girls that if they do this gig right, they will be able to ask for anything they want after that.

Later that day, Simone, Alex and Star are listening to a remix that one of the producers at the label made of one of their songs and they are not pleased with the results. Alex wants to quit the project but Star tells her that she and Simone don’t have that as a choice. The duo starts  an argument that is broken up by Jahil when he shows up much to the trio surprise since they believe he was dead and asks the girls to take him as a producer, but they refuse to do it as they don’t believe in him anymore.

Carlotta shows up at the label wanting to see Ayanna, but Andy stops her saying that she is not allowed to do that anymore. Instead, she will have to talk to the new A&R they have assigned for “Big Trouble” called Maurice Jetter (Lance Gross). The woman starts ranting, but is interrupted by an unknown man who offers to take care of her. He takes her to his office and it is revealed to be no other that Maurice Jetter himself. He tells her that he believes in the trio and that is why he asked to be assigned as their A&R and tries to explain the woman that the music business is no longer as she remembers. He believes they have been doing a very wrong approach and promise her that if they do it well at their Atlanta Underground performance he will strive to get them better things making the woman to agree with it.

Cotton arrives at work and is received by Elliott (Jack Yang). As she walks to the construction site, another worker throws some belittle comments at her but the woman stands for herself. Elliott threatens the man with firing him if he keeps disrespecting her but he doesn’t seem to mind as he keeps on trying with his nasty comments, until he gets finally fired.

Star, Alex, Simone and Carlotta arrive to the mall and Alex gets truly pissed off when she sees the stage they have managed to put up for their performance. When they are about to rehearse, she receives a call from her insurance company in regards some issues with Derek´s coverage package. Star approaches her and asks her to have some focus on their current performance, which makes the girl angrier as she throws her phone and breaks it.

“Big Trouble” finally hits the stage and start to perform, but it doesn’t seem to cause the slightest impact on the people in the food court. At the middle of the song, Alex mind starts to wander as she sees herself performing an entirely different song all in black and white mixed with some images since she met Derek until the day of his accident. She is brought back to reality and after they finish their song and all they see is some people gossiping about them. She can’t stand it anymore so she takes the microphone and breaks the speakers which causes a power outage in the mall. Later that day at Ayanna´s office the woman is truly mad at Alex´s behavior and presents them a video that someone else uploaded that shows Alex’s breakdown. Carlotta says that regardless the reason of the video, it seems like they are very popular at the time to judge by all of the views they had. Therefore, she believes they should be taking advantage of said situation making Ayanna reconsider her thought and offering them to sing next to Noah (Luke James) on Good Day Atlanta making the girls excited about it.

Jahil has spent all night writing in order to get the right track for “Big Trouble.” After a while, it appears that he finally had found his inspiration and screams out of excitement about it. The trio are watching Noah rehearse for his upcoming performance. Star approaches him and lets him know that they will be perform with him at Good Day Atlanta and the man is surprised as he didn’t know about it.

The performance day has arrived and the girls are at the salon getting ready while harmonizing. Jahil shows up and tries to convince them to let him show them the song he just made. He is pretty convinced that he had the perfect track for them, but the girls refuse to listen. Carlotta sees him and asks him to leave the place so he follows her outside the salon and begs for her attention. He tells her that all he needs is a shot. Carlotta agrees, but just not with her girls. When the four women arrive at the set where they will perform Ayanna informs them that they will be backup singers for Noah as a way to ground them for the scandal they put up at the mall.

Of course, the girls are not the type of just allow to be mistreated so they decide to do it their way. Noah starts to perform and midway the girls take the lead of the show leaving Noah behind very much to everyone’s surprise who seem to have loved their performance. Afterwards, an angry Noah faces Star about what they just did on the stage and lets her know that they should not mess up with his career.

Elliott asks Cotton out for dinner, but she tells him that she is not ready yet and he understands. Jahil shows up at a bar where Ayanna is having a drink. He sits next to her wearing headphones and pretending to play drums while he orders a drink which draws the woman’s attention. She asks him about the song he is playing so he allows her to listen. When she questions him about the producer of the song he refuses to say and instead he writes down his number on a napkin and asks her to call the number. Right that moment, she knows that it was no coincidence that the man had showed up at the place. So, he tells her that if she really wants to find out, she should give him a call.

Maurice goes looking for Carlotta and is received by Cotton. The woman doesn’t want to see him as she believes he didn’t support her and the girls before Ayanna. The man lets her speak her mind and after she does he tells her that he just got them the producer approval they were looking for. Star goes to pick up Alex and sees how she is struggling in order to help Derek to sit properly on the couch; she knocks and Alex comes out. Star wants to know if she is alright and Alex lies about it making Star confess that she saw her with Derek and now understands what she is going through. They both share an intimate and lovely moment as Star offers her full support. When the three girls meet Carlotta, she gives them the good news and the four of them start to dance as a way to celebrate.

Later that night, Star drops Simone at the rehab center where the latter meets with Karen (Imani Lewis), the girl is now Simone´s roommate, who since Dee´s (Angela Marie Rigsby) death has been avoiding her. There are a lot of pills scattered all over the bed and Simone quickly throws them away. Karen confesses to her that she and Dee had made an agreement to kill themselves together but she just couldn’t make it and Simone tries to comfort her. Star pays a visit to Noah and tells him that he was right about what he said to her. She is looking for attention and starts to kiss him. Alex goes back to Derek and tells him the good news. Star goes back to Carlotta´s and meets the woman outside her house. When they are about to enter, a man named Brody (Stephen Dorff) greets them from across the street. Carlotta doesn’t seem to be happy to see him and questions him the reason why he is there and he tells her that he wants to see his daughter then, he turns to Star and says hello to her leaving the girl dumbfounded.

When everything seems to be working their way, something else comes up. How would Star react to the new revelation? Let´s find out next Wednesday at 9/8c on Fox. ¡Hasta la próxima!


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