Stitchers – Kill It Forward

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By: Jessica Wolff



Ivy Brown (Sarah Davenport) visits Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), but is surprised to see that Linus (Ritesh Rajan) and Cameron (Kyle Harris) are there as well.  They confront her with the evidence that they found on her computer.  Ivy is angry that they broke into her house, but Kirsten tells her that she knows that she is behind the anomaly that trapped her in the stitch.  She tries to explain, but none of them listen to her.  Kirsten asks her why she did it, and she explains that she took over when Daniel Stinger (C. Thomas Howell) was forced to leave her.  She explains that Stinger was using the anomaly to get Kirsten to trust him.  Kirsten tells her that they know she was Stinger, but she denies working for him.  Linus accuses her of lying, and Cameron tells Ivy that Linus was her biggest supporter.  Ivy promises that all of this will make sense soon, and insists that she’s been trying to make things up to Kirsten ever since.  Kirsten tells them that they’re not friends, and to run back to Stinger.


Kirsten and Cameron confront Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) about not telling them about Ivy’s contact with Stinger.  She tells them that she didn’t want them taking things into her own hands.  Kirsten tells her about her talk with Ivy, and shows her evidence that Ivy was behind the anomaly.  Maggie questions if she got a warrant to search Ivy’s laptop, and says that this is why she didn’t tell them.  Kirsten tells her that this is why she needs to talk to her, reminding her that Ivy, Stinger, and her mother are her family.  Kirsten tells Maggie that she risks her life for her and demands to know where her mother is.  When Maggie refuses to answer, she declares that she won’t do another stitch until she tells her.  Maggie tells Cameron to convince her, but he tells her that Kirsten is his priority.  Cameron runs after Kirsten and she vents her frustrations, telling him that they can’t be together.  He assures her that he’ll support her no matter what she does, and she thanks him.  Maggie tells them that another case came in, and Kirsten reminds her of her ultimatum.  After Maggie promises that she will give Kirsten answers as soon as the case is over, Kirsten agrees to do the stitch.


Camille Engelson (Allison Scagliotti) tells them that the victim, Leslie Adams (Lidia Rivera), was a professional volleyball player that had a rocky relationship with her partner, Monica Chamberlain (Perry Mattfeld).  In the stitch, Kirsten sees Leslie and Monica competing.  She sees a flash of someone sticking a needle in them, and Linus works on finding that memory.  Kirsten sees Leslie and Monica giving an interview and Leslie insults Monica.  Linus finds the steroid memory and Kirsten sees Monica is the one using them.  Leslie confronts her about her steroid use, and Monica tells her to shut up or else.  Cameron moves her to the death memory where she sees a Hipster Guy (Jared Day) approach her, film her on his phone using an app, and stab her with a knife as she tries to run.


After she bounces, Camille pulls up the logo of the app and Kirsten confirms that she saw it in the stitch.  She tells them that it’s an app for the dark net, and that the killer used it to live stream Leslie’s murder.  Detective Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub) comments about how killing has changed in the age of social media, and Linus suggests that the killer was filming her death as proof of purchase, explaining the dark net to them.  Kirsten explains that the killer looked nervous, and that the knife used was not a traditional knife.  Based on Kirsten’s description, Camille identifies it as a throwing knife.  Maggie tells Camille and Linus to search the dark net for clues, and tells Kirsten and Cameron to talk to Monica.


After inviting Fisher into her office, Maggie tells him that the rest of the team confronted Ivy and that she was responsible for the anomaly.  Fisher suggests that they tell Kirsten and Cameron what they know, but Maggie refuses.  He tells her that it might help them stop Stinger, and that they are not kids.  Maggie tells him that keeping the team safe is one of the few good things she’s done in her life.  He assures her that she’s not alone, and she tells him that she hasn’t been alone since he joined the team.  She tells him that the operation wouldn’t work without him, and he downplays his impact.  She tells him that he’s more than just the job, and the team needs him.  Fisher gets a call and steps outside to talk to Stephanie Fisher (Erin Cahill), and tells her that he’ll make a decision soon.  She asks if he wants their relationship to work, and he assures her that he does.


Kirsten and Cameron see that Monica is running tryouts for Leslie’s replacement.  They identify themselves, and Kirsten comments that she’s very quick to replace Leslie.  Monica explains that being an athlete is a business, and doesn’t have any new information on Leslie’s death.  Cameron gets a call that another body has come in.  Back at the lab, Maggie explains that the victim, Tim Carson (David O’Donnell), was shot.  Cameron asks if there is a connection to Leslie, and she says that there is an unknown one.  He argues that they would understand if they knew who picked their cases, but Maggie tells him to drop it.


In the stitch, Kirsten sees Carson standing on the street looking at his empty bank accounts while a Thug (Eric Paul Erickson) demands money.  Linus transports her to a memory of Carson yelling at one of his clients, a magician named Heretic.  She recognizes Heretic as the man who killed Leslie, and he holds a throwing knife to Carson asking to be let out of his contract.  Carson reminds him that he signed a contract and he will make his career disappear if he threatens him again.  Linus transports her to the death memory where a man gets out of a minivan and approaches Carson.  She sees him using the same app as Heretic, and reads the bumper sticker on his car.  Kirsten bounces after the man shoots Carson, and the team theorizes about the link between the murders.  Camille tells them that she was able to use the car’s description and the bumper sticker to identify the man as Patrick Richmond (Shaun Clay).


Fisher and Camille go to see Heretic, and tell him they have questions.  Heretic tells them that a magician doesn’t reveal his secrets, but Camille tells them that they want to talk about Carson and Leslie.  He tells them that he didn’t kill either of them, grabs a knife, and throws it behind Fisher’s head.  Heretic tells him that he can throw faster than Fisher can draw his gun, and warns them that the players in the game are dangerous.  Fisher catches the next knife and throws it back at him.  Linus shows Richmond pictures of Carson’s murder, and he denies his involvement.  After telling him that they can easily prove his guilt, he tells them that he signed up for a website, All In, that is designed for somebody who can’t afford to hire an assassin.  The site had him kill Carson for Heretic in exchange for someone killing his ex-wife, who was suing for custody.


Cameron informs the team that Maggie was able to prevent Richmond’s ex-wife’s murder by arresting Monica at the scene of the crime.  Linus suggests that they stop All In completely by signing one of them up in a sting operation.  Cameron and Fisher think it’s a bad idea and Linus agrees to not go through with it.  However, the information he typed into the site gets automatically submitted.  To her horror, Camille finds out that he signed her up for the site and put himself as the target.  Camille gets her assignment, a judge.  As they sit in the conference room, Linus gets confirmation that Maggie put the judge in protective custody.  Camille is furious at him for signing her up to be a killer.  He assures her that they are in a secure facility and no harm will come to her.


Camille gets a call from All In and she jokes that she accidentally signed up, believing it was a poker site.  The modified voice tells her that she can’t break the terms of the agreement, and the punishment is death.  Camille tells them that they’ll just have to kill her, and they tell her that the punishment isn’t her death before they hang up.  Linus was unable to trace the call, and they start calling everyone to warn them.  Cameron answers the door to find a Pizza Delivery Guy (D’Meetri Griffin) on the other side.  He tells him that they didn’t order pizza, but Kirsten comes over and says that she did.  Amanda Weston (Anna Akana) approaches someone hidden by a crate, but it is just her assistant.  Fisher walks to his car, and Kate Ronan (Elaine Hendrix) approaches him.  She identifies herself as the creator of All In and surrenders.


In custody, Maggie asks her old friend how she knew to surrender herself to Fisher.  Kate explains that she did some digging after she found that the NSA was investigating her, and asks if she should warn Fisher what happens to people close to Maggie.  She reminds Maggie of how lethal she used to be, and she created the site because everyone has someone they want to get rid of.  Maggie tells her that hundreds of more people could have been killed if she hadn’t stopped the site, and Kate reminds her that she almost got her killed before.  Kate calls her out for leaving her behind during their mission, and Maggie apologizes.  However, Kate tells her that she broke the cardinal rule of never leaving anyone behind.  Maggie tells her that she can’t change the past and she is haunted by it every day.


Maggie steps outside to talk to Fisher and Kate breaks out of her restraints.  They hear the commotion from the room and find that Kate has escaped.  They look around the lab, and Maggie puts the lab under emergency lockdown.  Kate shoots at them, and tells Maggie that she never should have left her to die.  Maggie dodges her bullets as she approaches her.  Disoriented by Fisher’s shot, Maggie shoots Kate as she falls to her death.  Maggie thanks Fisher for having her back.  Later, Kirsten checks up on Maggie.  She admits that she doesn’t want their relationship to deteriorate like hers and Kate’s did and promises to hold up her end of the bargain.  She promises to arrange a meeting with her mother, but she needs a few days to prepare.


At the bar, Amanda is surprised to see Camille get up on stage and perform a song to win her back.  Amanda recognizes the song and smiles as she watches the performance.  Kirsten tells Cameron that she’s going to see her mother, and he shows her that Linus has developed an oxytocin filter.  Cameron and Kirsten have sex, and Stephanie sits alone in a bar looking sad after a call with Fisher.  Maggie brings Fisher a drink in her office.  When Camille finishes her performance, she walks over to Amanda, who kisses her.  Ivy finds Stinger sitting in her house, and he is surprised that she called.  She informs him that the NSA is going to terminate Jacqueline, and tells him that he is her only family after what happened with the team.  She proves her loyalty by telling him that she hacked into Maggie’s emails with Linus’ account.  He embraces her, telling her that she’s the daughter he always wanted.

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