Stitchers – Dreamland

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By: Jessica Wolff

Cameron Goodkin (Kyle Harris) notices that Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) is shifting in her sleep and wakes her up.  Cameron expresses his concerns and suggests that Kirsten see a neurologist outside of the NSA.  Promising that the sessions will just be between the two of them, Kirsten agrees to see one.  Stephanie Fisher (Erin Cahill) wakes up and tells Detective Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub) that she got a job offer, but that she needs to move to D.C.  She asks him to move with her, but Fisher doesn’t answer.


Linus (Ritesh Rajan) gets a call from Ivy Brown (Sarah Davenport), who apologizes for missing their date and asks to make it up with breakfast.  He says he is busy, but suggests they meet tomorrow instead.  After scheduling the date, Linus knocks on Camille Engelson’s (Allison Scagliotti) door.  She is not happy to see him so early in the morning, but he tells her that she needs to get over Amanda and tells her that she’s going on a beach run with him.  He won’t take no for an answer and she reluctantly agrees.  He tells her to put her game face on and she contorts her face into a fake smile.


The body of Fred Overmyer (John Posey) is found in the desert and Camille provides the details of the case to the team.  Fred was an air force pilot and the cause of death is still unknown.  Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) asks Fisher what’s going on and he tells her about Stephanie’s job offer.  Maggie asks him what he wants and he admits that he’s not sure.  She offers to look into a transfer to D.C. for him to help him decide.  She also reminds him not to tell the team about their investigation into Ivy.


In the stitch, Kirsten is transported to 1985 where she sees that a younger Fred Overmyer (Jesse Posey) feels guilty over something that happened.  She is then transported to a memory of young Fred spotting something that seems like a UFO on the radar.  Kirsten then sees young Fred telling a young Rudy Grant (Sebastian Cole) about the UFO and then telling Peggy Newcomb (Amanda Westlake) that he wants to tell Rudy the truth about aliens.  In another memory, young Fred leads young Rudy to a restricted area where an alien is lying on the table.  As they approach, the alien attacks them.  Linus transports Kirsten to the death memory where a UFO hovers above him.  After Kirsten bounces, she announces that aliens killed Fred.


Cameron is skeptical about aliens and gives them instructions on what to investigate for the case.  Camille suggests looking up UFO sightings in the area as well and Linus recommends a website.  Cameron can’t believe that Linus believes in aliens as well and Camille asks if he thinks that the Stitchers program is the only government secret.  Kirsten agrees with Camille that aliens could be real and Cameron points out that there is no legitimate proof of aliens.  Linus tells Cameron that there has to be life on some of the billion galaxies.  Fisher reminds Cameron of what Kirsten saw in the stitch and he argues that Kirsten has seen things in stitches recently that weren’t real.  Linus tells him that the memory was legitimate from his data and Cameron is frustrated that all of them believe in aliens.  The team presents their theories, but Cameron believes that his death was related to a military experiment gone wrong.


Cameron is unhappy with Kirsten and Camille looking at a video of UFO sightings.  He puts up the picture of young Rudy Grant and Camille identifies him immediately as a major UFOlogist.  Fisher also identifies Rudy as he walks in and shows them bank records of Rudy paying Fred monthly and that Fred was splitting the payment with Pog Newcomb (Sky Soliel).  Cameron and Kirsten go to see the older Rudy Grant (Clayton Rohner), who tells them about the alien attack at the Air Force base known as Dreamland.  Cameron asked why the aliens didn’t kill Rudy as well and his wife, Arlene Grant (Dawnn Lewis) tells them that Rudy is too high profile to kill.  Rudy identifies Cameron as a non-believer and tells him that a UFO is very easy to fake with a drone and tinfoil.  However, he tells him that there is life on other planets.  Kirsten agrees, but Cameron asks when he last saw Fred.  Arlene reminds Rudy that Fred was at his book signing, but offers no other information.  Cameron asks Rudy to tell them where Dreamland is and he warns them of the dangers.


As they wait at the Air Force base, Cameron gives Kirsten the details for her appointment with the neurologist.  Kirsten spots the hallway from the stitch and Cameron warns her that they don’t have access past where they are.  However, Kirsten ignores him and checks it out.  Cameron catches up to her and they walk through the restricted area.  They don’t find anything in their search, until Kirsten spots a UFO behind a locked door.  The Air Force surrounds them and they put their hands in the air.


Kirsten and Cameron are taken to a warehouse where Commander Spencer (Pat Skipper) tells them that their NSA badges saved them from punishment.  They question Spencer about Fred’s death, but he tells them that most of Fred’s projects were classified.  Kirsten asks about the alien from the stitch and Spencer thinks it’s ridiculous.  Spencer tells them that there’s no way the Air Force is responsible for Fred’s death and Cameron tells him that Fred is suspected of sharing Air Force secrets.  Spencer tells him that it’s not possible and Kirsten asks for the name of the female officer that worked with him.  Spencer tells them that it’s classified and warns them that their badges won’t help them next time.


Camille tells Fisher that Cameron and Kirsten found a UFO.  He tells her about his dilemma and admits that he’s torn because the team is like family to him.  They go into the diner and talk to Pog, who denies any wrongdoing with the money he was getting from Fred.  Camille reminds him that he didn’t report the money with his taxes and Fisher threatens to look at his books.  Pog tells him he’s heard that threat before and Fisher suggests that he should call a health inspector for the violations he notices and Camille breaks something to add to the total.  He cooperates and tells them that the money was going to his sister, Peggy, who recently died.  Fisher and Camille conclude that Peggy was the woman in the stitch and was probably murdered as well.  Linus calls to report that Fred was killed with an unknown neurotoxin.


Kirsten and Cameron wait for the neurologist.  The neurologist arrives and isn’t surprised that Kirsten doesn’t know her name, introducing herself as Dr. Marian Goodkin (Catherine Dent).  Cameron says hello to his mother and conversation is tense between them.  Cameron tells Kirsten that his mother likes to judge him and she replies that she doesn’t see him very often.  She tells him that she heard that he visited his father recently and tells him to leave so that she can work with Kirsten.  He is reluctant to leave, but Kirsten assures him that she’ll be fine.


Kirsten sits down with Dr. Goodkin, who asks her about her relationship with Cameron.  Dr. Goodkin remarks that Cameron has never reached out to her about anyone, and asks Kirsten what she likes about him.  She lists her favorite qualities of Cameron, and Dr. Goodkin declares that Cameron loves her.  She asks Kirsten if she loves him, but realizes that she’s overstepping.  She tells Kirsten that she wants to run some tests and they leave for her office.


The next morning, Cameron asks her why she didn’t call him.  He thought that she would be angry for him for surprising her with his mother, but she admits that she likes her.  She tells Cameron that he’s being too hard on her and that she should get the results of the tests soon.  Camille shows Kirsten photos of three women and she is able to identify Peggy once Camille de-ages the photos.  Maggie calls Fisher and tells him that she hasn’t been able to find get the transfer.  Cameron confronts Fisher about the files on Ivy and tells Fisher that he has to tell Kirsten.  Fisher tells him not to, but Cameron says that he can’t jeopardize their relationship again.


Cameron shows Kirsten the file and she tells Cameron that she’s going to talk to Ivy.  Cameron and Fisher’s attempts to stop her attract the attention of Camille and Linus and Kirsten tells them about what she found out.  Kirsten feels stupid for trusting Ivy, but Linus still believes in her.  Camille gloats about being right and Fisher warns her not to jump to conclusion.  Kirsten says that the photo is proof that Ivy can get in touch with Stinger and Linus suggests that Stinger approached her first.  Linus wants to talk to her, but Kirsten says that she’ll do it.  Cameron reminds them that they need to focus on solving the case instead.


In the stitch, Kirsten sees Fred go to Rudy’s book signing and tells him that he needs to know the truth.  Fred tells Rudy that the alien attack that they witnessed was a prank.  Kirsten sees Peggy dress up as the alien and she and Fred laugh about it.  At the book signing, Rudy refuses to believe that the attack was staged and Fred tells him that he’s been sharing the money with Peggy.  Fred tells him that he can’t take Rudy’s money anymore and Rudy tells him that it’s his story too.  Fred tells him that it’s all a lie, and announces to the bookstore that Rudy is a fraud when Rudy refuses to listen.  Rudy attacks Fred and Arlene breaks up the fight.  Kirsten sees a drone spray Fred with the neurotoxin.


After she bounces, Kirsten reports what she saw.  Cameron gloats about being right, but Camille still believes that aliens are possible.  Kirsten reminds Cameron that Rudy said it would be easy to fake a UFO with a drone.  When presented with the evidence, Rudy continues to insist that aliens are real.  Kirsten tells Rudy that Fred was killed with a drone and that he has a drone license.  He tells her that he never flew it and realizes that Arlene killed Fred.  She confesses and confirms that she killed Peggy when she wouldn’t give her the neurotoxin used to kill Fred.  She tells Rudy that she couldn’t lose him again and he tells her that Fred could never take away what’s real between them before Fisher arrests Arlene.


Kirsten tells Cameron that the test results came in and his mother wants to meet with them.  Cameron asks Camille if she still believes in aliens and Camille says that she believes that there are other classified government projects.  Linus meets Kirsten and they head out together.  Fisher tells Stephanie that he couldn’t get a transfer and that he wants to stay.  She accuses him of choosing work over their relationship and he points out that she is as well.


Dr. Goodkin arrives at Cameron’s apartment and tells him Kirsten isn’t coming.  She explains that Kirsten wanted Cameron to have a chance to repair his relationship with his mother, since she didn’t get the chance.  Cameron is resistant, but agrees to have dinner with her.  He asks about Kirsten’s test results and she tells him that she needs more time, since there was something strange on her brain scan.  Kirsten and Linus break into Ivy’s apartment, and look around.  Kirsten finds a box of all of Ivy’s memories with Stinger.  Linus shows her code on Ivy’s laptop that proves Ivy is responsible for the anomaly that trapped Kirsten in the stitch.

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