Stitchers – Paternis

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By: Jessica Wolff

James Miller (Brian McNamara) brings Young Cameron (Willem Miller) several DVDs as he recovers from heart surgery.  In the present day, Cameron (Kyle Harris) asks the Head Guard (Darren Dupree Washington) why he’s been waiting two hours to see his father.  The alarm goes off and the guard tells him that he needs to leave.  Cameron remarks how weird the situation was to Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), who tries to assure him that there were many possible reasons for the delay.  Cameron gets a call from Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), who tells him that his father is in lockdown due to an incident at the prison.


Maggie and Detective Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub) explain that their latest victim is Gary Parsons (Ruben Garfias), a prison guard killed by Miller.  Cameron is in shock and can’t believe it since he was just at the prison.  Fisher explains that Miller claimed that the murder was self-defense, but there were no witnesses or cameras to prove it.  In the stitch, Kirsten sees that Miller and Parsons were friends that did each other favors.  Linus (Ritesh Rajan) pushes her into another memory of Parsons on the phone with a mysterious person asking for warning if someone named Bruce gets to Miller.  She is taken to another memory where Miller tells Parsons to get his son to go home.  Cameron asks what’s happening, but she doesn’t tell him.  He moves her into the death memory where Parsons attacks Miller and is killed in self-defense.  Kirsten bounces and tells Cameron that his father was telling the truth.


Camille Engelson (Allison Scagliotti) asks Fisher for relationship advice and admits that she’s scared of being in a relationship.  He tells her to be herself, but she rejects his advice.  Camille sees Linus texting and assumes that it’s to Ivy Brown (Sarah Davenport).  He admits that he hasn’t heard from her and Camille sees that he’s texted her three times without a response.  She thinks that it’s stalker behavior, but Linus is worried something happened to her.  He admits that he might be coming on too strong and flashes back to his younger self (Sidd Munjal) is picked up from the principal office by his father, Samir Ahluwalia (Ronobir Lahiri), for showing off his intelligence.  Linus wonders if the other kids would like him if he acted stupid and his father tells him that they’re moving to Los Angeles.  Linus asks if he’ll have friends in Los Angeles and his father promises him that he’ll have all the friends he wants.  In the present, Camille suggests that he and Ivy aren’t a good idea as he doesn’t really know her.


Maggie asks Cameron if he’s relieved that his father didn’t purposely murder Parsons and Cameron admits that he believed he did for a while.  She confronts him about having Camille run some of the stitches and he explains that he was worried about Kirsten’s safety.  He counters by asking her about the machine that picks her cases, but she won’t give him answers.  He tries to convince her that it would be better for him to know and mentions Kirsten’s mother.  She is surprised that Kirsten knows where her mother is and demands Cameron tell her everything.  Linus narrows down the search of Miller’s fraud victims with the name Bruce to one: Scott Bruce (David Wells).  Camille reports that Parsons had a lot of medical bills that were paid off two days ago, leading to the conclusion that someone paid Parsons to kill Miller.  Cameron leaves Maggie’s office and Kirsten asks why he’s so pale.  He lies that he’s fine and suggests going to talk to his father himself.  Kirsten tells him that his father said he didn’t want to see him in the stitch.


Fisher and Camille arrive at the address and Camille is horrified that it’s a trailer park.  A young Camille (Abigail Haley) stands on the side of the road and uses a sob story to convince a woman (Pam Trotter) driving by to give her money.  As she pulls away, Camille calls her a sucker and adds the money to her stash.  A police car drives past and Camille follows it to see a female cop (Racheal Seymour) arrest her brother, a young Theo (Jacob Melton).  In the present, Camille and Fisher interview Bruce and he mentions that he owes his life to Miller.  Camille is confused, but he explains that losing his money allowed him to revaluate things and live a simpler life.  Fisher thanks him for his time, but Camille believes that this is an act.  He remarks that he seems happy, but Camille declares that nobody is happy in a trailer park.  However, Fisher believes that there’s no way he had enough money to pay Parsons’ medical bills.


Maggie asks Linus about how things are going with Ivy.  She tells him that she’s considering allowing Ivy to work with them after a lot of vetting.  When he leaves, Maggie watches as he texts Ivy.  Kirsten asks Cameron how things went with Maggie.  He recaps the conversation, but leaves out his revealing of Kirsten’s knowledge of her mom’s location.  Camille comes in and tells them that the Bruce lead was a bust, but they found out that Parson’s medical bills were paid from an offshore account that has been difficult to access.  Camille suggests stitching into Parsons again and asks Cameron to talk to his father.  Kirsten tells her that it’s best that only his lawyer contact him right now and Camille suggests that Cameron pose as a lawyer.


Taking Camille’s advice, Cameron visits his father posing as a lawyer.  Cameron has a lot to say to him, but tells him that he works for the government and wants to help him.  Miller is surprised that he works for the government, and reveals that he’s been keeping tabs on his son.  Cameron yells at him for not contacting him in years, but Miller tells him to leave for his safety.  Cameron asks him who Bruce is and who paid Parsons to kill him, but Miller refuses to answer.  Cameron ends the interrogation by asking where he hid the money, and Miller tells him to leave for his own good.  Cameron flashes back to when he saw his father get arrested.  Joe Zeiss (Rob Evors) reads him his rights and Cameron attempts to run to his father.  Miller begs Zeiss not to hurt his son and Zeiss assures Cameron that everything will be all right.  Cameron is confused and asks Miller if he did something wrong.  In the present, Cameron leaves the prison and the guard calls a phone number.  After making a comment about Miller’s lawyer, the person on the other end asks him to describe his appearance.  After describing him, the person confirms that Cameron is not a lawyer.


Camille and Amanda Weston (Anna Akana) make out on the couch and Amanda comments how distant Camille is.  She apologizes and mentions that the current case is bringing up bad memories.  She asks Amanda why she likes her or why anyone likes her.  Amanda tells her that she’s beautiful, smart, funny, kind and honest; however, Camille feels like she’s hid the real her for a while now and that she’s good at scamming people.  Amanda asks her if she’s intentionally trying to sabotage their relationship and Camille says that this is the real her.  Amanda remarks that she has experience with people who push others away.  She leaves as Kirsten enters and Kirsten apologizes for interrupting.  Camille gets angry with her and admits that she misses the old emotionless Kirsten sometimes.  She criticizes her for trusting Ivy and that people lie all the time in the real world.


As the younger Camille watches her brother get arrested, she claims that the pot is hers.  She convinces the officer that she’s telling the truth and she uncuffs Theo before giving her a warning.  As the officer pulls away, Camille yells at him to stop smoking and Theo reminds her that she has no friends.  In the present, Kirsten explains that Ivy is her sister to which Camille replies that Ivy is an adult and doesn’t need protection.  Linus goes to Cameron’s for dinner, and expresses his concerns about Ivy.  He asks Cameron about how things went with his father, and he admits that it helps him understand how much Linus misses his own father.  Linus flashes back to his father picking him up from the principal’s office for fighting some kids trying to steal his notes.  He tells his father that people don’t like him any more in Los Angeles.  His father tries to assure him that he has him and his mother, but Linus says that he wants friends, not them.  Cameron answers his door and two men attack him, demanding to know what his father told him.  Linus fights them off and forces them out of the apartment.


Cameron tells the rest of the team what happened.  Kirsten and Camille make snide remarks at each other and Linus comments on the tension.  Kirsten tells Camille that she won’t choose between her friend and her sister and Linus tells them that Maggie is thinking about having Ivy help them.  Camille is frustrated and storms off and Maggie asks Cameron if he told Kirsten about his slip in her office.  He admits that he hasn’t and she tells him to keep it that way.  Camille tries to talk to Linus about Ivy and gets him to admit that he hasn’t heard from her in a while.  She tells him that she hasn’t heard from Amanda and hopes that they can both work things out.


In the stitch, Kirsten sees Parsons talking to the guy that paid his medical bills.  After describing him, the stitch starts glitching out of sync and Kirsten believes that Parson’s head injury is affecting the stitch.  She is transported to another memory of Parsons reporting that Bruce is there to see Miller and calling for a fire alarm.  Kirsten reports what happened and Cameron remembers that when his father was arrested, Zeiss called Cameron “Bruce” after his Batman T-Shirt, making him Bruce.  Putting the evidence together, they figure that Zeiss was using the money in Miller’s offshore account to blackmail Miller and then have him killed.


Ivy comes home and finds her father, Daniel Stinger (C. Thomas Howell) waiting for her.  She reminds him that she told him to stop contacting him.  He reminds her that they’re family and she tells him that she has a sister, friends and a man who loves her.  She tells him that she hasn’t contacted Linus in days because she didn’t want to lose his trust because of Stinger’s contact with her.  He tells her that Maggie is using Linus to get to him, and tells her to earn Linus’ trust.  She doesn’t want to betray her friends, but he threatens to tell them who really was responsible for the Young Cameron anomaly in the stitch.


In the lab’s holding facility, Cameron explains to his father that he’s safe and promises that he is going to arrest Zeiss himself.  Miller tells Cameron that he was scared of losing him and Cameron tells him that he’ll get a reduced sentence.  Miller tells him that he doesn’t want Cameron to see him like this and that he deserves his sentence.  Kirsten goes to visit her mom and finds that the pod is gone.  She goes to Cameron to tell him, and he confesses that he told Maggie.  She gets angry with him for betraying her and tells him that she doesn’t want to be with him right now.  Camille apologizes to Amanda and explains that exposing herself in a relationship is new to her.  She tells her that she’s worth taking a shot on, but Amanda doesn’t want to be anyone’s shot.  Kirsten cries in Ivy’s arms.  Fisher and Cameron go to arrest Zeiss, but a boy, Andrew (Jack Fisher) answers the door.  Cameron tells Fisher that they can’t arrest Zeiss in front of his son and tells Andrew that they have the wrong address.  Camille goes back to the trailer park and throws rocks as she breaks down.  Linus calls Ivy and leaves her a message, telling her that he’s there for her whenever she’s ready.

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