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By: Paige Zinaman



The bond between the Danvers Sisters is a strong and unbreakable force, but it wasn’t always like that. In this episode of “Supergirl” entitled Midvale you see Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) take a trip home to Midvale to escape life and just sleep and what a better place to do that than going home. The sisters arrive in Midvale and are immediately greeted by Eliza (Helen Slater). Alex goes straight into the house after giving her mother a quick hug whereas Kara leaves Alex to have some space and grabs their bags out of the car and greets Eliza with a hug as she’s ushered inside. Later that night, Eliza and Kara talk about Alex and how being home she can lean on them before talking to Kara about how she’s doing and how she’s handling everything with Mon-El (Chris Wood).  Kara tells Eliza that she’s happy, much to Eliza’s disbelief. Kara goes upstairs to her and Alex’s childhood room and tells Alex that if she wants to talk it may help, which Alex gets upset telling Kara that she didn’t ask for this weekend. Kara tells her that she’ll stop trying to help they shut out the lights and go to bed.

When morning arrives, Eliza is yelling up the stairs giving a clear warning to the girls they need to wake up. As they sit up, a young Kara (Izabela Vidovic) and Alex (Olivia Nikkanen) stare at each other before rushing to beat the other to the bathroom. Kara wins by using her super speed, which results in the girls very loud exchange of “I hate yous” while Alex yells down to Eliza that she’ll never get over her adopting Kara. Alex comes down stairs where Eliza asks her where Kara is before Kara comes down and she teases Alex over Calculus homework. Eliza tells Kara that she needs to be around kids her age before telling them to go wait for the bus, warning Alex to go easy on her. During class Kara is too busy doodling when her teacher Mr. Bernard (Mik Byskov) asks her a question to which Kara didn’t know the answer to that caused Alex to salvage and tell Kara to keep up. At lunch two classmates are talking about Superman and Lex Luthor when Kara chimes in spewing information that causes the kids to call her a stalker. Alex saves Kara by making the other two leave telling Kara that she was holding up the line and walks to sit with her friends. Kenny (Ivan Mok) is walking with his tray when he says hello to Alex. The quarterback Jake (Gavin Langelo) knocks the tray from his hands causing Kara to get angry and break a chunk out of the table. Kenny proceeds to pick-up his food and sits with Kara. Kenny tells Kara that if only the football players knew the dirt he had on them they’d treat him better. Kara tells Kenny that she wishes sometimes she could be invisible because she can’t do anything without Alex blowing up at her. Kenny tells her that Alex just misses her dad and tells Kara to meet up later that night. Kara finds Kenny in the woods where he shows her the stars and they talk about space and what they think is up there. Kara looks longingly at the sky and she and Kenny almost kiss before Kara diverts at the last second telling Kenny he’s the only person in Midvale who makes her feel like she belongs there.

The next morning, Kara and Alex get off the bus when Kara hears the police dispatch saying they found a body of a seventeen-year-old male. Kara pleads to Rao before taking off leaving Alex watching her knowing something is wrong. Kara runs through the forest using her super abilities to get to the spot quicker when she arrives she sees the medical examiner pull back the sheet revealing Kenny. Sheriff Collins (David Chisum) catches Kara before she could go any closer telling her that she can’t be there and that she needs to go. Once at school, Kara goes to Kenny’s locker to find a small memorial for him, which causes confusion for her as Alex gets her attention. Kara tells her that no one knew him and that now that he’s dead they’re all upset. Alex tells Kara that it’s because it’s sad yet Kara tells her she’s just like everyone else. Jake comes around the corner when Alex and her friend Josie (Eliana Jones) leave. He makes the comment that someone finally killed Kenny. Kara chases after him in the boy’s locker room and forces Jake to admit what Kenny had on him. Jake admits that Kenny saw him smoking pot and that he was home all night.

Kara goes to Kenny’s house where Sheriff Collins is talking with Kenny’s parents. Mrs. Li (Winnie Hung) tells Kara that Kenny always spoke about her and then asks where Kenny’s telescope was because she couldn’t find it. Kara promises to find the telescope for her as Sheriff Collins pulls Kara away and asks how she’s doing. He tells her to not go hunting for the telescope because it’s dangerous. That night Kara goes to the woods where she is suddenly scared and almost shoots Alex with her heat vision. Kara asks what she’s doing there when Alex confesses that Kenny was tutoring her in Calculus. Kara explains that she and Kenny were there the night before and was stargazing.

Kara tells Alex that the telescope and laptop were gone and that the telescope was one that would take pictures of what it saw, which causes the theories to build. Alex tells Kara that it’s too dark for her to see so Kara uses her x-ray vision to find the laptop. Kara wants to take it to Sheriff Collins, but Alex stops her and explains to Kara that they need to go home because Kara was the last person to see Kenny and they tampered with evidence. Back at the house Kara tells Alex that Clark has a friend named Chloe who could help them get whatever is on the computer. They pull up Kenny’s email and see an email to Mr. Bernard about kissing Josie in the car.

Alex confronts Josie the next morning and shows her the picture of her and Mr. Bernard. She tells Josie that they need to go to the police together. Josie pleads with Alex to not tell her mom. She tells Alex that Mr. Bernard loves her and she loves him. Alex tells Josie that Mr. Bernard received an email and asked how he reacted. She tells Alex that he was upset and leaves. Alex and Kara walk home that night talking about how Kara could’ve protected Kenny if she had just stayed and that whoever did it thinks they can get away with it because he was invisible. But they have to make sure the person pays for it, which Alex says they will. As they continue to talk a car comes speeding around the corner. Kara reacts and pushes Alex over the railing and hovers there as the car speeds away. The police arrive and they sit in the back of the car telling the cops it was Mr. Bernard as Eliza pulls up and runs over to them. When they get back home, Eliza tells Alex to do homework and tells Kara that Alex could have died and that since she won’t listen maybe they’ll listen to Agent O’Neill (Erica Durance) who looks so much like Alura that Kara rushes to her and hugs her, taking the agent by surprise. The agent explains to Kara that the FBI is aware of her and Superman and that while Kara is living in the house her powers risk harm to Alex and Eliza. Kara tells the agent that she remembers her parents and she remembers Krypton and that she never asked for her powers, but she has them and she wants to help people with them. Kara tells her that Midvale is never going to be home and that she wants to be with Clark and be super. O’Neill tells Kara that she’s got a second chance, but she has to be human then takes Kara over to the French doors and tells her talk to her about Krypton. Kara, again struck by the resemblance to her mother, says, “I love you, Mom” in Kryptonian. O’Neill tells her she doesn’t understand. As she goes to her car to leave it is revealed that it was J’onn (David Harewood) who used the resemblance of Alura to get Kara to listen. Alex opens the door to an angry Josie telling Alex that she’s grounded and that Mr. Bernard was in jail. She explains she was with him after school. Alex goes upstairs and tells Kara what happened and that someone else is. Kara tells her that she can’t use powers and that she’s human now. Disappointed, Alex leaves and goes to the football game to find Sheriff Collins for help. Alex tells him that they found Kenny’s laptop which catches his attention. Back at their house, Kara receives an email from Chloe. Sheriff Collins leads Alex into a room where they won’t be interrupted

Sheriff Collins asks Alex where the laptop is which she tells him she gave it away. He takes Alex’s phone and redials Kara’s number. Kara paces the room before she takes off to find Alex. Sheriff Collins tells what happened and when he tells her that she’s real brave and that no one would hear her. Alex tells him that someone is listening. “Someone that can hear every word you say, every time you breathe, can you feel it? She’s coming.” Alex then yells where she is, right was Kara breaks through the wall causing part of it to knock Sheriff Collins out. Kara runs to Alex and the two hug. The next morning, Alex comes to the lunch table with Kara and asks to sit with her. She rehashes what they’ve done this week when Kara tells her that she’ll get used to being on the outside. Kara shows Alex a picture Kenny had of Kara flying and that he knew about her and didn’t tell anyone because he liked all of her. Alex asks Kara if she wants to hang out. Kara agrees and tells Alex she’d rather be human than ever lose her to which Alex tells her that she’s never had a sister and that she promises she’ll get better at it. It’s the start of the annual Danvers sisters nights and the start of the bond between the two. Eliza comes to their room and gives them the telescope that Mrs. Li wanted them to have of Kenny’s and tells them lights out.

When the morning comes, the scenes are back to the present day where Alex wakes up alone in their shared room. Alex walks outside to find Kara looking through the telescope and holding a cup of coffee. Kara looks up and notices Alex and tells her that she slept in which is good. They talk about Kenny and the telescope. Kara tells her that Kenny was the first person she lost on Earth and that it doesn’t get easier. Alex goes up to Kara and tells her, “That was the first time I understood what I had in you, what it could mean to have a sister. It’s crazy to think I thought you were the worst thing to ever happen to me. After Kenny is when I realized you and I could get through anything together.” Kara tells her she still thinks she doesn’t feel at home and on Earth, but she feels at home with her.

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