Supergirl – Wake Up

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By: Paige Zinaman



The episode of “Supergirl” starts with two people in a submarine coming upon a ship that starts to light up blue and shoots lights at the submarine sending it backwards. Sam (Odette Annable) is standing by the stove watching water boiling water looking a little dazed and tired when Ruby (Emma Tremblay) comes in asking her mother if she’s okay. Sam tells Ruby she’s fine and asks her to set the table because it wouldn’t take long for their food to be done. As Ruby is setting the table, Sam puts the jar down and angles herself so Ruby can’t see and sticks her hand into the boiling water to discover she was not affected by it. Ruby asks Sam if she cab watch a movie if she finished her homework when Sam’s entire demeanor changes and tells Ruby that she forgot she has to go back to L-Corp for something and to go to Tess’ for dinner much to Ruby’s dismay.

M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) is wondering around the DEO and seems to be lost when Winn (Jeremy Jordan) comes out of a room and asks him if he’s looking for something. He tells Winn he’s looking for the bathroom, which Winn points it out to him and M’yrnn asks permission to go. When Winn says yes, he thanks him and runs to the bathroom. Winn runs to meet J’onn (David Harewood) and tells him what happened and that with his father being a prisoner for as long as he was he suggests J’onn take him out beyond the DEO. Before their conversation can continue, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) comes flying in telling Winn she got his message. Winn pulls up a video from the submarine mission and shows J’onn and Kara. J’onn tells Winn to find more and he shows both Kara and J’onn that the ship has been there for twelve thousand years and whatever metal it is made of is not on the periodic table. The trio go scouting for the ship that takes them to the middle of the street. Winn tells them the ship should be right underneath them. Kara orders them to stand back as she goes to drill herself into the sidewalk telling them she’s seen Clark do it before. J’onn stops her telling them there’s another way and leads them to an ally and hugs them as he phases them dowe through the sidewalk straight into the ship. As they look around they find stasis pods with people inside and one open revealing someone shooting at them. I’s discovered to be Mon-El (Chris Wood), stunning Kara and the boys.

Alex (Chyler Leigh) comes running into the DEO med bay where everyone is gathered around Mon-El’s bed telling Kara she came as soon as she heard what happened. Alex is confused for a moment asking how Mon-El is breathing to which Winn tells her that they haven’t been able to figure that one out yet. As Mon-El lays in the bed, everyone is asking him questions including Winn who wonders what language he was speaking. Mon-El tells him it was the language of Saturn. J’onn asks him about the ship to which Mon-El explains it’s alien and that the other passengers aren’t dangerous, but that they are like him. Kara stops the questions and tells everyone that Mon-El needs his rest and urges everyone out of the room as she goes back to him telling him that she missed him and that it’s been seven months of not knowing.

Sam pulls up outside of a house and kills the engine on the car before getting the courage to knock on the door. When a lady opens the door, Sam says hello to her revealing her name is Patricia (Betty Buckley) – her mother. Once inside, Patricia brings out drinks for her and Sam and asks Sam if it’s just her and not Ruby yet she can’t remember her name. This opens an old wound when Sam tells her that she got kicked out for having Ruby and she didn’t think she wanted to meet her. Sam tells her mother that somethings have been happening and asks her if growing up she did anything strange, starting to list off superhuman abilities which starts Patricia to deny very quickly that she never did any of those things. Sam then tells her that maybe she can help her find something on her birthmother, which causes Patricia to ask why she wants to know about her. Before Sam leaves, she tells her mother that she was at a press event when someone fired a gun into the crowd and a lot of people got hurt when she found a hole in her coat and a little piece of metal and a bullet in her skin. Then, she got home further telling her mother she got shot and she didn’t feel it. Sam pleads to her mother to tell her what’s happening when Patricia tells her to follow her. They go outside to an old barn where she shows Sam a pod identical to the one Kara used to leave Krypton. Patricia tells her that she lied because she didn’t adopt her because she found her in it. And she didn’t understand where she came from or who she came from as Sam looked so helpless that she took her home. Sam asks if she was ever going to tell her and Patricia explains she swore to tell her when she was eighteen years old, but by that time she was gone and she thought it would be better for her to be out there on her own without knowing she was an alien. Patricia tells her that she just wants Sam to have a normal life. Sam goes over to the pod and touches the side of it when the pod activates revealing a glowing crystal to Sam.

At the DEO, Kara is still watching over Mon-El when James (Mehcad Brooks) arrives telling her that he still can’t believe Mon-El is back. He tells Kara that he’s happy for her as Kara tells James that Mon-El has been distant. James tells Kara she doesn’t know what he’s been through and to just give him some time. Sam tells Ruby that Mrs. Queller is coming to stay and that she knows Ruby hates her cooking so she is leaving money for takeout as she puts the check on the table. When Ruby asks if she can go Sam tells her that this is something has to do on her own and that it’s a good thing. She tells Ruby to hold her hand and asks her if she feels it. Ruby says she feels her pulse to which Sam tells her that Ruby is her heart and that good things are happening.

Winn tells J’onn and Alex that now they know it was Mon-El in the ship so J’onn can go have the time with his father. Alex tells him that they are running everything and that she will alert him if anyone wakes up and to go be with his dad. J’onn takes his father around National City where he is introduced to coffee and Chess. J’onn keeps checking his watch and phone when his father tells him they can go back to the DEO. J’onn says that he has been a prisoner for years and that he doesn’t have to be a prisoner here. M’yrnn tells him that he’s not the prisoner of the DEO as J’onn is and that his body is here with him, but his mind is with his work. Mon-El wakes up noticing he’s alone before sneaking out of the Med Bay and into the armory where he knocks out an agent to grab something off the shelves when Supergirl knocks him out. Mon-El wakes up in containment where Kara is waiting. She pleads with him to tell her what’s going on. She breaks down telling him that his return is all she wanted, but now he’s different which Mon El keeps silent until he says he’s sorry. Kara walks away saying, “Shame on me for having a human heart.”

Sam is driving through the desert where the crystal is leading the way to the middle of nowhere as her car breaks down and she questions what she’s doing. Meanwhile, Winn goes to Mon-El telling him that since he didn’t say anything to Kara he assumes he’ll get nothing either until he starts talking about the ship that’s not alien. Mon-El tells him that everything is different now and there is a lot to explain, but he needs Winn as a friend and to believe him and help him get back to the ship. He explains people will get hurt and that Kara will get hurt if he doesn’t return. When Kara walks by the holding cells she finds Mon-El gone. Mon-El and Winn return with the sphere he was trying to take before when Kara arrives asking if Winn is okay. Winn tells her they only have Kara’s best interests at heart when Kara asks which one has her interests in mind. Kara tells them she’s taking that thing and Mon-El back to the DEO. As she walks by, Mon-El tries to stop her when she finds her necklace around his neck. Kara asks how he could change so much in seven months when Mon-El reveals it’s been seven years for him. He explains what happened when he left Earth where he landed in the future in the thirty first century saying L-Corp develops a cure for lead poisoning about four hundred years from then. Before they could finish their talk, alarms start going off causing the people in the pods to die except the pod of a girl he can’t break through causing Kara to punch it revealing a girl named Imra (Amy Jackson).

Sam is walking the desert where she follows the crystal to what looks like the middle of nowhere, but soon reveals what looks like the sand version of the Supers’ Fortress of Solitude. Mon-El gets Imra back to the DEO where Alex is examining her vitals. Alex tells her Irma is stable. Mon-El tells them she’s from Titan and asks to be alerted if her condition changes and leaves. Kara tells Alex that Mon-El is from the future to which he hugs her close and tells her she wasn’t expecting that. J’onn takes M’yrnn to an empty apartment telling him that he was right about him and his work. M’yrnn tells J’onn nothing is lost for good and that he is there for him now. J’onn tells him that that is why he’s there and the apartment could become their home if he’d like it. Mon-El and Kara talk as he apologizes for everything, saying he had to keep living and he kept the necklace as a reminder of everything she has done for him. They talk until Imra calls for Mon-El where he runs to her kissing her and introduces Imra to Kara as Imra Ardeen – his wife. Sam walks through the fortress and finds a symbol on the control panel. She inserts the crystal revealing a hologram of the lady who she’s seen in her dreams. She tells Sam she’s from Krypton like Supergirl, which she seems excited about until she is told she was designed to execute justice who will not be called a hero but “World Killer.” Sam tells the hologram she’s a good person and a daughter. The hologram tells her Ruby was an unfortunate error who she will soon forget and it is time for her to become Reign. When the pressure of ends, Sam looks up eyes glowing red speaking in Kryptonese, “I have awoken.”

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