Stitchers – For Love Or Money

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By: Jessica Wolff

Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) goes to visit her mother, who is trapped in a containment pod.  Camille Engelson (Allison Scagliotti) is happy to see Cameron (Kyle Harris) at her door and demands to know what he brought her for breakfast.  He doesn’t have anything for her and she guilt trips him.  He asks where Kirsten is and she tells him that she’s gone out.  Camille asks him how things are with Kirsten and asks for details.  She warns him that this is Kirsten’s first serious relationship so he should go slowly with her.  She reminds him that their relationship affects everyone and asks why his hands shook during the last stitch.  He evades the question and Camille tells him to make breakfast for her while she showers.


Nic Comenko (Pete Ploszek) wakes up and looks for Sabine Cole (Lauren Caster).  He finds her dead in the pool and rushes to pull her out.  At the lab, Cameron asks Linus (Ritesh Rajan) about how he and his mom are holding up after his father’s death. He spots Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and goes to talk to her in her office.  He asks for permission to get closer to Ivy Brown (Sarah Davenport), but she refuses due to her inability to trust her.  Linus defends her and believes that they should give her a chance.  Kirsten enters the lab and Cameron checks in on her.  After Kirsten calls him the best boyfriend ever, he tells her that he found no evidence of him telling her that she can’t help her mom if she stays in the stitch.  He suggests running tests on her, but she assures him that she is fine.  They kiss and Cameron asks her to dinner to talk about their relationship.


Camille presents the team the details of the case and Detective Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub) tells them that Nic is being questioned about the murder.  Everyone gets into place for the stitch and Cameron is concerned about Kirsten.  As the stitch begins, Kirsten sees Sabine and Nic on a date and comments how romantic it is.  She is moved to a memory of Nic and Sabine having sex and her vitals spike as she becomes aroused by the stitch.  Linus transports her to the next memory, but the stitch is foggy to her.  She can make out a man handing Sabine a phone on a New York street.  She is transported to another memory of Nic and Sabine having sex and is again affected by it.  She hears Sabine ask Nic about a contract her father is involved in.  She then sees a hiding place and Sabine entering three different numbers into the phone.


As the stitch continues, Kirsten sees Sabine in a field but can’t see what’s in her bag.  She is transported to a memory of Nic and Sabine having sex in the pool and her vitals spike again.  Linus transports Kirsten to the death memory and Sabine calls out to Nic while she is pushed down in the pool from behind and forced to drown.  Kirsten bounces from the stitch and Cameron is concerned about her. Kirsten speculates that Sabine was giving the guy in New York information about Nic’s father.  Fisher guesses that Nic killed her when he found out, but Kirsten tells him that Nic didn’t kill her.


Camille introduces Nic’s father, Viktor Comenko (Ilia Volok), a wealthy Russian businessman.  Comenko recently signed a military contract, which is presumably the contract that was mentioned in the stitch.  When Kirsten concludes that Comenko killed Sabine, Camille tells her that Comenko never leaves Russia because he is paranoid of assassination attempts.  Linus questions whether he hired someone to kill her, but Camille tells him that he runs his business by himself and that the only person he trusts is Nic.  When Camille tells them how loyal Nic is to his father, Fisher decides to question him again.


Linus visits Ivy at her school and thanks her for helping him find out about his father’s death.  She expresses her condolences and Linus asks if she is still working with her father.  She tells him that she isn’t working for him anymore and tells him to leave if he’s going to keep asking her about it.  Linus promises that he’ll stop and Ivy tells him that she wants to build a relationship with Kirsten outside of the lab.  Before he leaves, Linus asks her out and she agrees to go out with him after her parent-teacher conference.  Camille and Fisher interrogate Nic about Sabine’s death.  Nic insists that he loved her and Fisher asks if he trusted her.  Camille tells him about Sabine’s secret phone and Nic refuses to answer any more questions.  Fisher tries to convince him to talk, but Nic tells him that he’s going back to Russia despite being a suspect.   After the interrogation, Maggie tells Camille that Comenko pulled strings to allow Nic to travel to Russia.


Looking around the house, Kirsten and Cameron are unable to find anything.  Kirsten initiates a make out session, but Cameron stops it feeling that her increased passion is an effect of the stitch.  She insists that it’s not, but Cameron reminds her that this is her first serious relationship and that they need to talk about what that means.  She admits that she’s never had a serious talk like that and Cameron walks over to a statue.  Kirsten recognizes the grate as Sabine’s hiding place in her stitch.  She pulls out the phone and tries to unlock it with the three numbers she saw in the stitch.  All three numbers fail and her and Cameron agree that they need Linus’ help with their last attempt before it breaks.


Camille goes to the morgue and meets the new medical examiner, Amanda (Anna Akana).  Camille asks if any DNA was found on Sabine’s body that can help with the case.  She finds out that Amanda is just as snarky as she is and Amanda asks for her number as they flirt.  Back at the lab, Camille is flustered as she talks about Amanda and shows the team her findings that Sabine’s family was broke.  They speculate that she was sharing Comenko’s secrets to help support her family.  Kirsten and Cameron ask Linus to crack the code on the phone.  He agrees to do it in the morning, but Maggie demands he do it tonight.  Maggie asks about the messenger bag and Kirsten remembers seeing Sabine hide it in a field.  Using the sounds heard in the stitch, Camille figures out that the field is near a zoo.


Camille answers a call from Amanda who tells that she has information about the case, but that she needs to meet her in order to get it.  Linus asks Ivy for a rain check on their date as he has a code to crack.  She’s excited about the code, but remembers that the team doesn’t trust her.  She suggests that this is a bad idea and Linus asks for her help.  Cameron and Kirsten look around the field and Kirsten confronts him about being overprotective.  He admits that he’s worried about her and wants to find out what’s going on with her stitches.  She recognizes a pair of rocks and tells Cameron that Sabine threw the bag over them in the stitch.  Cameron reminds her of their dinner reservations, but Kirsten reminds him that Maggie is expecting results.


Camille goes to a club and sees Amanda is the DJ.  She spots her and comes over during the set.  Camille asks about the DNA results, and she tells her that there were no new leads.  When Camille points out that she could of told her that over the phone, Amanda admits that she wanted to drink whiskey with her and pulls her over to the bar.  Ivy and Linus successfully crack the code.  They call the last number that Sabine called and the phone belongs to a dead man in an alley.


Maggie commends Kirsten and Cameron on finding the bag.  Camille comes in and announces that there better be a good reason she’s here and Kirsten asks if she’s drunk.  Maggie asks if there was any DNA, and Camille says there was lot of DNA swapped at the club.  Fisher is annoyed that he was interrupted from his date and Kirsten dumps the contents of the bag on the table to reveal several packs of cocaine.  Linus explains the code and admits that Ivy helped him crack it.  Maggie is angry with him for revealing classified information to her, but Linus insists that Maggie is wrong about her.  He shows them the last number and Camille begrudgingly looks up the number to find that it belongs to Jack Dalliford (Daniel Messier) who was just found dead.


The next morning, Camille answers the door and asks Linus what he brought her for breakfast.  He checks her fridge and Camille gets a call from Amanda.  She asks Camille to meet her again, but she hesitates.  Linus comes in and she hangs up.  He can tell that she was flirting, but she denies it.  Linus tells her that he’s happy for her and encourages her to call back.  Camille is hesitant to trust people, but Linus insists that everyone deserves to be trusted until proven otherwise.  Camille thinks that’s a horrible possible, and Linus agrees that it is…until it isn’t.


In the stitch, Kirsten sees Dalliford talking to Sabine on the phone about the contract and then calling another person to buy shares of a company.  Kirsten is transported to another memory where Bulldog (Carlos Arellano) tortures Dalliford and asks him about the insider trading.  Dalliford confesses that Comenko’s son’s girlfriend gave him the information and Bulldog asks him to do something.  In the next memory, Dalliford tells Bulldog that Sabine refuses to plant drugs on Nic before Bulldog kills Dalliford.


After she bounces, she tells the team that Sabine was killed for refusing to plant drugs on Nic.  Camille figures out the murder was a substitute to get Nic detained so that Comenko would leave Russia and open the door for an assassination attempt.  They set to work on finding Comenko and Nic and Camille figures out the alias they used to book a ticket.  Maggie compliments her on her good work, and Camille tells Cameron and Kirsten her findings.  Kirsten argues that Comenko wouldn’t fly commercial and realizes that she doesn’t have time to figure out where they really are.


Maggie is displeased to see that Kirsten has brought Ivy to the lab, but Kirsten argues that they could use her expertise.  Maggie asks what Cameron thinks, and he admits that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  She then asks Camille, who says that everyone deserves to be trusted until proven otherwise.  Maggie reluctantly lets Ivy track the Comenkos and they find out that they will be landing near downtown Los Angeles.  Comenko and Nic arrive and the team jumps out of a van and Maggie tells them that their life is in danger.  Comenko argues with her, but Kirsten recognizes Bulldog approaching them dressed as a homeless man.  He shoots at them, but Fisher takes him out.


Maggie reports that a business competitor shot Comenko, but that he is in stable condition.  Linus commends Ivy for her help, but Maggie still believes they should be cautious with her.  Maggie announces that Cameron will take over for her when she is away, but Camille isn’t happy about it.  Later, Camille asks why she wasn’t picked and she tells her that her defense of Ivy is a bad policy in their business.  She feels remorse over her mistake, but can’t undo it.


Cameron tells Kirsten that he’s looking out for her and that he needs her to trust him.  He suggests they have their talk, but Kirsten has another idea.  Camille goes to see Amanda at the club and Amanda walks over to her before Camille pulls her into a kiss.  Kirsten takes Cameron to where her mother is being held and they observe the pod while holding hands.

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