Supergirl – Reign

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By: Paige Zinaman



Sam (Odette Annable) shoots up in her bed as Ruby (Emma Tremblay) comes running in telling her she heard her scream, Sam explains that she just had a bad dream. Ruby tells her she thought she would come wake her up when she got back from her trip, which confuses Sam when she asks Ruby what trip. Ruby tries to explain to Sam that she said she was going somewhere, Sam tells her that she didn’t go on a trip and that she’s been at the house. Ruby continues to tell her mother that she told her she was going to get answers and that something wonderful was going to happen. Sam holds her arms out open for Ruby and tells her that she’s doesn’t know and that she’s just been so tired and pulls Ruby in for a hug.

At the DEO, Kara, Alex (Chyler Leigh), J’onn (David Harewood), and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) are standing in the command center waiting Mon El (Chris Wood) and Imra (Amy Jackson) to explain everything that has happened to him in the last seven years. Mon El tells them that the thirty-first century isn’t really different from today, when Winn asks if there are better smart phones Imra asks what a phone is Mon El explains that technology is developed beyond imaging. He explains of how violence is a constant there, when Alex asks if they are soldiers Imra tells explains that Mon El organized the Legion and that they exist because of Kara. Imra tells her that when she found out about Kara and what she stands for that the example Kara leads gave her life purpose and she can’t express what it means for her to actually meet Kara. Mon El and Imra tells the group that the future has some bad things happening and that the darkness is spreading, further telling them that they traveled back in time by accident which is why they couldn’t go home. So, they went into stasis and set the ship to wake them when they went back to the thirty-first century when the torpedo hit the ship and damaged it which is when he woke up asking if they could help them fix the ship and help them to get home. Kara tells Mon El and Imra that she’s hosting a Holiday part at her place and invites them to come.

The party at Kara’s apartment is in full swing, presents are laid out, food is prepared, drinks are open, and music is playing. Alex and Kara tell everyone to come get some egg nog but warns them it’s not normal egg nog, which James (Mehcad Brooks) tells Lena (Katie McGrath) that it’s the Danvers Family Egg Nog which she sticks with what she’s drinking. J’onn and Winn debate over playing Hall n’ Oates “Jingle Bell Rock” for M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) which causes everyone to complain since it’s been played the whole time Winn tells them to take it up with Papa Bear. M’yrnn tells J’onn and Winn that Christmas reminds him of ‘Life Day’ which Winn interrupts asking if he was talking about the Star Wars special that was on TV where Princess Leia sang a special song when he realized that M’yrnn doesn’t know what he’s talking about and insults J’onn when he says he probably doesn’t know either when J’onn tells him that The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time. Alex tells Kara that they are not wallowing, and Kara tells them they can be, “Single crones together” which causes Alex to respond with, “Aw. Crone buddies” making Kara laugh in response. A knock reveal Ruby at the door with Sam rushing down the hallway, Alex tells her that it’s okay and rants about how her day has been when Alex tells her that she needs to take a break and a drink or two.

Lena asks Sam how she’s doing pointing out that she looks pale, Sam tells her that she’s fine and that she’s just really tired. Lena gets caught by Sam when she glances over to James to which Sam tells her she could probably pull James right under the mistletoe. Lena tells her that she is James’ boss which Sam tells her that’s never stopped anyone before. Kara comes swinging around Sam telling her hello before telling Lena that she didn’t mean to over hear but she has noticed “chemistry” between Lena and James for a while now. Lena tells them both that, “There’s no chemistry. I’m going to have to kill both of you. But then I’d have neither of my best friends so that wouldn’t work. So, I’m just going to have some more Scotch.” Kara gets real a moment and tells them both that the year has been really tough for her, but she got two really great things out of it. Telling them that, “I’ve always been blessed. My sister, I’ve always had her and she has my back, but I’ve never had best friends. And I couldn’t have gotten through what I’ve been through this year without you two.” Before they can say anything else, J’onn comes over pulling Kara away telling her they need to leave.

J’onn and Supergirl arrive to have Vasquez (Briana Venskus) explain what they found, confusing Kara she asks why they called them for arson once the fire is already out. Vasquez tells them that there is something they need to see telling Kara it’s a bird’s eye view, Kara flies up and looks down to find a symbol burnt into the ground. Kara goes to Alura (Erica Durance) and tells her that she’s seen the symbol before when she was a kid on a field trip to the ruins of Old Krypton asking her mother what it means. Alura tells her that the symbol predates history and that it was used in the Kryptonian contention where life began, when Kara brings up The Book of Rao, Alura tells her that there is nothing in the book. Alura tells her that she holds the knowledge of twenty-eight known galaxies and that if she cannot translate it then a translation may not exist.

At Catco, James and a room full of reporters are watching breaking news of the symbols being found all over town. He tells them that they have breaking news and that even though it’s Christmas Eve they need to pull people in and cover the story. Lena comes walking in during the briefing asking James if she can have a word with him, once everyone leaves, she tells him that the first symbol that popped up was on L-Corp property and that she thinks it’s Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar). They go to pay Edge a visit, she pulls up a picture of the symbol on her phone asking him what it was. Lena tells him that she knows he’s behind it which he denies. Kara and Winn walk into the bar talking about how someone is burning a Kryptonian symbol all over National City when Imra calls out to them. They talk about how she’s adapting to their time, when Winn asks Imra if she’s had beer he pulls her to the counter leaving Mon El and Kara alone to reminisce over their time together. Mon El apologizes for he and Imra being there and how it must be hard for her, Kara gets a phone call from a prison that Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) is at asking for her to come talk to him. When she gets there, Coville starts talking about a prophecy that is not from the Book of Rao when he says they would call her “World Killer.”

He tells her that the end of days is here, when Kara tells him that there is no end of days in The Book of Rao. He informs her that the prophecy that he speaks of is not from The Book of Rao. Coville tells her that the marks are a symbol of a dark God – a devil. She asks how he knows all of this when he tells her he spent two years finding and learning everything he could about Rao her people and he didn’t just find objects and that he met the forgotten people from Fort Rozz where he met a disgraced Kryptoian priestess who told him of the God before Rao who was darkness and ends everything. He tells her that there are three signs to the end, the marks, the deaths and finally the Reign of the beast when she comes, “World Killer”. He tells her this is her purpose to fight, telling her that Reign’s rise will come at the fall of the righteous.

At L-Corp, Sam is watching the news and starts to zone out when Ruby calls for her telling her it’s time to go to dinner. Sam tells Ruby that someone is coming to pick her up because she is so behind and that she feels terrible. Ruby asks Sam if she’s going to miss Christmas or if she’ll just sleep through it. Sam tells Ruby of the story of her favorite Christmas together and hands her a gift, when she opens it Ruby finds a necklace with Supergirl’s symbol. Sam tells her it means “Stronger Together” telling Ruby that they are. Kara fills Alex, J’onn and Winn in about what Coville says when Imra offers her help. As Lena and James investigate, they are attacked, James pushes them down to the ground telling Lena to stay down and pulls out his shield knocking the man out. On the docks a drug deal is happening when they are suddenly attacked by someone in black and very powerful. When Sam arrives at Catco, she tells asks Lena if she’s okay. Lena informs her of the man who used to work for Edge as Sam pulls up the photo she says he shouldn’t be alive which Lena hears and looks worried. When James turns on the news from the docks when Sam leaves ripping her shirt open to reveal the Kryptonian suit symbol. James calls Kara and tells her that the Kryptonian attacked Edge, she tells Alex and J’onn and tells them they are playing it their way and flies off, she goes to Catco and burns the symbol of the House of El into the room top.

As James and Lena watch Edge’s press conference they have a drink when one thing leads to another and the two kiss. At the DEO, Winn runs to tell Kara the Kryptonian responded and is waiting for her, Kara goes to leave when Alex stops her telling her that for some reason this scares her and that right now Kara needs to be cold and be Kryptonian to please be alien. Kara is introduced to Reign, who is born to deliver the awakening, she tells Kara how she came to Earth and what she’s been up to. Kara tells her that she’s not going to let her hurt anyone else when Reign tells her to stand down Kara tells her to take her best shot and the two begin the ultimate fight. A fight that leads to the people on the streets of National City including James and Lena watch as Supergirl struggles to get up after every punch she receives from Reign but never backs down. They watch as Supergirl crashes from the sky into the cement below as she doesn’t move, they watch as Alex and DEO agents swarm the area around Kara when a girl yells out asking if Supergirl is dead. The episode ends with Kara being rushed through the halls of the DEO on a gurney paramedic covering her with an air mask, once they get her into the med bay Alex takes over as Kara needs to be intubated as J’onn, M’yrnn, Winn, Mon El and Imra watch as Alex pleads with her sister to hold on.

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