Supergirl – Both Sides Now

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By: Paige Zinaman



Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) touches down in the middle of the street as J’onn (David Harewood), Alex (Chyler Leigh) and a few DEO agents get out of their SUVs. Mon-El (Chris Wood) touches down beside them. They approach the home of Julia Freeman (Krys Marshall) who is none other than Purity. Alex and Kara approach the front door as Winn (Jeremy Jordan) tells them that he is registering one heat signature from inside the house. Kara kicks down the door as she and Alex lead the DEO agents inside. It appears to be all clear until they reach a back room where they hear someone singing. They gather around Julia who is jamming out to Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)” and meditating, not realizing she’s being watch or her front door was kicked in. As they ask Kara if she’s the one Kara moves to stand in front of her confirming it. J’onn makes a motion to tell Alex that she’s in charge of getting Julia’s attention and when she does Julia screams and pushes herself against the wall. Kara talks to Julia who is clearly confused as to why she and the DEO agents are in her house. She asks Kara to not let them hurt her, which Kara promises she won’t. Kara reaches out her hand as Alex freaks yelling to Julia not to move. This spooks her and causes her to change into Purity who sends a sonic blast through the house. As J’onn goes to approach her, Purity uses a siren call that knocks him and other DEO agents back. Before she could use the call again, Kara uses her freeze breath and builds a wall telling J’onn to go through as he rushes through. Kara waits a second before tapping the wall with her finger, knocking it down revealing J’onn with Purity on her knees cuffed.

At L-Corp we see Lena (Katie McGrath) going over something on her tablet as Sam (Odette Annable) comes in talking to someone on the phone who is clearly not getting the job done. She notices Lena and tells the person on the other end that she’ll call them back and greets Lena. Sam asks her what the phone call was about, but Lena says she can handle it. She’s been away from L-Corp too long and is looking forward to getting back and getting her hands dirty again. Lena tells Sam that her coming back has nothing to do with the way things have been running as Sam points out it’s because she’s sick. Lena then asks Sam if she remembers how they met. She takes a seat as Sam follows suit. Lena explains to Sam what her thoughts were when they met and how she knew right away that she wanted to work with her. Sam tells Lena that she can’t take anymore time off to which Lena tells her that she can because she is forcing her out of the office for the day for her to spend time with Ruby (Emma Tremblay).

At the DEO Alex, Winn and J’onn as Kara and Mon-El follow them are a little at ease since Purity is locked up leaving only two World Killers left to capture. Winn tells the group that the agents found a Kryptonian crystal at Julia’s house that was used to store information. Kara tells them that she’s seen crystals like that at the Fortress of Solitude and that they contain elements of the Fortress itself making it like an artist’s stamp. Winn tells them that this crystal has very different stamp to it and Kara replies that they should be able to track down the World Killers’ headquarters if they analyze it. This excites Alex as she holds her hands in the air telling everyone that first round drinks are on her and tells Winn to get his chicken wings. Kara stays silent which prompts Mon-El to question if she’s okay since she took a couple of hard blows with Purity. Alex looks to her sister and then looks to Winn as he says he analyzed Purity’s vibrations when he was in the van and discovered that it’s tuned to hurt Kryptonians. J’onn points at that they seem to be working on Kara to which Alex agrees and says they should run some tests and asks the guys to leave. When they are alone Kara tells Alex that it’s not the sonic blasts that are bothering her.

Mon-El tells J’onn that he needs his help as they make their way down stairs with getting the Legion ship to fly. Winn tells J’onn that he wants to tag along and swears to come back the second they get something about the crystal, J’onn agrees and they leave to help Mon-El. Kara and Alex are discussing Purity. As they watch her through the security feed, Kara tells Alex that she was scared before she turned and looked her in the eyes and asked for help. The sisters butt heads when Alex refuses to believe Julia can change and tells Kara they will do it her way and when that fails they will do it her way. They make their way to the holding area and Kara starts talking to Purity as Alex leans against the wall watching. When Kara calls her Julia, she makes it known that that is not her name to which Kara asks what she likes to be called. When she starts telling Kara who she is Alex steps in asking if she can condense that. Kara tells Alex to stop. Purity ignores Kara and starts to antagonize Alex and bating her into a verbal battle. Purity gets a laugh at how both Danvers sisters can’t make up their minds on how to handle her.

Ruby runs out of school and hops into the car where Sam is waiting. Sam tells her that they are playing hooky to go ice skating because it’s been a touch couple of months. They leave the school and head to the skating rink. Meanwhile, J’onn, Winn and Mon-El go to the storage unit where he keeps his ship as Winn freaks out about J’onn ship being a Bellaire. Mon-El tells J’onn that he wants to use the battery from J’onn ship to recharge the Legion ship. Back at the DEO, Kara is pacing back and forth with Julia’s file and reading information out loud still trying to get Purity to slip and let her talk to Julia again. When Kara is finally able to break through Purity into Julia for a split second after mentioning her best friend Kara thinks they are finally getting somewhere only for Purity to overpower Julia once again causing Alex to step up when she threatens Kara. Kara pulls Alex outside so that they can talk. Alex tells her the feelings she has is costing lives. The two argue when Kara tells Alex that her sister, the sister she knows. has compassion for others. Alex cuts her off saying she’s just trying to do her job and that they’ve tried it Kara’s way and now it’s her way.

The boys are trying to fix the ship as Imra (Amy Jackson) walks in taking the frustrated signs as a bad sign. J’onn tells her that they will get their ship up and running. Imra goes to Mon-El and tells him that she and Brainiac (Jesse Rath) looked into the rock and that it was a dead end. She asks if he’s got it working which he dismisses curtly and says he’s handling it. It’s clear the two have had an argument as Imra tells him she may not be a twelfth level intellect, but she’s sharp and like she said the night before there is no reason to tell her things twice before walking off. Before she gets too far Mon-El begs to not start again. She tells him that she’s only doing what he told her to when she joined the Legion, which is tell the truth and leaves them. Winn leaves to go check on the crystal after the awkward exchange as J’onn asks Mon-El if he wants to continue working. Mon-El unplugs the battery and shoves it at J’onn telling him there’s no point and walks out. Back at the DEO, Alex is fired up and demands Purity tell her where Reign is. Purity has no cares about the demand and instead antagonizes Alex off topic.. As she continues Alex walks out leaving Kara standing there calling after her, when she knows Alex isn’t returning Kara faces Purity and tells her Alex was right.

Sam and Ruby take on the ice as they start a race down the rink. Winn makes it back to the lab with no change of the crystal. When Alex comes in clearly upset, Winn hugs her asking what’s wrong until Alex backs away and leaves. As Alex walks by the crystal lights up. As Purity is telling Kara a very ominous prophecy, Kara speaks back to Purity in Kryptonian telling her Rao defies her and that she defies her telling her that she will bring Purity down. The crystal starts doing something as Winn glances back to it. At this time Sam stops in the middle of the rink as her eyes glow red and then when Ruby turns around Sam is gone. When the crystal blows the holding cell breaks and Purity uses her siren call to shatter the glass and send Kara flying unconscious. Purity keeps using the sonic call to get the DEO agents away from her as she grabs the crystal from Winn and takes off through the window.

J’onn and Mon-El have a talk about how he used to be married and how he’s familiar with a martial spat. Mon-El tells J’onn it’s not what he thinks and turns down the offer to talk about it with J’onn. He tells Mon-El he keeps a ton of secrets, which causes Mon-El to confess he and Imra didn’t exactly choose to get married. It seems in the early days in the Legion they decided to do something big to show they were on the same side and by getting married they united both Earth and Titan. He tells J’onn that over time their pretend marriage became more real and that their feelings deepened so he grew to love her. He tells J’onn that there was nothing logical about falling in love with Kara admitting her was a self-absorbed misogynist. J’onn tells Mon-El that he and his wife would bond and share their thoughts every night telling him that marriage is sharing everything and if he truly loves and honors Imra he needs to let her in. J’onn gets an alert about Purity and they leave.

Ruby is sitting on the bench outside the ice when Lena comes rushing to her and asking if she’s alright. They sit down as Ruby tells her what happened with Sam telling her that she turned around and Sam was gone. Lena tells her that she’s just going through a lot. Ruby tells her that none of this is okay and that Sam was so excited to hang out. She just leaves telling Lena that it was like a couple months ago Sam was supposed to go on a big trip and she didn’t remember. Ruby tells Lena that something is wrong and she doesn’t know what telling her that sometimes it’s like Sam is a completely different person. Lena tells her that she knows it’s scary and that when there is a problem she always finds an answer reassuring Ruby it’ll be okay. Everyone gathers back at the DEO, where Winn tells them Purity is in the subway with no news about any attacks. Winn tosses ear buds to the team that dampens the frequency that Purity uses to cripple everyone.

Reign talks to the Dark Kryptonian (Anjali Jay) who informs her someone else has found Purity. Telling Reign that she is awakening, and she must be careful because she’s a new born, and that she must bring her back before they take her away. Meanwhile, Purity is riding the subway with a pair of sunglasses and a jacket on that she is hiding her crystal in. Purity starts to hear phantom Kryptonian and shrugs off her jacket and stands up on the train, before Supergirl lands behind her. Kara is able to take her out the back of the subway car where Alex and Mon-El and J’onn are waiting and not affected by her call. She gets so angry that they end up in the upper level where people are so Alex rushes to get people out with the help of Mon-El as Kara fights with Purity. Purity holds Supergirl in a choke hold as she pleads with Julia to not let Purity hurt her. The battle rages between Purity and Julia as Alex comes to her and pleads with Julia to fight as she swears to God they will help her beat it. Julia overpowers Purity as Reign makes her entrance as Alex shoots at her. Reign knocks her to the ground and places her foot over her chest as Julia stands up to Reign telling her to take her and leave Alex alone. Reign grabs Julia and leaves.

At the DEO, Winn, J’onn and Kara are huddled around Alex as she tells them it could have been worse when J’onn points out she could have been killed as Kara tells him to not joke. Kara tells them that maybe they aren’t supposed to beat them confusing Winn who then ask what they are supposed to do. Kara tells them that they are going to save them. Julia wakes up on the ground and is greeted by the Dark Kryptonian telling her to not be afraid. Mon-El rushes back to the ship excited about the ship being fixed with the help of Imra. The two talks about him not calling her about the fight, as Mon-El apologizes for his behavior telling her that being back is confusing for him. Imra confesses why she’s been upset before and that it was because of the way he looks at Kara. She asks if he’s still in love with Kara which he tells her that he doesn’t know. Mon-El tells Imra he will always be honest with her because he loves her and that they will work through it. Imra tells Mon-El she needs to tell him the truth as to why they are there.

Alex and Kara have a sister’s night as they talk about everything. Alex pulls out her phone and tells Kara she has two speed dials on her phone and that’s her and Maggie (Floriana Lima). Alex tells Kara that everyday she looks at her phone she wants to call Maggie and then she wants to delete her, but she can’t because she’s scared. She tells Kara that she’s angry and that’s why she’s lost hope and that is why she refused to see Julia the way she does. Kara tells Alex that she stopped believing and she didn’t think she’d get through the heart break and here she is getting through it. She tells Alex that she will to because she’s much stronger than she is, Kara also tells her that she believes Alex will find another person and that she will become a mom and that she will have all the things she wants. Alex gives Kara a smile and tells her that she’s glad Kara is the way she is sentiments that Kara reciprocates. At L-Corp, Lena is sitting at the desk as Sam rushes in asking where Ruby is. Lena tells her to calm down and that she’s at her apartment sleeping. Lena tells Sam that Ruby called her when she thought Sam went missing thinking she’d be at L-Corp, but she wasn’t. Lena reminds Sam that Ruby did the right thing in calling for help when Sam says that Ruby’s scared which Lena agrees to saying they all are. As they talk, Sam gets upset when Lena tells her Ruby knows about the other black outs. She tells Lena that just because she’s her boss doesn’t mean she gets to make those decisions for her family. Lena tries to ask her questions when Sam tells her to stop talking and turns in time for Lena to see her eyes flash red and come back to normal. Lena tells Sam that she thinks she knows what’s wrong with her.

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