Supergirl – Triggers

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By: Pagie Zinaman



It was an episode where you see Kara (Melissa Benoist) not just as herself, but as Supergirl face one of her deepest fears. When the episode starts, you see a flurry of things happen. Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie (Floriana Lima) share a sweet moment as the early morning sun sets in on the room. Meanwhile, you see Sam (Odette Annable) hitting her alarm and pulling the covers back on Ruby (Emma Tremblay) who refuses to wake up. On the opposite side to town, Kara is awake and eating breakfast doing her morning routines. Sam is rushing out the door trying to put on her shoes as Kara is locating her shoe by lifting up her bed with no struggle what so ever. As she picks up her shoe she finds a copy of Romeo and Juliet that Mon-El (Chris Wood) was reading. When she notices the writing on the side pages she tosses it back under the bed.


Outside of Ruby’s school, Sam is waiting to drop her off when Ruby reminds her that she has to be there at a certain time to pick her up because she has something after school. Sam tells Ruby that she wouldn’t be able to pick her up because she has meetings that afternoon, but someone will be there to pick her up. Ruby brings up what happened at the waterfront and asked if anyone else helped her pick up the tower. Sam tells her that it was just her and that the tower was pretty huge. She was just worried about her telling that when something happens to children their mom’s get an adrenaline rush and that in the moment she had the strength of ten moms. Ruby, who doesn’t believe it, tells Sam that it would have taken the strength of thirty moms to move the tower


At Catco, Lena (Katie McGrath) arrives and is getting a feel for her new company. Tess (Andrea Brooks) is quick to greet her telling her that she is a huge admirer, to which Lena just smiles and thanks her. She offers to get Lena a coffee knowing how she takes it which confuses Lena. So, Tess goes on to explain that she’s not stalking her but emailed her assistant at LCorp about all her favorite things. Lena tells Tess that a coffee would be great. Lena tells her that that is nonsense and that anyone should be able to use the elevator whenever they want to. James (Mehcad Brooks) greets Lena telling her that he wasn’t aware that she would be there. She explains that she was able to get things in line at LCorp for her to be there. James thanks her again for saving Catco and tells her that he was thinking of ways to get her caught up on everything, saying he thought about weekly meetings. Lena tells him that there is no need and that she will be at Catco every day. She notices James’ surprise, but Kara shows up breaking the tension for just a few seconds handing Lena a planner telling her that it’s a Danvers’ family tradition that on the first day of school you get a planner.  Lena takes this time to actual mock her family by telling them that, “In the Luthor house on the first day we would hire a private investigator to make sure our teacher’s credentials were up to date.” Their little reprieve is broken when James asks Kara how she knew Lena would be there. Kara tells James that Lena texted her that morning. Sensing trouble Lena tells him that it was her mistake on miscommunication and that it won’t happen again. James tells her that he’s sorry because Catco really isn’t ready for a switch in management and that they don’t have an office for her yet. Lena waves that off telling them that she won’t need one because she’s going to roam about and listening in on unfiltered conversations as part of a new trend for CEOs that help them understand how things are working. She says that it’s easier when you don’t have a desk. Kara’s phone goes off alerting her to a Supergirl emergency.


The DEO is getting a show of their own as they are witness to Alex and Maggie’s little argument that is taking place. Alex tells Maggie that she’s not attacking her personal taste to which Maggie tells her that she wasn’t thinking that it was until Alex said it. Alex tells Winn (Jeremy Jordan), who is slightly uncomfortable in this whole deal, to back her up. Winn tells them that he doesn’t think he should get involved, which Maggie says it’s because he’s on her side. When Winn doesn’t deny it, Alex is offended and tells Winn that she’s saved his life to which he states that everyone at the DEO has. This causes the argument between the two to start again when Alex accuses Maggie of paying Winn to side with her. J’onn (David Harewood) shows up and stops the argument asking them what this whole thing is about. Alex tells J’onn that they can’t agree on one important wedding detail…Band or DJ. J’onn starts what seems to be a great speech only to say that he says DJ. About this time Kara comes flying in which fully breaks up the whole debate asking what the general alert was for. J’onn tells them that Maggie brought in a security video from two bank robberies that they can’t explain and that according to reports she just walked in the door. As they talk, their mystery woman walks into another bank and uses her powers to get through without any trouble but not before the teller was able to press the silent alarm. Supergirl takes off to the bank and arrives right as Gayle a/k/a Psi (Yael Grobglas) is putting the money in her bags. Before Supergirl could do anything though Psi uses her powers on Supergirl, making Kara see visions of Krypton and making it impossible for her to follow after her. The NCPD arrive and Maggie goes to check the vault when she doesn’t see Kara. What she finds is a panicked Supergirl.


At the DEO, they scan Kara to find that her vitals are okay. Alex points out to her that when she first came to Earth she had panic attacks often. Kara shakes it off and tells them they need to find her before she attacks again. J’onn uses his psychic abilities to scan Kara’s mind and finds out that Psi is a Metahuman. Sam is about to go into her job when she receives a call from Ruby’s principal who tells Sam that Ruby hit another girl. the principal questions what could be wrong with Ruby when Sam tells her that Ruby has no father and it’s just them. Sam walks out of the office clearly upset with Ruby because it’s her first day at her new job. Kara arrives back at Catco when James stops her and asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’s running late for the meeting that Lena called with the newsroom, which she neglected to tell James about. Lena comes out of the meeting and stops to talk to them. James is clearly upset with Lena taking lead. Before Kara could say anything her phone goes off and she tells them she has to take it and walks way.


Supergirl arrives at yet another bank heist where Psi is leaving and attacks Kara yet again. J’onn tries to use his power to protect Kara’s mind, but Psi manages to break the connection and causes Kara to see Alura (Erica Durance) as she once again sends Kara from Krypton making her relive the day Krypton exploded. Kara lies to Alex when she asks what Psi did. Kara pulls Winn aside telling him she knows how she’s doing it and tells him Psi is targeting people’s fears and telling him what Psi did to her. Winn urges Kara to tell Alex and J’onn yet she refuses saying they’ll just worry.


Lena approaches Kara telling her that she has a contact at the bank where Edge was doing his business and wanted Kara to meet with them. When Kara makes it sound like an inconvenience, Lena asks her what’s going on. She tells Kara that she grew up in a house with the most deceptive people in the world so she knows when someone is lying to her. Kara snaps when Lena presses the subject of Mon-El and tells her that it’s personal and she doesn’t want to talk about it at work. This causes a change in Lena who then lays it out that Kara’s behavior is not acceptable and that she did not spend seven hundred and fifty million dollars on a company as a favor to a friend. She explains she is a businesswoman and Catco is an investment she plans to get every bit out of it she can. After her talk with Lena, Kara tells her she will meet with her contact and leaves when Alex calls telling her Psi hit another bank. As soon as she’s inside the elevator with her suit half showing Kara has another panic attack. Before she makes it to the ground floor she busts through the elevator shaft and into the sky.


Alex notices Winn acting weird and gives him a look to make him spill what he knows about Kara. Sam goes to check on Ruby who is nowhere to be found in the house. Ruby gets the text from her mom that she is at a diner. Kara is doing a Kryptonian meditation when Alex arrives. Kara finally opens up to Alex telling everything about how she’s feeling about Mon-El and how things are different with Lena. Kara asks her if she doesn’t have Supergirl what does she have to which Alex tells her that she will have her scooting across the floor to hug Kara. Psi makes her next attack across from where Ruby is who texts Sam to come save her. As Sam arrives they are almost smashed by a wrecking ball when Supergirl makes her entrance and saves them both. Kara tries to use the device on Psi when Kara goes flying into a building having yet again another attack about being the pod when Alex shows up and Kara tells her it’s Mon-El in the pod and that she killed him. Alex tells her that she knows Mon-El is alive and that she saved him, fully breaking Kara out of it telling Kara to go get Psi. Kara head-butts Psi, knocking her out so she can be arrested.


As the episode ends, Alex and Maggie talk about her way with kids when Maggie tells her she never saw herself as mom. Sam asks Ruby why it’s so important that she have superpowers when Ruby tells her that she just wanted to spend more time with her and save people. Kara goes back to Catco when she suddenly becomes nervous and apologizes to Lena. She tells her that she was right about Mon-El and that she has more baggage than she thought. Lena tells her that having friends is new to her and that Luthors have minions and that there’s going to be a learning curve for both. Kara tells her that she was a good friend and a great boss. Lena mentions she really wants to give her a hug, but she’s afraid she’ll show favoritism. When the elevator dings, Lena notices the person she’s waiting for telling Kara she wants her to meet someone and introduces her to Sam who will be running LCorp for her.


The Danvers sisters movie night was back in full force as Alex and Kara watched the Wizard of Oz to just hang out and spend time together.

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