Supergirl – Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

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By: Michelle Lopez


Supergirl’s Fight for Agency

We open where were left off last week, Mr. Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot) declaring his love for Kara (Melissa Benoist). Mr. Mxyzptlk (“Mxy”) sets the mood with candles, a string quartet and proposes to his OTP. Kara laughs at the absurd turn her night has taken, especially when Mxy begins to sing songs from Aladdin. Mon-El (Chris Wood) is not about some guy swooping in to steal Kara away from him just as he’s finally won her over so he tries to intimidate Mxy. It doesn’t work as Mxy knocks Mon-El down a few pegs calling him “tall, dark and blandsome” before zapping Mon-El to the DEO in just his underwear. Despite Kara telling him to stop, Mxy continues with his “affectionate” assault on her. He explains he’s an inter-dimensional being who’s watched Kara across dimensions and fallen in love with her. She’s the the strongest, bravest most independent woman he’s ever seen and he wants to marry her. Kara tries to let her stalker down easy, which disappoints him because forcing her to fall in love with him is one of the four things he cannot do. Mxy assumes her denying him marriage is simply her playing hard to get because he chose her as his mate, therefore, it’s his right to have Kara.


After an unfortunate run in with some thieves and Mxy, Kara realizes that he is way more dangerous than a stalker obsessed with her. He’s a danger to all of National City. Mon-El wants to know how they’re going to kill Mxy, but Kara’s not about to condone killing. Winn (Jeremy Jordan) suggests they look at their collection of alien artifacts to see if any will help deal with Mxy.


Down on the streets of National City, Supergirl and Mon-El show up where Parasite is back and wreaking havoc. Before either of them can deal with Parasite, we see Mxy dressed as Superman as he drops in and saves the day. Queue round two of Mxy and Mon-El’s fight over Kara. Mon-El accidentally drops that having Mxy say his name backwards is how to get them to go back their own dimension. Kara is annoyed because Mon-El hid that from her and sends him away. She asks Mxy what it will take for him to leave Earth and his response is simple – her marrying him.


Back at the DEO, Mon-El is outraged Kara sided with Mxy since he was trying to defend her honor. Kara puts Mon-El in his place. She is not a damsel in distress, she is a Supergirl and she does the saving and defending. Mon-El continues ranting about Kara wanting to spend time with Mxy over him and other nonsense until Kara calls him out on being jealous at her stalker. She’s pandering to Mxy to keep him contained until she can get rid of him. Mon-El isn’t some villain of the week, she expects more from him and this disagreement is more than enough proof that they shouldn’t be together.


After the breakup, Mon-El snags some alien tech from the DEO and goes out to find Mxy. Mon-El challenges him to a Daxamite duel to the death for Kara’s hand, which is not something that either of them have claim to. Mon-El zaps away Mxy’s power using the alien tech and they fight it out while bickering over who deserves Kara more – something neither of them have the right to decide.  Eventually, Mon-El slips up and Mxy is able to get his powers back. Just as Mxy is about to kill Mon-El, our heroine Kara swoops in and agrees to marry Mxy the next day at noon in the Fortress of Solitude.


Mon-El shows up at Kara’s apartment panicking about her upcoming nuptials. He admits he’s jealous that he can’t provide for Kara like Mxy can. Kara can’t deal with his patronizing macho ego as she’s told him countless times she doesn’t need to be rescued, but he refuses to listen to her. She’s going to marry Mxy not because she loves him, but because it’s the only way to appease him and she can use his powers to her advantage as Supergirl.


Mxyptlk snaps into the Fortress of Solitude to find Kara drinking a glass of OJ and rejecting him. Mxy believes that him loving Kara means it’s his right to have her as his bride. She’s had enough of men telling her who she can and should love so she locks down the Fortress and sets it to self-destruct. Mxy begins to panic as he realizes Kara’s not joking around. She’s ready to kill herself to get out of marrying him so he begs for the code as he backtracks on all his demands. He really does care about her, he just never learned that because you care and want something doesn’t mean you can/deserve to have it. As the self-destruct countdown gets dangerously close to zero Kara tells Mxy which buttons to press to shut down the sequence. They just so happen to spell out Mxyzptlk’s name out backwards sending him back to wherever he came from.


Mon-El shows up at Kara’s apartment to apologize for being an ass. He never knew that a person could feel what he feels for Kara and it made him into a crazy possessive asshat. He stopped by just to apologize, let Kara know that he heard was she was saying about them not being a match and say his piece so he can get out of her way. Kara calls Mon-El back and tells him that she lied about them not being a match to get him to leave her alone long enough for her to deal with Mxy. With that, they finally have their first kiss.


Winn Finds Love

At the alien bar, Winn sulks over another lonely Valentine’s Day when some aliens get in his face and call him a weak-minded idiot. Winn refuses to take the bait and offers to buy them a drink, but this just agitates them further. Before anything violent can happen to Winn, Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) jumps in and tells them to leave the human alone before kicking their asses. Winn thanks Lyra for a the help and they introduce themselves. It’s a meet-cute that beats all other meet-cutes and ends perfectly with Lyra asking Winn out.


In the evening, Winn rushes in apologizing for being late. He scored them a table at Saxon’s and proceeds to outline the itinerary he put together for their date. Lyra doesn’t look to impressed with the mild nature of Winn’s plans so she takes matters into her own hands. She brings Winn in for a kiss, tells him that she wants him and Winn’s itinerary becomes a thing of the past.


The next day, Lyra meets Winn at a diner. She’s surprised to have heard from him since she assumed sleeping with an alien was a one shot thing to check off his bucketlist. Winn doesn’t care that she’s alien. He just likes her and would like to see where things go. So, they agree to take things slow.


A Sanvers Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those polarizing holidays. You either love it or hate it; there’s rarely anything in between. Aware of this, Alex (Chyler Leigh) tries to feel out Maggie’s (Floriana Lima) stance on the holiday when she opens up her annual Valentine’s Day card from her mom and plays it off as a silly family tradition as she watches Maggie’s reaction. Maggie, not reading the room at all, grabs the card and starts in on how silly Valentine’s Day is, how manufactured it is and how anyone who celebrates it is a patsy. Alex doesn’t agree, but pretends she does because what are you supposed to say in that situation?


Over at Kara’s, Alex asks Kara for some help with her Valentine’s Day issue. Kara perks up at the mention of a Sanvers Valentine’s Day and starts rattling off ideas on what they should do for the special day until Alex blurts out that Maggie hates the holiday. Alex wanted to finally be able to do all the cheesy couples stuff, but Maggie’s not interested. They figure that Maggie isn’t into the classic Valentine’s Day stuff, but wouldn’t be opposed to a Maggie-centric holiday with all the stuff she loves i.e. guns, scotch and tiramisu.


That evening, Maggie shows up at Alex’s apartment to find some tiramisu, scotch and mood music along with an adorable card. This is not exactly the evening she had thought they’d have based on their anti-Valentine’s Day conversation that morning. She shuts off the music and Alex rushes out in some lingerie complaining that Maggie ruined her entrance. Somehow seeing her girlfriend in lingerie is not enough to pull Maggie off her anti-Valentine’s Day warpath. Maggie can’t handle not being heard and Alex’s attempt to celebrate the holiday she hates seems an awful lot like she wasn’t listening to Maggie earlier so she begins to storm out. Alex is not about to let her relationship crumble because of some misunderstanding over a holiday. She tells Maggie to spill because if she wants to be heard she’s going to need to share what the actual problem is. Well, Maggie’s coming out wasn’t so much a “coming out” as it was a “being violently shoved out” experience. In high school Maggie had a friend, Elisa, who was the first girl she liked. She thought the feeling was mutual between and put a card in Elisa’s locker on Valentine’s Day declaring her feelings and asking her to the dance. The feelings weren’t mutual and Elisa gave the card to her parents who then gave it to Maggie’s parents who proceeded to kick her out for being gay. Alex feels for Maggie’s horrible experience, but she doesn’t get why Maggie hid the truth from her. Maggie was trying to support Alex in her coming out and protect her from the potential shit show it could be.


The next day, Maggie and Kara run into each other at the DEO while searching for Alex. She has to apologize for blowing up at Alex for opening old wounds she had no way of knowing were there. Kara’s already heard about the debacle and gives Maggie some much-needed perspective. For Maggie, Valentine’s Day might not be a day of celebration, but Alex hasn’t ever had a relationship worthy of a clique romantic holiday until now. Kara suggests Maggie consider making some changes for Alex.


That night, Alex comes home to find a gift from Maggie with a note that simply says “put this one” along with an address and time. Alex puts on the stunning red dress Maggie left and heads over to the address. Inside she finds Maggie looking breathtaking in a tux surrounded by all the cheesy Valentine’s Day accoutrements that she vehemently opposed a day earlier. Maggie apologizes for being so caught up in dealing with her old wounds that she never considered Alex’s feelings. Maggie is Alex’s Elisa and she’s giving them both the dance they never got to have, a night to celebrate being with and kissing the girl they want to kiss.


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