Supergirl – Fort Rozz

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By: Paige Zinaman



Sitting at home going crazy, Alex (Chyler Leigh) gets some welcomed visitors as Kara (Melissa Benoist), Ruby (Emma Tremblay) and Sam (Odette Annable) show up baring gifts of food while Alex is stuck recuperating with her leg. As they talk, Sam gets a message telling her that the lady who was going to watch Ruby when she took her trip out of town just cancelled. Alex tells Sam that she would love to have Ruby stay with her while also warning her that she is not the best babysitter to which Kara chimes in with how Alex made her watch The Shining when she was fifteen years old. After making sure that it was for sure okay with Alex, Sam agrees to let Ruby stay. Kara gets a notification from work and takes off. Kara arrives at the DEO asking J’onn (David Harewood) if there was anything on Reign. J’onn and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) tell her that they’ve found that there were two priestesses on board Fort Rozz and they show Kara the photo of Jindah Kol Rozz (Sarah Douglas), the one who Fort Rozz is named after. Winn points out that Jindah has the same markings of Reign. Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Imra (Amy Jackson) look on when Mon-El asks if they knew where Jindah was. J’onn tells them that for as long as Fort Rozz was on Earth they believe she never left. Kara brings up one slight problem pointing out she flew Fort Rozz into space which Winn and J’onn tells her that they found it.

Winn and J’onn point out where Fort Rozz was when Imra states that it’s a blue star and Kara makes the connection that she will not have her powers. Imra also notes that it’s a place that’s toxic to anyone who is a male. This leads Imra telling Kara she will go with her when J’onn tells them that they can’t go alone. Kara tells him she knows of someone who can help them and takes off. Leslie a/k/a Livewire (Brit Morgan) is working as a waitress at a diner laying low because of Reign. Kara tells her that she knows why she’s hiding and that she needs someone she can trust and that will have her back when she goes to get intel on Reign. This causes Leslie to burst out into a laughing fit. Meanwhile back at the DEO, Winn is showing Brainiac (Jesse Rath) around and getting familiar with everything who then proceeds to tell Winn how Kara is braver than he thought because he’s seen expresso machines with more back up power. Kara and Leslie came walking into the DEO as Kara tells her that not everyone is on board with her helping to which Leslie says they can screw it. She gets to Mon-El and tells him he’s the one who tried to save her life to which he tells her he remembers succeeding. Winn asks if Leslie remembers him to which she doesn’t. DEO agents then lead Psi (Yael Grobglas) over who has agreed to help them. She tells them that she doesn’t want to be killed by the psycho when she finally breaks out. J’onn pulls Kara aside as he is worried about her working with Psi to which Kara expresses the same concern, but this is a risk worth taking if they are going to win. J’onn hands her the key that unlocks the psychic dampener that Psi is wearing as the four women head to the Legion’s ship heading to Fort Rozz.

As Imra and Kara look over a virtual blueprint of Fort Rozz they discuss it being where Alura (Erica Durance) sentenced criminals. Kara tells Imra that no one is going to welcome her arrival. As they talk, Livewire and Psi start bickering about each other and their abilities. Kara and Imra walk over when Leslie asks how long it will take to get there and if they need to go into a sleep pod. Imra announces that they are about to board shocking everyone as she tells them that it’s a fast ship. On Earth, Lena (Katie McGrath) is at L-Corp listing off different things to prepare Sam for her work trip giving her advice and thanking her for going even though she knows it’s tough to leave Ruby. Lena hugs Sam and leaves only for Sam to start hearing whispers and starts to channel Reign and breaks the desk. Alex and Ruby are kicking off their girl’s night with a game where they are learning a lot about each other and how smart Ruby is. Alex uses her crutches to go get them both some food when Ruby tells her she got a text message from Maggie. This shocks Alex as Ruby hands her the phone and tells Alex she will warm up their food.

Kara, Imra, Livewire and Psi arrive at Fort Rozz as Kara hesitates to turn off the dampener Psi is wearing, but does it anyway as the ship hits turbulence. They make it inside Fort Rozz where Kara struggles to get the door open causing Imra to use her abilities to open it. Brainiac and Winn tell them that they are detecting aliens who are on the ship due to the loss of power that caused the cells to open. At Reign’s Sand Fortress of Solitude, she arrives and is met by the Dark Kryptonian (Anjali Jay) who questions why she’s late. Reign tells her that the human inside he is stronger than she thought. The Dark Kryptonian tells her that Supergirl and some of her enemies went to Fort Rozz to get information on her and tells her of one of the prisoners on board who knows about their mission. The Dark Kryptonian tells Reign she needs to get to her before Supergirl can get any information from her. Kara, Livewire, Imra and Psi walk around trying to find Jindah. Leslie cracks a joke about Fort Rozz being like The Mall of America when Psi points out a smell that Imra agrees she smells too as an alien attacks them from behind. A prisoner named Tormock (Ella Thomas) noticed Kara wearing the symbol of the House of El saying she should have never showed her face and starts to go towards Kara only to be intercepted by Imra, Psi and Livewire only to have Psi be knocked back by Tormock. When Imra goes to help her Psi uses her power on Imra causing Kara to fight and get to Imra making sure she’s okay and asking Psi why she did that to her.

At Alex’s apartment, she is still rattled by the text she received from Maggie. She’s so zoned out that Ruby has to physically shake her a little in order to get her attention telling her that it was her turn. Ruby asks if she’s okay and when Alex gives a less than positive response Ruby asks her about Maggie wondering if it was her girlfriend. Alex tells her that Maggie is her fiancé and tells Ruby about what the text said and how Maggie thinks she left her passport at the house. Ruby who is patient and understanding asks Alex if she knows where it’s at and Alex tells her the only place she can think of is in the top drawer by the door. Ruby gets up and opens it and pulls out the passport taking it over to Alex. Alex tells Ruby that she thought she was finally moving on and letting go, but it’s harder than she thought. Ruby offers her hand to Alex who takes it when Ruby tells her that there is a girl at her school named Erika (Vanessa Przada) who she didn’t let copy her homework and then got upset and started posting things about her. Alex who is very concerned asks Ruby if she can show it to her which Ruby does. Alex reads the messages that were sent about Ruby and tells Ruby to get ready because they are going to do something about it.

Back on the Legion ship, Kara goes to lock the dampener back on Psi’s head when she tells Kara that it’s not necessary. Kara tells her that either they can’t trust her or she will lose control of her powers again. So, the device is the best option right now. When Kara turns it on Psi tells her that she brought her all the way to space for nothing to which Leslie tells her she shouldn’t “have been so loosey goosey with your powers on poor Matilda over there.” Kara goes over to Imra and makes sure she’s okay and tells her she understands if she needs a minute to regain herself. Imra assures her she’s fine as they hear Leslie and Psi going at it again. Kara tells them that no one is getting fried or hurt because they have a job to do. They walk back to Tormock who tells them they are a bunch of fools to which Leslie tells them she’s not wrong, Tormock tells them of the last person who went to find Jindah and that being the last time they’ve seen her. She tells them if they want to risk their lives that’s fine and tells them where she is before the ship is hit again and communications start to go down before making out Fort Rozz being hit by a solar flare as they are falling into the star.

Imra tries to get the ship running before they end up in the star. She tells them that there’s a limited time as Kara tells everyone that they still have time and they have a job to do. She tells Imra to stay on the ship to try and get communications back up and running and tells Psi to stay with her and make herself useful. Before she and Leslie leave she gives Imra the key to the dampener and tells her if anyone tries to get on the ship to cut her loose. Back at the DEO Brainiac asks Winn if they have a certain device and when he says no Brainiac starts to panic telling Mon-El and Winn that he will go down in history as the twelfth level intellect that let Supergirl burn to death in a Blue Star. Winn tries to tell him a way to get communications back up but Brainy isn’t taking anything suggestions too caught up in his own head. As Kara and Leslie head to the corridor that Jindah is in Leslie asks about Imra. Kara tells her that she is Mon-El’s wife, which shocks Leslie who didn’t know Mon-El had een her boyfriend and when she asked if she hated her Kara tells her that it’s not Imra’s fault. Kara tells her to focus on the mission so Leslie asks her about Reign and if the information they are getting will be to kill her. Kara tells her no and that Jindah will have the information she needs to get through to her which makes zero sense to Leslie who tells Kara she thinks she’s going to get through to Reign is BS. Kara tells Leslie that she got through to her so there must be something inside Leslie that she trusts. Leslie tells Kara that she came with her because Reign is on the loose and she wants to take her down. As they continue down the hall they are attacked by creepy figures and Kara goes missing. Leslie stops herself from falling into the Blue Star and goes in search of Livewire. Kara hears someone whispering her name and goes to follow the voice. Alex is standing outside Erika’s door and as she opens it she pulls out her FBI badge and asks if she was sending harassing messages to Ruby. Erika denies it so Alex pulls out her phone with the text across it telling her they intercepted the text and that if it continues she will have the federal government showing up at her door. Plus, she tells Erika she is going to apologize. When Erika shuts the door, Alex turns to Ruby who was standing off to the side holding Alex’s crutches we hear her say that was awesome.

Brainiac and Winn are about to go head to head again over things they don’t have when Brainiac gets frustrated and mentions sending a message in a bottle. Winn thinks of a way to send them a message. Back on the ship, Psi starts going off on a rhyme that Imra doesn’t understand until they look out the window seeing Reign arrive. Kara finds Jindah who refuses to give any information on Reign. Jindah tells her that she knows nothing and that Kara flies too close to the sun and tells her that she will end when the other World Killers wake up. Reign finds them and kills Jindah, Kara asks how she still have powers when Reign tells her that her powers do not come from the sun. Kara tries to appeal to Reign’s side telling her they both want justice in the world, but they won’t be finding it attacking each other. Reign tells her that is where she’s wrong and goes to use her heat vision on Kara only to be intercepted by Leslie. Imra tells Psi that they need to find Supergirl only to have her say they need to find a way to get out of there. Brainiac and Winn get communications back up and running and get Imra’s attention. She tells them Kara and Leslie are looking for Jindah and that Reign is there. When Winn asks who is going to handle Reign we see Psi tell them that she can go and tells Imra to take the dampener off her. Imra hesitates before turning off the dampener telling Imra to not be afraid. Leslie is going head to head with Reign in a clash of heat and electric causing Kara to try and defend Leslie as Reign takes her by the throat only to be thrown to the ground. Leslie tells Reign that she needs to stop attacking her friends and sends a massive electric overload into Reign sending her flying backwards. When Reign gets up she sees red. Kara gets Reign’s attention telling her that she’s there because of her; Leslie jumps in front of Kara right as Reign shot at her. As Leslie falls into Kara, Psi shows up calling out to Reign as “Black Bird” asking her what’s going on underneath her shell. Reign starts to go down envisioning losing Ruby. Psi is able to bring Sam back to the surface she calls for Ruby and asks what’s happening before she turns and sees Supergirl. Kara stands up and calls out to Reign before she takes off and goes back to Leslie who is quickly fading.

When they arrive back to the DEO, Imra runs straight to Mon-El and Kara tells him she was a big help. Kara goes to thank Psi for saving her and tells her to not get emotional and that she didn’t want to die but tells Kara she’s sorry about her friend. Before the DEO agents take Psi back, Kara asks them to please get her a better room one with a window earning her a smile from Psi. Alex fills out the envelope to send Maggie’s passport to her as Ruby watches on. Ruby tells her she can take it to the post office for her and tells Alex it was really fun to hang out with her today. Alex tells her that normally she’d lean on Kara, but she’s out of town to which Ruby tells her that she will sub in for Kara whenever. Sam arrives to get Ruby and tells her she’ll meet her in the elevator. Alex asks about Sam’s work trip when Sam stares at her blankly and tells her that she never went on the work trip. She pulls at her phone and sees several missed calls and messages from Lena and tells Alex she never got on the plane. Not knowing what happened, Sam brings up what Ruby said about going somewhere and tells Alex she keeps losing time and that she thinks something is wrong with her. Kara and Mon-El have a heart to heart when he tells her she may have gotten through to Reign because Livewire was the best as they come and it was because Kara got through to her telling her that she gave Leslie something to fight for and that she changed her heart and that is amazing. Julia (Krys Marshell) and Vanita (Mittita Barber) walk down the street. Julia is hit by two cars and stands up unharmed and pushes one away from her as her eyes flicker white.

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