Supergirl – Damage

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By: Paige Zinaman



The episode starts off with a prison transfer gone wrong leaving the police on board the bus being held hostage. As a prisoner is holding the driver at gun point they are suddenly stopped by the arrival of Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). When she gets inside the bus the prisoner tells her if she comes any closer he will kill the guard. Supergirl tells him that he won’t as the arrival of Alex (Chyler Leigh) has her dropping down from the roof of the roof knocking the men out. Once everything is taken care of, Alex and Kara walk away as they discuss how Alex is doing. She tells Kara the truth about everything happening this weekend. The next day, Sam (Odette Annable) is dropping Ruby (Emma Tremblay) off at school when the girl asks her if her mother is okay. Sam tells Ruby that she’s fine and that it was a dream, which Ruby points out she was awake. Ruby gets up and meets up with Luke (Octavian Kaul) who asks Ruby if she can help with some homework. She tells him that there’s still some time before the bell and that they can go now. Before they get inside, Luke collapses causing Ruby to panic and call for Sam Sam gets out of the car and runs over to Ruby and Sam while they call for medics.

At Catco, James (Mehcad Brooks) stops Lena (Katie McGrath) and as they walk to the office they discuss James’ issue with Lena and how she’s handling stuff at Catco. Lena stops him as James starts discussing the percent of people who actually read their articles. Before their little disagreement can go any further, Kara arrives to ask James about something only to point out the television and how Lena may what to hear what’s happening. Lena notices that Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) is inside the Luthor Family Hospital holding a little conference surrounded by sick children that have been poisoned by lead, which he blames on Lena’s bomb from the Daxamite invasion. Lena tells Kara that she has to get down to the hospital and leaves with Kara following after her.

Alex arrives home to find Maggie (Floriana Lima) reading a card that she quickly puts it away. Alex tells Maggie that their whole situation is only going to be harder and Alex asks Maggie if she can go another couple rounds because she can’t. Alex asks Maggie if she’ll ever what kids to which Maggie tells her with tears coming to her eyes that, “I want you.” Alex says that she wants kids and that she will always want kids. Maggie tells her that her that Alex has to say it to, which Alex takes a breath before telling her that they can’t be together causing Maggie to just walk away. Lena and Kara arrive at the hospital and is surprised to see Sam in the hallway. Sam tells them that one of Ruby’s friends collapsed at school and she rode with him to the hospital while also telling Lena she saw what Edge was saying. Kara notices Edge walking down the hall with a doctor and draws Lena’s attention to him, Lena walks up to Edge who makes her wait as he pays for the medical expenses.

Arriving back at Catco, Lena is met by Eve (Andrea Brooks) who she tells to get her everything from the CDC reports and anything else. Once Eve is gone, Lena along with Kara and Sam go into the office as Kara and Sam tell him that there are other reasons that the kids are sick and that Edge is using this as revenge for Lena buying Catco. James comes along and tells Lena that she should consider stepping down from Catco, which Kara disagrees with, yet Lena tells them James is right and that she will step down from Catco and L-Corp. They are confronted by an angry father yelling at Lena and threatening her that she will pay for what she’s done. At the press conference, Lena talks to the crowd and tells them that if someone had done this to her children she’d be angry as well. Kara stands amongst the crowd as she hears a gun and scans the crowd only to have the shooter fire and hit James as he was protecting Lena. Kara is able to then stop another bullet going yet again after Lena.

At the DEO, James gets patched up while shwoing sympathy for the lady who found out her kid took a turn for the worse. Kara and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) test the lead bomb again only to have the test results come back different from what they got when he and Lena first tested it. It shows now that there is a ten percent chance the device is causing the sicknesses. Meanwhile at Sam’s house, Lena is washing her hands after having changed from the press conference. She tells Sam that she shouldn’t be there because she’s putting her and Ruby at risk.

Sad music plays as Alex is helping Maggie pack up her stuff. Maggie walks over and changes the music, takes a drink from a bottle and pulls Alex up to dance with her. They kiss as they share one more night together. Kara arrives at Sam’s house and walks inside when she hears glass breaking and calls out to Lena, finding her drunk and sitting at the counter. Kara finds a dust pan and begins to sweep up the glass as Lena asks if there is any news. Kara tells her no and Lena points out Kara is terrible at hiding things from her. Kara tells her that she’s not done and won’t be until they know for sure. Lena tells her to stop and Kara is taken aback by this, asking Lena why she’s not fighting. Lena tells Kara that she did fight and all she ever wanted to be was good and that now, “I finally did something good and I’m the monster that poisons children. Even Lex Luthor never did that.” She tells Kara that the one thing she loves about her is that she believes that everything is good and kind, but that it’s not the real world and begs Kara to stop believing in her because she’s not worth it.

Sam arrives home to find Lena asleep on the couch and Kara looking something up on her laptop. She tells Kara that she’s known Lena a long time and she’s never seen her like this, offering Kara if she wants to go home she could sit with her. Kara tells her she’s okay. Sam sits down beside her and starts comparing what they’ve found. Sam points out the kids affected are from across the city and when Kara says there has to be some way the kids are connected Sam pulls up bank statements when Kara notices similarities. Maggie and Alex talk about what they are doing as they lay together on the bed. Maggie asks if she’s sure she wants to give up on them for wanting to be a mom. Alex tells Maggie a story of when she was younger and she’d seen a mom with kids. It is something that she’s always known and when everything else was blurry in her life she held onto the part of her being a mother. She tells Maggie that if she denies herself that she’s going to feel it forever. Maggie confesses to Alex that she wishes she could change the way she feels to which Alex kisses her shoulder, telling her she wishes she could too as they cuddle close together.

Sam and Kara go to the park where they find an indoor swimming pool, Kara uses her strength to get them inside to look around. Kara tells Sam that Eliza would take her to a place like this. When Sam finds out Kara is adopted she tells her that she is too. Kara uses her x-ray vision to scan the water when she gets a sample of the water and sends it to Winn. She calls Winn and tells him she’s going to send him the sample. As he gets the results, he explains that if someone is exposed to something like this they develop symptoms of lead poisoning. They check the storage unit and Kara calls Lena and tells her where she and Sam are while Lena pleads it wasn’t her and explains what’s really happening. They say they are going to try and track down the manufacturer and when Kara gives her the name Lena knows exactly who it is. Lena shows up at Edge’s office confronting him about his company, revealing that he used the chlorine to poison the children just to get back at her. When Edge tries to play it off Lena pulls a gun and tells him when the mother shot at her she deserved it. Edge tells Lena that she needs help because she’s not thinking clearly to which she tells him, “I’m thinking like a Luthor,” before getting knocked out.

When Lena comes to, she’s strapped down in a chopper alone. She notices the chemicals on board and goes to check for a pilot when she realizes the plane is being piloted automatically with no one on board. She tries to get a message out when Edge has the pilot (Robert Parent) jam the signal. The message comes through at the DEO after they are made aware of an aircraft flying towards them. When Kara hears Lena’s voice she’s out of the DEO. As Edge tells the pilot to dump the chemicals into the water, Lena is able to strap them down before they go out the door. Supergirl arrives and closes the door when Edge tells the pilot to crash the plane. Supergirl keeps the plane level as she gets Edge to blow the engines. When he does, the plane breaks in two – the chemicals on one side and Lena on the other. Supergirl tells Lena she can’t hold both when Lena tells her to save the chemicals. Supergirl tells Lena she’s not going to drop her and says for her to climb. When Lena gets to the top Supergirl tells her she’s going to have to jump. When she grabs ahold of Supergirl’s hand, the part of the plane she was in goes into the water as Supergirl is left holding Lena and the chemicals. When Edge falls, he has the pilot shoot the console to stage him before turning the gun around on him and shoots him.

The episode comes to an end with Supergirl paying a visit to Edge who is angry about what he did in framing Lena. Edge tells Supergirl that if he was her enemy she would kill him, but she doesn’t have what it takes. Alex makes sure Maggie has a place to stay as they say their final goodbye to each other. They thank each other for how they have helped one another face their pasts with one final, “See ya around Danvers,” from Maggie. Maggie tells Alex she’s going to be a great mom before she leaves. Sam tells Kara and Lena the antidote L-Corp developed is working and the kids are getting better. Lena thanks both of them for never giving up on her and never letting her give up on herself. Lena apologizes to Kara for what she said before telling her she’s lucky Kara is still talking to her. Kara tells her that she’s family and the people who love her are going to love her no matter what she says. Kara gets a phone call and goes to Alex who is at the dive bar drinking. Kara kisses Alex’s head and pulls out her phone telling J’onn (David Harewood) that he’s going to have to get by without her and Alex for a couple days. She tells Alex that they are going to go pack a bag for Alex because they are going home.

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