Supernatural – Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

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By: Stacy Miller


The episode opens at a bar where an African American woman is playing an arcade game, determined to win even though the bartender tells her that it’s closing time. When the bartender returns from taking out the trash she leaves, even if she’s not finished her game. A red head sporting an eye patch enters and asks, “Aren’t you too old for video games?” It is obvious eye patch lady knows the gamer, especially when she says, “Ah Benjamin, your little angel tricks won’t work on me.” The angel blades come out and eye patch woman and Benjamin engage in combat. But Benjamin is unarmed and cornered. The angel begins speaking in Enochian. “That’s right, call your friends,” the eye patch woman says. Benjamin’s angel radio broadcast reaches the ears of several angels, including Castiel (Misha Collins). Then, eye patch lady kills Benjamin.

At the Men of Letters Bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles) looks at Castiel’s board of information regarding Kelly’s disappearance. Sam (Jared Padalecki) enters and comments that Castiel has been busy. “Business not finding Rosemary or her baby,” is Dean’s response. Sam and Dean talk about Mary (Samantha Smith). She is in Atlanta working a shapeshifter case and told Dean she didn’t need their help. Then, Sam asks his brother whether he’s talked to Castiel yet. Sam reminds him that Castiel saved them and Mary, but Dean is worried about the cosmic consequences Billie (Lisa Berry) warned about if they broke the deal. Castiel enters and says he did the right thing, but now he has to go to help an old angel friend named Benjamin who called out for help on Angel Radio. Sam offers to join him. “Both of you?’ Castiel asking looking at Dean, who sarcastically says that he will come to make sure Castiel doesn’t do anything else stupid. In the Impala, the trip is awkward as Dean and Castiel are giving each other the silent treatment. Sam reminds that the silent treatment is stupid because they need to know what they’re walking into as far as the situation with Castiel’s friend Benjamin. So, Castiel tells Sam and Dean about Benjamin taking a female human vessel who was a good friend and wouldn’t have put her in danger. At the bar, Sam and Dean question the bartender. Although the official report is a knifing, the man doesn’t believe that to be true because the body didn’t have any blood and because of the weird burn marks on the wall. Castiel orders the man to leave the room. Dean notes that what went down was angel on angel violence. Next, they go to meet an angel named Ishmil (Ian Tracey), who Castiel served under. Castiel tells Sam and Dean to wait outside as Ishmil doesn’t like humans. “If I plan to do anything stupid, I’ll let you know,” Castiel says sarcastically as he looks at Dean. Castiel goes inside and meets Ishmil and another angel named Mirabel (Tiara Sorenson). He’s surprised that they’ve retained the same human vessels all these years. Ishmil insults Castiel on Castiel’s many failures. Not able to wait anymore, Sam and Dean come inside. “These are my friends who don’t listen,” Castiel says when Ishmil reminds that he told Castiel to come alone. Ishmil orders Mirabel to check outside to see whether anyone else came with Castiel. Mirabel is stabbed and killed by the same eye patch wearing woman who killed Benjamin. Back inside, Ishmil insults Sam and Dean by calling them apes and then suggests they go to his safe house. He goes outside to fetch Mirabel and faces the eye patch wearing woman. “You can’t smite me Ishmil, I’m not powerless anymore,” she says. When Castiel comes outside, Ishmil orders him to kill the woman. “I know you,” Castiel says, recognizing her. Sam and Dean arrive and draw their guns. The woman tells them she doesn’t want to hurt any human. “Just let me finish what I started.” “Not gonna happen Patches,” Dean says. She uses magic to make her escape.

In Ishmil’s safe house, Castiel tells Sam and Dean about an anomaly that caused a group of angels to come to Earth a long time ago. We are taken back to Orono, Maine 1901. Castiel is among these angels, but this time he is in a female vessel. The group includes Mirabel and Ishmil, who explained that one of their angels had taken a human wife and they had a small daughter, a Nephilim. “A Nephilim, are you sure?” Female Castiel asked. “Father has wings, mother is a primate and this child has a human soul mixed with angelic grace,” Ishmil answered. Because the child would grow up and become a destructive force and destroy the world, the angels came to set things right. Akobel (Nils Hognestad) and his wife came out of the house, but Akobel ordered his wife back inside. He was accused of the crime of fathering a Nephilim and Ishmil put him to death by stabbing him with an angel blade. Then, Ishmil went inside to deal with the woman and the child. Screams from the mother and daughter could be heard. Ishmil explains that the woman is Lily Sunder, who was a professor of Apocalyptic Literature and studied angels and speaks fluent Enchonian. He goes on to tell Sam and Dean that he took pity on Lily Sunder and let her live. Dean tells Castiel and Ishmil that he and Sam will go find Lily and try to reason with her. Castiel thinks the four angels Lily has killed is proof that she can’t be reasoned with. Dean doesn’t take no for an answer and he and Sam leave to find Lily.

Meanwhile, Lily heals herself from the wound she sustained in the fight with Ishmil and Castiel heals Ishmil. Sam and Dean find where Lily is staying from the information they got from the rental car company. Lily comes out into the hall wielding two angel blades. Sam tries to explain that it’s not Castiel’s fault that Heaven has strange rules concerning Nephilim. Lily realizes they have false information and tells them the truth about what happened to her daughter May (Ava Sleeth). Lily had discovered a spell to summon angels, which is how Ishmil came into her life. Unfortunately, he became obsessed with her and overcome with jealousy when she chose Akobel over him. “I needed Akobel to protect me from you,” Lily told Ishmil. “Obviously that didn’t work,” Ishmil gloated. “You killed him? Now you’re going to kill me?” Lily asked. “No, you broke my heart. Now I’m going to break yours,” Ishmil answered and then killed May. Lily tells Sam and Dean she had her daughter long before she ever laid eyes on an angel. “My daughter was human.” Sam and Dean are shocked. Dean goes to talk with Castiel while Sam stays with Lily. He asks her why she waited so long to get her revenge. Lily tells Sam that before the angels fell she had no way of tracking all of them. She further explains that she has used the angels’ magic, Enochian spells against them. But every time she uses one their spells, a piece of her soul burns away. Lily tells Sam that Ishmil will kill his brother in order to keep the truth from coming out. And once his brother is dead, Sam will help her and she can wait.

At Ishmil’s safe house, Dean tells Castiel that Lily told them that her daughter was human. Ishmil accuses Dean of lying before admitting that Castiel won’t like the truth. He then beats Castiel up. Dean threatens to use the angel sigil to blast Ishmil away, but in doing so Castiel will be blasted as well and in his weakend state may not survive. Sam and Lily enter. As Sam rushes to Dean, Lily and Ishmil have a long awaited fight. Ishmil appears to be the victor until Lily rips off her eye patch, holds out her hand and says, “I will never be powerless again.” She’s able to hold Ishmil pinned to the wall for a short while, but he’s stronger and breaks free. Before he can finish Lily with his angel blade, Castiel kills him. Castiel apologizes to Lily. “If you leave here and find that you can’t forgive me, I’ll be waiting,” Castiel tells Lily.

Back at the Men of Letters Bunker, Dean assures Castiel that despite what Ishmil said Castiel is not weak. Dean tells Castiel that he’s not mad about what went down with Billie, but worried about the cosmic consequences. Castiel admits that he doesn’t know what he will do about Kelly and her child when he finds them.

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