Supergirl – For Good

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By: Paige Zinaman



There is a world of red and fire as Reign (Odette Annable) and Julia (Krys Marshall) and another World Killer hover above the destruction. As they go to use their heat vision, the scene fades and Kara (Melissa Benoist) shoots up in her bed clearly having a nightmare or a possible premonition of what is to come. Dazed and confused, Kara looks around before heading into the DEO. She talks to J’onn (David Harewood) and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) about how the World Killers are still out there. J’onn tells her that the city has been quiet since she’s gotten back from Fort Rozz and how they are trying to track Kryptonian heat signatures but only coming up with Kara and Superman. Winn finds it cool knowing where Superman is at. Kara is confused as to why they are not showing up if they are in fact like her. Mon-El (Chris Wood) comes up telling her that they are not like her and that even though they are from Krypton they are not strictly Kryptonian. As J’onn and Winn discuss how Reign wasn’t affected by Kryptonite and Red Suns Winn tells everyone that the World Killers may have been genetically modified. Mon-El tells them that it’s possible and that he and the Legion fought many hybrids created in labs that were designed for maximum destruction. Kara tells them that Reign said that she left Krypton before it’s destruction, asking what she and the other World Killers were waiting for. Mon-El tells them that pods weren’t the only thing that came to Earth when Krypton exploded and that so did Kryptonite. Apparently, Brainiac (Jesse Rath) had to track it down when the Legion battled Zod. J’onn tells Winn to track the meteor shower reports so maybe they can find out when the World Killers landed. Kara tells them that they need to figure it out because Reign will be back soon.

Sam and Alex (Chyler Leigh) head to a room in L-Corp that houses the MRI machine as they talk about Alex. Alex tells Sam that for a while she was going to be a researcher and had a job up in Seattle for a while before discovering she needed more action than what microscope and an excel switch could offer. As Alex preps Sam, she (Sam) starts to panic about all the things that could be wrong with her and how scared she is when Alex tries to ease her mind and tells her that caffeine withdrawal also causes memory loss. This is why they are taking pictures to find out what’s wrong, so they can deal with it. Meanwhile, Lena (Katie McGrath) and James (Mehcad Brooks) are walking to a café to get breakfast when they run into Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) who starts a taunting match with Lena and James as he waits for the valet to come back with his car. Lena tells Edge that he fears a powerful woman he can’t control which he denies and tells her she’s not a powerful woman, he tells her that he doesn’t have to kill her because she’s already dead. As he goes to get in the car Lena tells him to burn in hell, he drives away but suddenly realizes his breaks won’t work as he tries to get out the door he finds himself trapped he then climbs through the back seat to get out through the trunk right as the car goes over the wall into the water. At Catco, Lena along with Kara and James talk to a few reporters about a gala that’s coming up and how she wants Kara to cover it. Kara suddenly turns and catches car keys that Edge threw at Lena before they could hit her. At this motion, Lena and everyone turned to find Edge walking over to them worse for wear and telling them he survived. When Kara asks him what he survived he starts blaming Lena for the attempt on his life. Edge, not letting go that easy, makes a scene in the middle of Catco telling Lena that he is right there and to man up and finish the job and that he will not rest until it’s over.

Lena and Kara are in her office when James comes in and tells them that Edge is gone and that security knows better to let him inside again. Lena informs them that he won’t come back to try anything and that she’s never seen him so angry saying Edge is going to come at her twice as hard and that this cycle is never going to stop. Kara makes it a point to say that Lena is not the one trying to kill Edge. James chimes in saying that he’s tried to kill Lena multiple times and Lena hasn’t responded, which causes Lena to look away. Lena tells them that she just wants the attacks to stop because she’s seen what they’ve done to her mother’s and brother’s life. Kara tells Lena that that is why they are there and tells Lena to let her friends help her. Back at L-Corp’s lab, Alex and Sam are watching as the images from the MRI scan pop up and Alex looks at them. Alex tells her that there is nothing on the scans and that it’s neither good or bad because whatever is causing it isn’t showing up. Sam asks what they do next and Alex tells her that they send the images to an expert along with some blood work so they can analyze it. Sam tells Alex that she’s tired of the lies, the lies to Lena about everything and about how she lies and tells her everything is fine. Alex questions her about what she told Lena about the work trip, which Sam informs Alex she told Lena that her adoptive mother was in the hospital. Alex tells her that it’s time for her to tell the truth. Sam explains to Alex that the truth is she’s becoming a burden to Lena, to L-Corp, to Alex and to Ruby (Emma Tremblay) and that she doesn’t want to be that person. Alex was able to draw blood as she tells Sam that her being sick isn’t a burden to anyone telling her that Lena isn’t just her boss, but also a friend and she should may be try letting her in. Sam tells Alex that she’s handled everything on her own since she was sixteen and that it was bad enough she brought Alex in on her problems. Alex tells her that she knows what it’s like to be afraid to let other people in and that she was used to dealing with everything in her life on her own and that after her and Maggie broke up and the thought of talking to someone was terrifying. But Kara being Kara, she refused to let her shut down and that she forced her to let her in to figure things out together and that it’s the only way she’s able to get through all of it. She also tells Sam she refuses to let Sam make the same mistake she almost did. Sam says that she will talk to both Kara and Lena.

Back at Catco, Kara gets off the phone with her contract at the NCPD who told her that there was no sign of tampering to the car. As they are discussing possible suspects, Eve (Andrea Brooks) comes in with Lena’s coffee. She gets off the couch telling them that they’ve been at this for hours with still no leads. As Lena goes to walk to her balcony, she collapses and starts foaming at the mouth. Kara tells James it’s poison and that she’s got Lena. James runs yelling for Eve asking where she got the coffee as he runs to the cart and finds a man who takes off shooting at him. James corners him when suddenly the man is shot down before James can get answers. Kara, who took off from Catco without changing her clothes, flies Lena straight to the DEO where Alex and medics are waiting. Alex is administrating the proper medicine and asks Kara what was used. When Kara tells her she doesn’t know Alex runs through a list of poisons and then lifts the mask from Lena’s face and catches the smell of almonds. She tells Kara that the poison is going through her system and that she needs to slow it down. Kara wonders how so Alex tells her that she has to induce hyperthermia to which Kara tells her she’ll do it. Alex tells her to stop as they watch for signs that it worked. They see Lena’s body start to respond and become stable. Kara releases a breath and relaxes as Alex tells her she saved her. Kara states that they both did.

Edge is walking to his car when Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) confronts him about Lena’s poisoning. He dangles Edge off the side of the parking garage. When Guardian tells him that he’ll be happy to know Lena survived Edge tells him he’s not and that there are other people who would like to rid the world of one less Luther. Guardian tells him that he is his enemy and to tread lightly. He tells Edge if anything happens to Lena he will find him, and he won’t be walking away from it and then tosses him onto his car. At the DEO, J’onn comes to Kara and explains that Lena will be waking up soon and that it may not be a good idea if she does so at the DEO. He then tells Kara that she did a brave thing risking her identity to save Lena to which Kara tells him that it needed to be done. At Catco, Lena is starting to wake up, she sits up asking what happens as Kara walks over handing her some water. She tells Kara that she had the strangest dream that they were flying and Kara was carrying her. Kara asks her if it was like Supergirl and that she wishes she could. James explains to Lena that she was poisoned by the coffee and that Kara reacted quickly and called 911 who gave her an antidote. She asks if it was Edge which Kara tells her it was. They inform her that he wasn’t arrested causing her to get upset and tell them if Edge wants a war he’s got one. She says she’s the only one who can protect herself. Kara tells her that she’s not a killer which Lena tells her that maybe she doesn’t know her. James tells them that it was some type of futuristic bullet and if they can find out who manufactured it then they can find the shooter. Lena goes to L-Corp where she finds files of a dissolving bullet that Lex was having made which points her in the direction of Thundercorp where she is greeted by none other than Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong).

Lillian tells Lena that someone is trying to kill her daughter so she’s come back to kill him. When Lena asks what she’s really doing back Lillian asks her if she knows of any mother who would kill for their daughter to which Lena says no which is probably good for society. Lillian tells her she risked everything to come back and that Edge has picked on the wrong family, Lena tells her she doesn’t need her help and if she wanted him gone she would do it herself. Lillian tells her that she has a cold-blooded talent and can think three steps ahead that she could be great. Lillian asks her why she wants to be Cat Grant when she can be Lena Luther. Lillian tells her that Edge will be done by the end of the night and to let her prove how much she loves Lena. She goes back to Catco where she and Kara are confronted by Alex and Sam who tells them everything that is going on. Sam tells them of when Ruby was born and how she swore she would always protect her and that she fears something will happen to her and she can’t protect her, Kara tells her that they are her and Ruby’s family and all they have to focus on is getting Sam better. When Sam and Alex leave, Lena tells Kara she tried to kill Edge after he poisoned the water supply. She also tells Kara that Lillian is back and she’s behind the bullet and how she made her realize things about herself. She tells Kara Lillian is going to try to kill Edge and if they are going to try and save him she needs to use her wit and Kara’s help.

Kara and Lena go to the gala that Edge is attending after figuring out that is where Lillian was going to attack him. They run into a little bump when they spot Edge talking to a woman but also Edge’s body guard, Kara tells Lena that she will handle it because she’s “professionally crafty” and proceeds to distract the guard so Lena can sneak past him as Kara goes to walk past the body guard grabs her by the arm trying to move her away when she stands firm and elbows him telling him he doesn’t grab women. Lena makes her way over to Edge and confronts him about the poisoning and pulls out a recorder and tells him she’s there to save him from her mother. When he asks why Lillian Luther came out of hiding just to kill him she smirks and informs him that he screwed with her daughter right as a light show starts, as she tells him to confess a drone shows up causing a mess when he admits to Lena he tried to kill her she pulls his badge tossing it to a vase as the drone shoots it, Edge picks up an ice pick as Lillian shows up upset that Lena didn’t let her kill him. Suddenly another drone approaches and Lillian is soon inside Lex’s war suit, as Supergirl shows up asking if the suit was a bit much. Alex tells Winn she’s going to assemble a strike team when Mon-El tells her that there’s not enough time and tells Winn to hack the drone she used to attack edge and wait for his signal. Soon Lillian and Mon-El fight as Lena takes off after Edge. Kara keeps Lillian busy as Mon-El goes for the drone, when Guardian shows up knocking Edge down while Lena grabs the recorder as she kicks Edge in the face. As Supergirl and Mon-El take Lillian down Mon-El is face to face with Lena once again who seems to still be upset with him. Edge threatens Lena as he’s being lead away when she tells him he knows where to find her, Kara comes back to Lena who tells her she’s not a killer because of her friends and tells Kara she saw Mon-El which Kara waves off.

Lillian and Lena share a moment before she is taken to the hospital and Lillian tells her that she can come visit her in prison if she’s still there. The next day, Sam is sitting between Kara and Lena at Kara’s loft as Alex tells them that Sam’s test came back negative. Sam asks if it’s nothing major then what’s happening, they all tell her that they will figure it out and to go home and be with Ruby and enjoy every second. When Sam leaves, Alex tells Kara and Lena she’ll figure it out when Lena tells her that they all will. Mon-El and Kara talk about how great of a team they made and that he’s committed to being the hero Kara taught her to be. Winn chimes in with possible World Killers showing a picture of Julia who Kara points out saying she knows

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