Stitchers – Emma Ishta & Kyle Harris – SDCC 2017

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By: Dened Rey




Q: Is there anything you can tell us about how Kristen may react when she comes face to face with her father?


Emma: That was a really fun scene to film and Jeff our showrunner gave Tommy [Howell] and I a lot of leeway in shaping that scene. And we were able to collaborate together and come up with something that we felt really good about. It’s interesting because it’s been such a huge presence throughout the entire show, but he’s hardly ever there. I think Tommy and I had only ever done once scene together and that was in a stitch where I was watching myself as younger with a younger Cameron. So, this was the first time we’ve really ever worked together one-on-one. It was a really intense scene and there was a lot of fun – and that’s all I can say.



Q: Just after you guys had a fight because of deceptions, and now you’re going to be together a long time? What’s going down there, and how will you prove yourself?


Kyle: Listen, he’s just doing his job, a little too well. [laughs] Look, the entire time you’re watching this episode – sitting there being like “what’s real and what’s not real?” It’s a very deception-type episode. If you watch closely enough you’ll start to pick up on thing and once it gets to the end you’ll realize, “Oh my gosh this makes so much sense,” now that you’ll know the answer. But within that, Cameron, whether or not it’s real Cameron or not real Cameron –

Emma: Oh my gosh. Kyle!


Kyle: [laughs] Basically the resolve is that they realize they (Cameron and Kirsten) can’t live without each other. And that’s all I’m going to say about that because I might have said too much.


Emma: You HAVE said too much. [laughs]


Kyle: You guys are all fans of the show, you wanted to know. It’s more fun that way.



Q: Do you think Kirsten’s brain will evolve enough so she can stitch for her mother again?


Kyle: That may or not come to a hit


Emma: Yeah, there’s a big reveal with her mom in episode (9??).


Kyle: The finale definitely wraps up the mythology we’ve been watching so far and it progresses – into a new season that is hands down the best storyline that we have yet to uncover, in my opinion. If we get the chance, looking at you Freeform.



Q: What would you want to most explore if you got to go into the new season.


Kyle: I think for us, we have a lot of ideas, and a lot of things they’ve been teasing to us is that grim (?) would be public. That’s Jeff’s idea of where we’d want to take the next season. Because we’re out in the public, people know us as superheroes but people also know us as grave robbers, since we don’t have permission to use people’s memories. So, it’s dealing with that in public, if they have their celebrity moments but also deal with the consequences. Maybe they would further their NSA training now that they have to protect themselves and watch over their shoulder that they are in this public eye and people aren’t privy to it all of the time. And just a higher purpose as to what this program entails. Whether or not we are doing it for good, other people are doing it for bad. And that’s all I can really say since it’s all in Jeff’s mind now.



Q: Is there any fun moments coming up that you loved filming?


Emma: We have so much fun all the time. There’s a really fun case.


Kyle: Episode 8 involves around aliens and alien abductions and everyone believes in aliens except for Cameron. Which is really odd because you’d think he would be the one that believes the most in aliens. But it’s them against him and he kind of debunks their theory while they debunk his.


Emma: we just have a lot of fun filming generally.


Kyle: But if you’re a Camsten fan there will be some steamy moments coming up.


Emma: Yes, episode 9 – watch out!

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