Supergirl – The Faithful

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By: Paige Zinaman



On board a plane a man is getting drunk and talking to the man next to him as he tells him everything that’s wrong with his life and how his wife is probably off with the personal trainer. The plane jerks and they start to go down. As the man looks around he notices different people praying. Thankfully, they land safely in the water and Alex (Chyler Leigh) leaps up telling everyone that it’s going to be okay and runs to the door. The man glances out the window and sees Kara (Melissa Benoist) standing on the wing of the plane wet from landing the plane in the water. This was a flashback to Season One’s “Pilot” episode where Kara first came out as Supergirl. Two years later, Sam (Odette Annable) is working while she attends Ruby’s (Emma Tremblay) soccer game. As Sam is on the phone, Ruby scores a goal which Sam did see when a lady comes up to Sam and tells her Ruby is chosen and hands her a pamphlet about a meeting detailing the time and place. Lena (Katie McGrath) and Kara head into her office at L-Corp for her to sign some papers before heading to Catco. Kara jokingly tells Lena that her boss doesn’t like when she’s late to which Lena gives her a mocking glare. Sam comes in apologizing that she’s late. Lena asks how Sam is going to celebrate her first big merger as her CFO when Kara invites her to girl’s night, which Sam turns down at first. Sam eventually agrees to go when Kara tells her Lena isn’t going to take no for an answer. Kara notices the pamphlet laying on the desk and asks her where she got it, which Sam tells them of the lady at the soccer game. Kara asks Sam if she can keep it and Sam agrees.

At Catco, James (Mehcad Brooks) and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) discuss what they could do for the night when they decide on bowling they come around the corner to see that Kara is still working. They find the pamphlet on Kara’s desk when Winn asks her where she got it and what it was. She tells them that it’s the Symbol for Rao, which Winn tells James is the Kryptonian Sun God. Kara informs them that she’s been looking all day and she can’t find anything about it so she’s going to go to the meet up place. They inform her that they are going to go with her. When they arrive, the meeting starts by Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) who tells them that they are all there because Supergirl has saved them. As Thomas recites the ways of Rao, Kara flashbacks to when she was younger and Alura (Erica Durance) was reciting the same prayer. The flashback ends and Thomas continues to talk and brings Olivia (Sofia Vassilieva) to the podium to tell her story of how Supergirl saved her. James asks if she remembers saving Olivia, which Kara tells James she remembers everyone. Thomas leads them in a saying that “In the name of Supergirl our savior we give thanks.” Winn gets confused asking Kara who they are praying to, but Kara is just as confused as Winn who thinks they are praying to her.

Winn comes skipping down the stairs at the DEO telling J’onn (David Harewood), Kara and James about Thomas. Kara tells everyone that she doesn’t remember saving him and that she would. James tells her that he was on the flight that Alex was on the night she became Supergirl. Kara explains to J’onn that he is twisting the teachings of Rao before asking Winn to keep digging. At Kara’s apartment, girl’s night is happening as Lena tells the group of a man who was flirting with her only to be let down when he asked if she was baptized. Sam asks Kara if she’s seeing anyone, which Kara tells her no that she was still getting over someone who moved away. Alex, trying to change the topic away from Kara, asks Sam if Ruby’s father was in the picture. Sam informs them that it’s just her and Ruby and when Alex asks how she manages to raise a daughter own Sam tells her that she doesn’t and things often go wrong. She tells her that she and Maggie (Floriana Lima) will find out when they have kids. Alex tells Sam and Lena that they aren’t having kids, which Maggie tells everyone that they will be the “cool aunts.” As they are chatting, Kara hears sirens go off and she informs the group she should go get some ice before leaving to deal with the emergency.

Supergirl arrives to a building on fire with a guy trapped on the roof. The fire causes the roof to collapse when the man falls Supergirl shoots down to get him. Olivia comes running to Kenneth (David Carzell) who tells him he’s one of them now, which means he knew Supergirl would save him. Maggie is at the scene as Kenneth is being arrested telling Kara she’s never seen an arsonist so happy to be caught. Kara explains to Maggie about Thomas and that he leads a cult that worships Supergirl telling her that he needs to be stopped before it escalates. Maggie tells Kara that until Coville breaks the law there is nothing she can do because he is protected under the Freedom of Religion. At L-Corp, Sam is working on paperwork as Ruby finishes her homework. When she asks Sam if they can practice her song Sam tells her that she has too much paperwork when her assistant comes in telling her there’s a problem with the merger and Morgan Edge. Sam walks out leaving Ruby telling her that this was very important.

Kara goes to talk to Thomas under the guise of a Catco article about what happened the night before with Kenneth. As Thomas talks, he asks Kara if she was there testing his faith before calling her Supergirl; he tells her that her secret is safe with him and that Rao says even Gods lose their ways. He notes to Kara if she’s lost then he can help her find her way. Kara rips her glasses off her face telling him that if she is a God then he needs to listen to what she’s saying and tells him to stop holding the meetings and to stop telling the members to put themselves in danger. As Kara leaves she departs with a device Thomas gives her that holds the words of Rao. When she is out of the building Thomas goes back to a back room and tells a device that he will help Kara find her way. Sam comes back to her office to find Ruby asleep on the couch. She takes her blazer off and covers Ruby up as Lena comes in telling her that she loved the couch and that so many stress naps were taken there. Sam tells Lena that the merger is over, which Lena praises for saving the deal and many jobs. Sam starts to cry and tells Lena how she feels like a bad mom. Lena tells her that she has the worst mom and that Ruby feel asleep watching her mom work hard and that she’s raising Ruby to be a badass.

Meanwhile at Catco James finds Kara out on the balcony and asks her if she’s okay. Kara tells James that their religion was so important on Krypton and how she didn’t realize how much she missed it until she went to the meeting and how he got lucky that he was on a plane that her sister was on. As she walks back inside she informs James that Coville knows that she’s Supergirl, explaining she can fight so many things but she doesn’t know how to fight someone’s beliefs. James tells her how he met Clark about the day he fell and he prayed to anyone to save him when out of the air came a hand that did. James tells her that she is something that they can see and touch and that she is basically a miracle and that she even has a part of her culture back as he holds up the device Coville gave Kara a hologram is shown as Kara tells James she needs to get back to the DEO.

Kara arrives at the DEO and tells Winn she needs him to run a scan for something that is used to power a Kryptonian capsule. Winn finds it and tells them that it’s not good and that it’s deteriorating. Kara tells Winn and Alex that she was going to the center to find Coville, but Winn tells her that it’s not there as he is at a hockey game. Coville and his followers are going to bring the people at the hockey game to the light and that they are going to show Supergirl and everyone else she is a God. J’onn tells Alex that she needs to get everyone out of the stadium as Kara shows up telling Coville he needs to stop whatever he’s done to the probe. Kara tells him that Rao is peaceful and would never ask his people to endanger themselves. As Kara goes towards the probe she is suddenly attacked by Kryptonite inside the vessel. Security tells Alex that they won’t get everyone out in time telling Kara she needs to shut it down. Kara finds something to cut her hand showing Coville and his group that she’s not a God. Coville goes to shut off the probe only to have it charge. Alex shows up when Kara tells her to get the Kryptonite out she tosses it and Kara tells her that she can’t fly it out and tells Alex to get away from her as she burns a hole into the ground telling Alex and Coville to push the probe into the hole before passing out. Kara visits Coville in prison asking him if he’s going to tell anyone who she is he says he can’t remember who she said she was and that the day he looked into her eyes she was clear and free but now she’s clouded and lost. He says he will continue to pray to her and pray for her.

The episode comes to an end with Lena, Kara and Alex all sneaking into Ruby’s school and sitting in the seats Sam saved for them shocked when the actually showed up. Lena tells Sam that Ruby is going to have a lot of cool aunts before watching the performance of little girls dancing in Supergirl outfits. Alex tells Kara that they weren’t worshiping her, but inspired by her. It gets Kara to smile. The teacher introduces Ruby and as she starts singing you see Alex fight back tears as she watches when Ruby finishes her song. Alex can’t take it and leaves as Kara pats Lena’s shoulder going after her sister. When Kara gets to Alex in the hallway her sister said she agreed to not having kids because that’s what Maggie wanted. Alex breaks down telling Kara she wants to have kids and do everything that their mom did with them when they were kids. Alex asks Kara what she’s going to do as Kara pulls her into a fierce hug just holding her sister. Kara prays to Rao with Alura’s hologram as J’onn prays with M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly). While Kara continues to pray we see Alex slip into bed as Maggie is already sleeping. Maggie rolls over to hold Alex in her sleep and Alex breaks down silently. We see Sam looking in the mirror as she’s covered in Kryptonian writing when she sees someone standing over her talking as she collapses to the ground holding her ears. Ruby shows up confused as she calls out to her mom.

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