Supernatural – All Along the Watchtower

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By: Stacy Miller


The season finale episode opens with Castiel (Misha Collins) surveying his surroundings outside while Kelly (Courtney Ford) is inside the house where they are staying.  She is on the phone arguing with a customer service representative because she’s not getting the help she needs with assembling her baby’s crib. Castiel enters the house and reminds Kelly that he said he would put the crib together for her. Kelly is frustrated because she doesn’t know how much time she has left and if she can’t teach her son how to ride a bike or see him get married, she can at least put his crib together. Castiel promises Kelly that he will give his life for her son and will raise him to be someone she’s proud of.

Meanwhile at the Men of Letters bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles) can’t believe after kicking the Brits’ asses instead of celebrating they have Lucifer to deal with. How could Crowley (Mark Sheppard) have let Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) out of the cage? We next see the rat that was in Hell as Lucifer stabbed Crowley. Red demon smoke comes from its mouth and goes inside the ground. Then, Crowley pops up from his grave. The smart demon possessed the rat until he was able to return to his meat suit. Back at the bunker, the Winchesters realize that they don’t need Crowley just Rowena (Ruth Connell) to pop Lucifer back into his box. Sam calls Rowena, but Lucifer answers her phone. As Sam, Dean and Mary (Samantha Smith) listen in horror, Lucifer tells them how he stomped on Rowena’s face “until the white meat showed” then lit her on fire to make sure she stayed dead. A moment of silence for Rowena, mother of Fergus and founder of the Mega Coven.

Okay, we now return you to our regularly scheduled recap already in progress. Lucifer taunts now that he has made sure Rowena couldn’t return him to the cage, he’s free to look for his son. He then hangs up the phone. Sam and Dean decide that as they can’t kill Lucifer, they have to find Castiel and Kelly and convince them to keep moving. “I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face,” Mary says. According to the lore whenever a Nephilim is born, there are biblical signs. So, all they have to do is look for something weird.

Castiel notices a weird glowing light and steps inside.  He finds himself in an apocalyptic world where a strange creature attacks him. A man shoots it and walks towards Cas. “You?” Castiel says surprised by the identity of his benefactor. Kelly makes a video tape for her son since she knows that she won’t be alive when he is born. She tells Jack (the name she gives him) that she loves him.

Crowley comes to the Men of Letters bunker where he’s greeted by Dean with a punch and gets an angel blade held to his throat. Sam tells Dean not to kill Crowley yet just in case he knows how to work Rowena’s Lucifer cage trapping spell. Crowley learns that Rowena is dead and doesn’t shed a tear for mommy dearest. “I always thought I’d be the one to kill her,” Crowley says explaining that he let Lucifer out of his cage because he wanted to win.  He thought if he kept Lucifer as his own personal nuke, no one would dare challenge him for his throne again. Crowley tells them that when the chips are down and the world is ending, he’s prefer to be on the winning Winchester side. Crowley offers to help them close the gates of Hell after they’ve finished with Lucifer. Then, Sam, Dean and Mary research biblical signs and find some near a house rented by James Novak. I love Castiel’s idea of using an alias is taking the name of his vessel. Kelly is in labor and Castiel is an encouraging labor coach. They hear a car outside. Sam, Dean and Mary arrive. Castiel is shocked that Lucifer is alive, but tells the Winchesters that Kelly can’t be moved because she’s in labor. Castiel takes Sam and Dean outside where they see the glowing light. The angel explains that it is a tear in time and space brought on by the birth of a Nephilim. On the other side is an alternate universe. “What’s on the other side?” Sam asks. “You don’t want to know,” Castiel answers. “Probably, but we need to,” Dean says.

Castiel takes Sam and Dean through the other side and explains that it is an Earth that is in an eternal battle between Heaven and Hell. And on a scale between one and ten, the place is an eleven. Sam draws his gun when a freedom fighter approaches. The man removes the scarf covering his face. It is Bobby (Jim Beaver)! Okay, even if “Supernatural” had to create an alternate Earth to bring back Bobby Singer, I’m all for it. This Bobby doesn’t know who Sam and Dean are. The only Winchester he ever heard of was John Winchester, who was killed forty years ago. So, even on Bizarro Earth it seems John is still dead? Bobby further goes on to explain that he learned about John from a hunter he ran with named Mary Campbell who would talk about the man she loved. Bobby tells them that there are demons with horns and that his hobby is killing angels.  He empties angel bullets into them with the help of his trusty side kick, his gun Rufus. When Sam, Dean and Castiel return to their side if Earth, they are surprised to see Crowley, who they had restrained at the Men of Letters bunker. The Winchesters and their angel have a plan. Lucifer appears and exchanges barbs with them. That is, until the Winchesters run away. Lucifer follows after them and goes inside the alternate Earth. Dean tells him that if he wanted an apocalypse, here it is. Sam runs off and joins Crowley.  They have the materials for some sort of spell while Dean is keeping Lucifer busy. He shoots Lucifer with the angel killing bullets from Rufus but they don’t work on an archangel. Lucifer beats the tar out of Dean. Crowley tells Sam that their spell won’t work because it’s missing one thing. Sam goes to his brother and helps Dean up.  Then, they run towards the rift to their world. But not before they see Crowley stab himself with an angel blade! The King is Dead…Long Live the King of Hell! Then, Castiel comes from the rift with his own angel blade and walks towards Lucifer. Dean calls out to his friend but Sam pulls him through the rift to their world.

Mary help Kelly through her labor. Kelly’s face glows and she says “I love you.” A blast knocks Mary across the floor. Sam and Dean look in horror as Castiel comes out of the rift to their side of Earth and Lucifer stabs him with an angel blade! Lucifer tells them he gives them points for trying.  Mary comes out of the house and orders the Devil away from her boys. Behind her back she wears brass knuckles with angel carvings and then proceeds to punch Lucifer repeatedly. Then, both Mary and Lucifer are pulled to the alternate Earth. Lucifer screams “No!” as his son is on the other side. Sam and Dean don’t have time to grief the loss of their mother. They see a bright light coming from the house.  Sam goes inside. He finds Kelly dead on the bed. As he walks towards the nursery, Sam sees bloody footprints but doesn’t find a baby. Lucifer’s son has grown up and flashes his glowing eyes.

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