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By: Stacy Miller


Andover, Massachusetts. Six months ago a woman is getting ready for bed when a menacing figure is seen walking by.  And once she is safely tucked in bed, the figure wraps its arms around her and the woman screams in terror as she is killed.

Present Day. Dean (Jensen Ackles) finishes up a telephone call with Castiel (Misha Collins) and tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) that the angel has no leads on Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) who’s in the wind. As they are experts on demon spawn pregnancies, Sam and Dean don’t even know if Kelly has given birth yet to Lucifer’s kid. Since there’s nothing they can do about the devil baby situation, Sam tells Dean about a case involving a teacher in Des Moines, Iowa who was killed after giving students a museum tour. “We haven’t seen mom in a while, maybe she’ll want to work with us on this,” Dean says. We see Mary hunting and using some sort of sonic gun on the creature to kill it. “Nice toy,” Mary (Samantha Smith) says.  “It gets the job done,” adds Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones), stop watch in hand to time how long it took Mama Winchester to defeat this supernatural evil. Mary’s phone rings. Mr. Ketch listens as Mary lies to Dean that she is in a hotel in Newark resting up from that whole Ramiel thing and takes a raincheck on being a part of Sam and Dean’s hunt.  After Mary’s hangs up, Mr. Ketch calls her an excellent liar and Mary admits that she hasn’t told her sons yet about working with the British Men of Letters.

Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) is telling Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) that he will get him to break and call him (Crowley) master.  We learn how Crowley diverted Rowena’s (Ruth Connell) spell so that instead of Lucifer’s essence being returned to the cage, it ended up in his old Nick vessel – something Crowley’s demons found a couple of years ago and prepared making it new and improved.  Lucifer comments that Crowley could have had him tossed in the cag,e but wanted him back for revenge. “How do you think this is going to turn out?” Lucifer asks Crowley.

In the Impala, Sam reads to Dean about another murder in Andover, Massachusetts (the woman from the teaser).  They next talk about Mary deciding not to hunt with them.  Dean thinks that something is going on with their mother that Mary’s just not talking about.  Meanwhile, the scout leader of Timber Troops is murdered.  Sam and Dean arrive at a museum and speak with Dr. Daisy Ochoa (Corina Okeson). The connection between the murders is that all the victims are people that play a big part in the lives of kids.  Dean wonders whether they are dealing with a ghost and not a witch.

We finally see Kelly Kline at a diner. All she orders is orange juice.  The waitress asks her when she is due and then says that once the baby is born, Kelly’s life will change forever.  But no matter what, she’ll “love the little devil.”

Mr. Ketch tells Mary that despite what she has been telling herself, she’s a hunter – not a mom.  In fact, she’s the best hunter he’s ever seen. He thinks that Mary needs to cut Sam and Dean out of her life to continue to be a good hunter.

Sam tells Dean that one of the exhibits is the ship The Star that is on loan from the maritime museum in Andover, Massachusetts.  The Star was on its way to the New World when it sank in 1723 after making a stop in Scotland.  Dean tells Sam that The Star was the ship of Gavin MacCleod, Crowley’s son.

Meanwhile, Lucifer tells Crowley that Sam and Dean didn’t get Kelly Kline to get rid of the baby because he can still feel it. “A chip off that old Heavenly ball of light.” Crowley’s phone rings. It is Dean saying he needs a favor. Big surprise, Sam and Dean only call Crowley (and Rowena) when they want something.  I have a suggestion: Crowley and Rowena stop taking Sam and Dean’s calls! “Behind that whole moron act, you and your brother are in fact morons,” Crowley says, annoyed that the Winchesters allowed Kelly Kline’s devil baby to live.  So, it’s not the best time for Sam and Dean to ask Crowley to help them track down his son Gavin (Theo Devaney). Dean reminds Crowley that they never hunted Gavin down after Crowley set him loose in this time, even with the ramifications of that action. Guess what guys, CROWLEY DOESN’T CARE! He only wants The Winchesters to take care Lucifer’s baby. Crowley hangs up. “Oh my, dad. You and I both single fathers. I love that,” says an eavesdropping Lucifer.

Sam and Dean go to see Rowena and tell her that they need her help to track down the guy they know who has first-hand knowledge of The Star. And if she helps them find him, they’re sure she’ll be interested in meeting him. “Who is this eye witness?” Rowena asks.

Kelly Kline is being followed.  It is angels who want to kill her baby.  But she is saved by a demon, who kills the angels. “Come with me if you want to live,” the demon says.  Hold up, Terminator! Who are you? She is Dagon, (Ali Ahn) Ramiel’s sister who tells Kelly that the angels wanted her dead because she’s carrying an innocent child who could grow up and save them all.  Dagon promises to protect Kelly from the angels…and The Winchesters.

Sam and Dean meet Gavin as he gets off a bus. Apparently, Sam and Dean lied to Gavin that Crowley is sick.  They introduce him to Rowena, his grandmother, and take him to the museum.  Gavin looks through the log book of items that the passengers of the ship had with them when The Star sank.  Gavin sees the locket he gave to Fiona Duncan (Candace Woods) who was the love of his life.  Fiona wanted to go to the New World with him, but Gavin refused because he knew the crossing would be dangerous.  The night that he was to leave, Fiona had decided to see him to try one more time to convince Gavin to bring her along.  But, of course, Abaddon’s spell and arrival whisked Gavin away to the twenty-first century.  Fiona must have stowed away and made the doomed journey.  Sam and Dean realize the locket is missing from the exhibit and learn that a student tour by Pemberton Day School for Girls took place yesterday. Over at the Pemberton Day School for Girls, the ghost attacks.  Sam and Dean arrive just in time. Gavin summons Fiona’s ghost.  Fiona appears and asks Gavin why he abandoned her. Gavin explains that he was taken somewhere else.  Fiona tells Gavin that she was scorned and abused by the crew and that their teacher Mistress Alloway said she deserved it for throwing herself at Gavin. Because teachers pretend to protect children but fail, Fiona is making sure teachers’ pay Mistress Alloway’s debt. Realizing that the only way to stop Fiona from the pain she suffered aboard The Star and save all those people Fiona killed, Gavin decides to go back to his old time and board The Star. Crowley appears. Gavin called him to say goodbye. Crowley refuses to let his son go to his death, but Rowena’s magic is stronger.

At the Men of Letters Bunker, Sam does the spell tweaked by Rowena to send Gavin back to his own time. Fiona’s spirit appears and the lovers are together again. Later, Sam and Dean confirm that all Fiona’s victims are alive as though nothing has happened.  Mary shows up with food and finally tells Sam and Dean that she has been working with the British Men of Letters and has saved a lot of people. Dean gives Mary “the face.” The “Really? I can’t believe this look.” Sam tells his mother, “For obvious reasons like broken ribs and burn feet, we don’t trust the Brits.” Dean asks Mary, “So where does that leave us?” She replies, “Same as always…family. Just hear me out. Please.”

Crowley confronts Rowena about the real spiteful reason she sent his son to his death. Rowena tells Crowley that he forced her to kill Oskar, the boy she loved more than him (Crowley) to rid Dean of the Mark of Cain. So, now she’s gotten payback by seeing him lose a child.

The episode ends with Kelly going off with Dagon and Lucifer saying “Dagon” from his captivity.

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