Supergirl – Legend of Superheroes

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By: Paige Zinaman


Kara (Melissa Benoist) awakens in her loft to a new day when there is a knock at her door. She opens it to reveal Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) who is a little star struck and states that Supergirl is talking to him. Kara pulls him in from the hallway into the loft where he proceeds to tell her who he is and how he’s a part of the Legends. Kara asks if Mon-El (Chris Wood) sent him and Brainiac tells her yes in order to make sure that her brain is okay. He reveals that it’s perfect for someone who has been in a coma for two days. This news shocks Kara as she points out she’s in her loft, but Brainiac tells her that it’s all part of her brain and a safe space. Kara asks him how he’s there if she’s in a coma to which he tells her that he was awakened from hyper sleep to communicate with her on the behalf of him and the DEO using 31st Century technology that is also keeping her alive. Brainiac tells Kara that Reign (Odette Annable) defeated her and asks if she remembers. Suddenly, Kara has flashbacks to the fight with Reign and Alex (Chyler Leigh) telling her to stay with her. When the flashbacks end Kara tells Brainiac that Reign is still out there and that people are dying telling him she needs to wake up before going to her door and trying to open it. This makes Kara angry because the door won’t open. Back on the Legion’s ship, Brainiac wakes to Mon-El, Imra (Amy Jackson), J’onn (David Harewood), Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Alex all around the pod they have Kara in. He tells them that the good news that her brain is alert which gives some relief to Alex, before telling them that the bad news is that Kara is very angry. Winn speaks up with some sarcasm and tells Brainiac that he’s sure she loves being trapped inside a mind prison. J’onn asks if Brainiac is talking to Kara as he talks to them which he explains the crown on Kara’s head is used to send waves to him and back to her. Imra also explains that the tanks have amazing healing properties telling them she needs to rest and let it do its work.

Ruby (Emma Tremblay) looks worried as she walks through the house followed by a determined Sam. Ruby hides from her mother only to attack her with Nerf darts causing Sam to laugh and fall into the table knocking stuff off which causes Ruby to make a joke about how Sam was worried she’d be the one breaking stuff. Their game comes to an end when Ruby’s friend shows up for the movies. Sam tells Ruby that it’s her turn to make dinner tonight as she tells her that she’s allergic to bad food. Sam gets occupied with a news paper cover about the fight between Reign and Supergirl so Ruby hugs her and leaves. Reign goes to her Fortress of Solitude and speaks with Dark Kryptonian (Anjali Jay) who tells her she’s done well. Thinking they’ve killed Kara, she tells Reign that there is still much to be done and tells Reign that it’s time to deliver the “Awakening.” As a police chase happens, Reign flies through the van and takes the man out the back.

At Catco, James (Mehcad Brooks) is watching news reports about a Supergirl missing when Lena (Katie McGrath) walks in telling James it’s been two days since the world has saw Supergirl and still no word about where she is or her wellbeing. They talk when a crash is heard from outside the offices as Reign throws the criminal to the ground. Lena asks why she came to Catco to which Reign tells Lena she came to deliver a message which Lena tells her that they are not her messengers. Reign tells her that they are and points to a Catco worker and tells him to get a camera. When he’s ready she tells National City that apathy is the greatest sin of all and that from now on there will be only punishment and that she’s there to help before she takes off.

Back at the Legion’s ship they see the news of Reign and discuss how to handle her. Winn points out that they have a Legion of Superheroes as Mon-El tells them that he would do anything, but this can’t be their fight. Imra tells him that there must be some way to help. Mon-El belives that if they die they endanger the future which Brainiac warns him to watch what he says. Mon-El tells them that Supergirl does live and that eventually Reign will leave making Alex upset. Brainiac and Imra tells them of a future event and how Mon-El taught them of everything they know now. Alex gives a recap and how before Reign leaves she could kill millions. J’onn tells them they are using a last measure that involves Kryptonite that could take down a rouge Kryptonian. Alex tells him to do whatever he has to but there is someone she needs to talk to first. Alex goes to see Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) and she notices his black eye. He tells her he was spreading some truth onto his fellow inmates who preferred he lie. Alex asks if he wants to spread some truth to her and she’ll pass it on to Supergirl. Alex asks Coville what else he knows about Reign that can help them defeat her when he points out that Reign has already won. Alex tells him that Supergirl is still alive yet he stops her and says that Supergirl was, “Supposed to rise, find her faith and deliver it. But Supergirl refused her faith and she failed the test.” Alex tells him that Supergirl will defeat Reign and that he just has to help stop her. Coville tells Alex Supergirl lost so Reign can prepare them for what comes next. Alex leans across the table and tells Coville to never underestimate Supergirl and leaves.

At Catco, James approaches the subject of their kiss Lena tells him that they just don’t match, James tries to deny it but ends up using Kara as an excuse which confuses Lena thinking it’s because they used to have a thing. James tells her that it’s because Kara is sick and that she has the flu, which Lena gets very concerned telling James she should go see Kara because Kara wouldn’t mind her knowing since she’s her best friend. James tries to stop her which is a no-go and tells Lena that sick people love soup, as Lena walks out she says she will bring her some soup. When Lena is gone, James pulls out his phone and calls Winn asking for help.

Brainiac is once again inside Kara’s head where she is pacing around her loft telling him being stuck inside is torture. Brainiac tells her that out of all the meetings he envisioned for them torture was not one of them. Brainiac continues to walk around frantically looking for something. When asked what he tells Kara he’s looking for brain damage and that it’s to prepare her for reality reentry. Kara gets excited when she knows that it’s time for her to wake up yet he tells her that the door seems to be what’s keeping her there and that she simply must walk through it. Kara goes to the door and tries the handle but can’t get it to open. On the outside, Brainiac and Alex watch as the water in the tank begins to drain. He tells Alex that she is ready. Kara struggles to get the door open, confusing Brainiac and Alex as she hits the glass yelling that she’s there. Alex asks why Kara isn’t waking up, which Brainiac has no answer to give.

Kara struggles to get the door open and becomes very angry as it won’t budge. Brainiac tells her that her body is fine and that they drained the tank and she suffered nothing. Kara asks why she’s still stuck inside her mind. Kara tells him that he’s the genius, he tells her that the only thing he can think is that the only thing keeping her inside is herself. Kara tells him that it makes no sense because she wants to get out she punches the door only to have her whole arm go through it. When Brainiac asks her if she doesn’t really want out because she was badly beaten she tells him she’s not afraid and starts using her heat vision on the door which withstands and shatters everything else around her including the mug in Brainiac’s hand. Outside her brain, Brainiac, Alex, Imra and Mon-El watch Kara who has been moved from the tank to a bed. Mon-El tells Alex that if anyone can figure out what’s wrong with her it’s Brainiac to which Brainiac tells him to not put too much guarantees on him because he has never seen anything like this before. Alex asks him what happens if Kara stays like she is, Brainiac tells her that the longer she stays that way the likely it is she stays that way permanently. Suddenly, an alert sounds letting them know Reign is attacking again. Imra pleads with Mon-El who once again says they can’t risk it before Alex questions it and they show her what their mission is.

Winn goes to J’onn and tells him what happened with James and Lena as he takes off to Kara’s loft. Right has he touches down and shifts appearances there’s a knock at the door telling him that Lena has arrived. Lena takes notice of Kara’s (J’onn) behavior blaming it on the fever. They have a brief talk in which Lena spills that she and James kissed and Kara giving her some friendly advice. When Lena leaves, J’onn radios Winn and tells him to never make him do something like that again. He meets up with Alex where Winn and the rest of the DEO assemble to trap Reign. All goes well until Alex places a kryptonite chain around her neck, which makes Reign even more angry as she uses it to snatch Alex’s leg. Imra and Mon-El talk about how it’s their mission to help people and right now this time and these people need their help. Inside Kara’s brain she and Brainiac talk about why she’s cleaning she tells him she likes putting things back together and quotes Sherlock Holmes to him before putting pieces together about something her subconscious wants her to see. Meanwhile on the outside, Alex is apologizing to Kara about pushing into the fight with Reign and how she doesn’t know if they can do it without her. Kara finds a picture of her younger self and a cat she had named Streaky. She tells Brainiac the story of how she and Streaky became friends, and how she was so strong she could hurt him and how she practiced until she won’t hurt him. Brainiac The Legions stand up and fights with J’onn when Reign strikes again.

Reign finds Coville praying to Rao who confronts him about knowing Kryptonian as he offers to serve her. Reign blasts a whole through the prison is comes face to face with Imra and Mon-El and their ship as Brainiac fires at her while also inside Kara’s brain she tells him to leave and go help them. Brainiac tells her that Alex said Kara Danvers is her favorite person leading Kara to her glasses. J’onn arrives to help in the fight as Brainiac leaves to get back online. Reign takes out the Legion as Kara opens the door and wakes up, she tells Alex that she has to help them because Reign won’t see it coming. Supergirl knocks Reign to the ground as she stabs her in the neck with kryptonite. Kara stops by the med bay to thank Imra and Mon-El for fighting alongside them, Mon-El tells her it was great fighting with her again. Brainiac and Kara have an official meeting that lands with some jokes and laughter. As the episode closes, James and Lena finally talk about everything that happened and they agree that they do in fact like each other and share yet another kiss. The Danvers Sisters talk about everything that had happened while Kara was unconscious including J’onn posing as her to talk to Lena, Kara also signs Alex’s cast that is around her leg after snapping her bone in the fight with Reign, Alex tells Kara that she was really worried about her this time but the only thing that helped was Brainy could talk to her. Kara tells her that a good thing came from it and the whole thing with Mon-El and how she will be stronger for it. The Dark Kryptonian tells Reign there are others like her and that all they have to do is find them which Coville says he can help do.

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