Supergirl – Girl of Steel

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By: Paige Zinaman



The episode starts with Kara (Melissa Benoist) standing in a field surrounded by the sun and peace when Mon-El (Chris Wood) appears behind her. Their reunion is cut short when Kara sees Alura (Erica Durance) standing in front of her. The two embrace in a moment that is full of love, but soon Kara is brought back to reality as sirens alert her to an emergency that is in need of Supergirl.

Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie (Floriana Lima), along with that NCPD, are in the middle of a high-speed car chase that’s also turned into a shootout. Alex is hanging from the window of the police cruiser when a masked man shoots back only to have Maggie pull her back before she is shot. The driver of the car tells everyone to hold on and slams his breaks, which results in Maggie’s cruiser to ram into the back of the truck. Kara arrives in time to put herself in between the gun that a man in the back of the truck has pointed at Alex. While Kara has everything under control and stops the truck from plowing into a family that’s in its path, Kara flies away completely avoiding the young boy who clearly admires Supergirl leaving Maggie to say that she doesn’t stop for autographs anymore. Back at the DEO, Kara tells Winn (Jeremy Jordan) to run the blood that is on her hand for information about the man she threw off the truck. When Kara goes to leave, Alex stops her and tells her that she and Maggie are going to go do the tasting for the wedding telling Kara that she wants her to be there and that there will be pot stickers. Kara tells Alex that if she’s not busy she will try and be there before walking off and leaving Alex to worry about her sister even more.

Lena (Katie McGrath) and James (Mehcad Brooks) are sitting through a meeting lead by Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) about the rebuild that’s happening in National City that was left from the Daxamite invasion and the Girl of Steel statue that Lena would be unveiling in honor of Supergirl. When Lena goes up against Edge telling him that his plans would take from the poor and give to wealthy he tells Lena that no matter how much good press Catco is giving her it isn’t going to ease the guilt that she feels for everything her family has done and the fact that the Daxamite invasion was her fault. When they break, Lena tells Edge that he’s not as powerful as he thinks he is to which he asks Lena why they are in his offices if he’s not that powerful.

At Catco, everyone is watching Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) who is now the Press Secretary on the TV. Meanwhile, things with Kara seem to be getting worse. James gets reports that Supergirl has single handily brought crime down in the last six months, which leads James to ask Kara if she was able to write the exclusive with Supergirl. Unfortunately, Kara tells him that Supergirl has been too busy and that she will do her best to get it by the time the unveiling of the Supergirl statue that weekend. James stops Kara from leaving asking her if she’s okay to write the article about Supergirl telling her that he is there if she needs to talk or grab a drink. Their talk is interrupted by Edge’s news conference declaring he was buying Catco.

In an attempt to stop Edge, Kara goes to the only person who she knows can help her. When she arrives at L-Corp, she walks into Lena’s office noticing that she’s watching Edge’s press conference. Lena puts it aside when she notices Kara and starts asking if the shareholders would listen to Cat. Kara tells Lena that when Cat became Press Secretary she had to put her shares into a blind trust, but she did some digging which showed Edge slowly buying off the shares until today when he put an offer in. Kara tells Lena that since she’s invested in his portfolios that maybe she could talk to him and get him to drop out. Lena tells Kara that he doesn’t respect any opinion that’s not his own but she will see what can do. When Kara goes to leave, Lena stops her and asks if everything is okay and that she misses her, telling Kara that every time she tries to schedule something Kara ends up ditching. Kara tells Lena that she’s just been busy. Lena tells Kara that she sorry for the part she played in Mon-El leaving and that she is still there for her if that’s still what Kara wants.

At the dive bar Alex, Maggie, James, Winn and J’onn are drinking when they see the news saying that Supergirl has been everywhere. This brings Maggie to ask if Kara knows the cops are capable of doing their jobs when Winn chimes in with they now know Kara won’t be joining them. Winn asks how much longer they have to keep giving Kara space when Alex tells everyone that she doesn’t know how much more space she can give to her sister. Alex tells Maggie that they can call her selfish but she really misses her sister. Maggie tells her that she knows, but to cheer up because it’s time for their tasting. Maggie can tell Alex doesn’t want to go so she asks Alex why she’s suddenly down on the wedding. Alex says that she’s not down on it yet she just doesn’t know what’s wrong. Maggie leaves telling Alex when she figures it out to let her know.

Winn is able to trace the suspect by the blood from Kara’s hand and discovers that his name is Robert DuBois a/k/a/ Bloodsport (David St. Louis). Winn discovers that someone hacked the base security, which causes Kara to rush to them and discovers a building with lead lined walls. Kara is shot back by a laser that seemed to have a mind of its own but one she used her heat vision she realized that it was a ship but not just any ship a Daxamite ship. Kara is looking over one of the soldiers who got hit by the laser when she hears a beeping in her ear. She reaches Catco and asks James why he used the beeper for her. Kara tells him that the watch is to be used for emergencies not for deadlines to which James tells her that he’s worried about her and at the same time he’s her boss. This angers Kara even more that he used the watch for an article and James tells her that Kara Danvers has a life as a reporter. Kara tells James that she quits.

Winn discovers that Bloodsport took a pressure regulator along with cloaking device from the Daxamite ship, allowing him to cloak any aircraft dropping a nuke from the sky that no one would see coming, not even Supergirl. As they get the team together Alex receives a phone call from James that leaves her shocked. Meanwhile, Lena goes to visit Edge who makes a comment about how people will start talking because she has made more than one visit to his office. She tells him that she has a proposition for him. While he doesn’t agree with his development, he’s the best developer in National City which is why she invests in his portfolio and why she intends to invest more. This is when Edge catches onto Lena’s game about wanting him to leave Catco alone. Lena tells him that Catco isn’t good business for him and he knows it. Edge, however, tells Lena that she can take the Luther Logo off her name, but people still won’t trust her stating that once he has Catco under his control it will be easy to enforce that. When Lena catches on to what Edge plans to do with Catco she leaves. Bloodsport shows up no sooner than she’s gone telling Edge that people will literally not see “it” coming

Kara is watching Cat on the TV and looking something up on her laptop when Alex shows up. When Kara asks Alex what the update was on Bloodsport Alex dodges it and goes straight for Kara quitting Catco. Alex tells Kara that she’s extremely worried about her. Kara tells Alex that Catco isn’t the point for her anymore which causes Alex to tell her she spent years working up to be a reporter. Kara tells Alex that it’s a waste of her time to which Alex tells her she’d like to see her tell Cat Grant that. Alex tells Kara she’s done walking on egg shells and that she’s given her time to grieve without prodding and without making her talk about Mon-El and that she’s let everything slide saying Kara’s pity party is over and asking her who she is in that moment. They get into a massive argument to which Kara throws Alex’s drinking in her face saying she’d be at the bar every night if it were Maggie who was gone. Kara tells Alex that Kara Danvers sucks right now and that Kara Danvers was a mistake. As Alex leaves she tells her sister what Bloodsport has the ability to do,, but also tells Kara that “Kara Danvers is my favorite person. She saved me more times than Supergirl ever could so just think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.”

At the statue reveal, J’onn (David Harewood) talks to Kara about how she’s been acting lately and telling her that when he first arrived on Earth he flew to avoid feeling. J’onn tells her that she saved him as Kara Danvers and not Supergirl. Alex and Maggie discuss their wedding and how much they want to marry each other when Alex admits she doesn’t want a big wedding because her dad can’t be there to walk her down the aisle. Maggie tells her to take a deep breath and she’ll find a way out of her thoughts. Alex is bumped into by a young girl named Ruby (Emma Tremblay). Her mom Sam (Odette Annable) calls her back to apologize. Everyone watches as Lena unveils the statue of Supergirl telling the crowd that ever since she arrived Supergirl has been a mentor to her but most importantly a friend. Before Kara can join the crowd the ground begins to shake and things begin to fall when Kara realizes it’s coming from a submarine in the water. Kara finds the submarine, but wasn’t able to catch the missile before it went off in the water. This causes a metal beam to fall on Ruby and reveal the strength that Sam didn’t know she had. As Kara floats under the water unresponsive to Alex or Winn yelling for her, she dreams of Mon-El who yells at her to wake up. She shoots up and carries the submarine away from the crowd.

Kara goes to see Lena after the river front incident, who tells her that there was no negotiating and so instead she bought Catco and wants Kara to write the article. Kara tells Lena that she quit to which Lena begs her to unquit because she can’t ruin Catco without her because she trusts her. Edge shows up threatening Lena when Supergirl arrives and takes him to the middle of the sea telling him she knows it was him who caused the attack at the water front. She explains that National City is her town and he has all her attention. The episode ends with Kara texting Lena saying she’ll see her tomorrow and calling her boss. She then shows up at the dive bar with the gang as Alex asks J’onn to walk her down the aisle.

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