Supernatural – Lost and Found

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By: Stacy Miller



The Season Premiere of Supernatural picks up where the finale ended. Sam (Jared Padalecki) walks into the nursery that Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) set up in the house Castiel (Misha Collins) rented under the name James Novak.  To his surprise instead of finding a baby, Sam is greeted as “Father” by a teen with glowing yellow eyes. Jack (Alexander Calvert) has grown in record time.  Meanwhile, Dean (Jensen Ackles) is outside the house standing over the body of Castiel; a look of profound loss on his face as he can’t believe that his friend is really dead this time. Then, remembering his brother, Dean rushes towards the house. “No, I’m not your father,” Sam says in response to Lucifer’s son. He continues, “Jack? It is Jack right?” Dean enters calling his brother’s name. Sam alerts Dean to his location.  When Dean sees Jack, he immediately draws his weapon.  Sam tries to stop him, but Dean fires his gun.  Bad move as this angers the Nephilim and Jack unleashes a powerful scream that blows out the windows and freezes the brothers in mid-air for a few seconds before hurling them against the wall.  Because if Sam and Dean Winchester didn’t get thrown against the wall by a demon or angel, you wouldn’t be watching Supernatural!

We next see the scene from the finale where Mary (Samantha Smith) confronted Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).  But instead of punching him with the brass knuckles and getting pulled into the Alternate Earth, she bursts into flames like she did when she was pinned to the ceiling in the pilot episode, which we also see. But this is just Dean’s unconscious vision.  He and Sam wake up on the floor where Jack left them. “Was that?” Dean asks. “Lucifer’s son,” Sam answers.  Dean grabs his gun and he and Sam go outside. “Can he teleport? The kid, does he have wings?” Dean asks Sam when Jack appears to be nowhere in sight. “I don’t know,” is Sam’s response.

Meanwhile, a naked Jack is making his way down the road and ends up at a fast food joint called Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats. Inside one teen is frying up some food while the other, Clark (Rob Raco), is playing with the menu board by substituting “butt” for the food selections. He is warned by his co-worker that he’ll be fired if their boss Dave sees what he’s done, but Clark is unfazed. Since Dave is dating Clark’s mother, he (Clark) has been fired and re-hired several times; he’s untouchable.  Their conversation is interrupted when they hear “Father.”  It seems that Jack is speaking into the order pirate, but instead of asking for a jolly treat from Pirate Pete’s he’s calling to his father. When they catch a glimpse of the naked Jack, the co-worker suggests Clark call his mom. Sheriff Christine Barker (Andrea Menard) takes the call from her son and asks “How naked?”

Next, we find Sam and Dean in Baby driving down the highway. Dean asks Sam whether they still have holy oil as he determines that they’ll need to hit Jack with everything they’ve got. But Sam thinks Dean is jumping the gun.  While Dean says that Jack is a monster that has to be killed, Sam reasons that Jack only attacked them because Dean shot at him. “I’m sorry are you defending the Son of Satan?” Dean asks annoyed.  Sam thinks that they need a plan, but Dean’s plan is finding Jack and ending him. “What about Cas, is he really dead?”  Sam asks Dean. “You know he is,” Dean answers.

Back at the house Castiel rented as James Novak, two angels Conrad (Ish Morris) and Lily (Erika Walter) stands over their fallen comrade’s corpse.  While Lily thinks Castiel deserves better, Conrad disagrees. Lily tells Conrad that the mother (Kelly) is upstairs, but Conrad doesn’t care about her as his interest is in the child.

At the police station, a deputy named Earl thinks Jack standing in a strange pose is weird, but Sheriff Barker reminds that there’s no such thing as weird (what show are you in?). Everybody is normal in their own way. Earl leaves to go on patrol early and Sheriff Barker questions the teen.  She comments that she hopes the clothes she provided fit (no more naked Jack) then asks his first name, last name and where are his parents. Jack tells her that his mother is in Heaven and he’s trying to find his father.  Sheriff Barker asks Jack his father’s address or email and whether there’s anything he remembers. “I remember when the bad woman burned,” Jack answers, obviously talking about Dagon. He says, “I remember the universe screamed.”  Sheriff Barker takes Jack’s thumbprint and tells him she will run it through the system to get him home. After taking Jack’s print, Sheriff Barker leaves the room.  Her son Clark asks Jack, “How high are you?” Clark thinks Jack is stoned, but Jack tells him he’s not stoned. He replies, “I’m hungry.”

Sam and Dean arrive at Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats. Dean comments that maybe Lucifer’s spawn wanted to stop for curly fries before destroying the world.  Sam goes inside Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats and meets a girl who really wants fries, even though they aren’t being served until noon. Clark’s co-worker tells Sam that naked guy is at the police station. Sheriff Barker is looking at Jack’s strange print on her computer screen when Agent Perry (Sam) calls. She tells the FBI agent that they need to talk when he gets there. Dean’s knuckles are bloody when he comes across the girl from Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats. She tells him about her annoying roommate Becky (not Rosen), but Dean isn’t interested.  Sam comes out of Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats and tells Dean he knows where Jack is so they drive off.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Sheriff Barker notices the flickering lights and goes to investigate.  She finds Jack and Clark sitting on the floor eating candy; it seems Jack loves candy.  He goes to the vending machine and uses his angel powers to get candy.  Suddenly, Jack covers his ears when he hears a loud sound. Angel radio? Jack is unable to control his powers and ends up throwing Sheriff Barker across the room.  Sam and Dean arrive. Sam uses a taser on Jack, but Sheriff Barker trains her weapon on the Winchesters and demands to know what just happened. When next we see Sam and Dean, Sam is locked in a jail cell with Jack while Dean is telling Sheriff Barker the truth about being a hunter and also that Jack is a Nephilim, the son of an angel and a human.  Sam questions Jack about how he is able to speak English when he’s only a day old. Jack explains that his mother taught him.  He tells Sam how Kelly told him that the world was a dangerous place and he had to grow up fast.  Now, he’s looking for his father to protect him.  Sam is surprised when Jack tells him that his (Jack) father is Castiel. Obviously, Jack believes Castiel is his father because Kelly told him Cas would protect him.

We also learn the girl who wanted the fries is named Miriam (Carlena Britch) and that she is an angel. She holds an angel blade to Clark’s throat and threatens to kill him unless Sheriff Barker kills Dean. Miriam is joined by Lily and Conrad, who make their way to the jail cells to get Jack. The angels break the cell door and fighting ensues.  Sam uses an angel sigil to blast the angels away. Meanwhile, Miriam stabs Clark with the angel blade and fights with Dean. She knocks him out and goes to the jail cells for Jack.  Sam grabs one of Lily and Conrad’s angel blades to protect them, but Miriam ends up stabbing Jack with hers!  Dean comes behind Miriam and kills her.  Jack pulls the angel blade out.  He is unhurt.

An ambulance takes Clark to the hospital.  Sam tells Dean that he thinks they should bring Jack back to the Men of Letters bunker. For once, Dean agrees.  He still thinks Jack is evil, but until they know the whole story the safest place for Lucifer’s son is the bunker. Sam wants to pray to God to bring Castiel back.  Dean admits that he already did that; God isn’t listening.  We see Dean asking Chuck to get down there and bring Castiel, Mary and even Crowley back.  When God/Chuck didn’t answer, Dean punched a door, thus getting bloody knuckles. Kelly and Castiel are given a hunters’ funeral.  Dean says goodbye to Kelly, Castiel, Crowley and his mother. Sam tells Dean that they don’t know that their mother is dead, but Dean says they do and that Lucifer killed her.

As the episode ends, we see Mary in the Alternate Earth running from Lucifer. “So, you thought you could run away from me?” Lucifer asks, grabbing Mary.  “So, what now? Kill me?” Mary asks the Devil. But Lucifer answers that he may not kill her. “Maybe I need you” is Lucifer’s response.


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