Supernatural – Lotus

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By: Stacy Miller


As the episode opens, an Archbishop (Michael Guerin) is telling a priest to turn off the news report about the death of business man Wallace Parker, a church donor and friend of the Archbishop. “It’s better to focus on the Lord’s work,” says the Archbishop before leaving the office. But as he walks down the church hall, all the crosses turn upside down and his eyes flash red.

Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) arrive at the morgue where they find their “colleagues” Castiel and Crowley (Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard) waiting. “This has got to stop,” Dean says annoyed that Castiel and Crowley are joining their investigations as another fake FBI agent team. They look at the body of Wallace Parker and Castiel comments that the “CEO of almost everything.” Crowley comments that Lucifer is moving on to ‘Blue Chip’ vessels which makes him a lot more dangerous.

During Sam’s research, he finds photos of the Archbishop of St. Louis with Wallace Parker. But in one of the photos, the Archbishop is missing his cross. It is obvious that the man is Lucifer’s latest vessel. So, it’s off to the Archdiocese of St. Louis for the Winchesters. Sam and Dean find the priest from the opening scene of the floor, bloody. The father tells them how strangely the Archbishop was acting. We see that the priest saw all of the crosses turning upside down as the Archbishop walked the church halls. So, an exorcism was in order. Sam and Dean search the church and find a dead nun and priest before coming across the burned out body of the Archbishop. Lucifer has left the building!

Meanwhile, President Jefferson Rooney (David Chisum) is praying and asking, “If I agree to do this then we would be partners?” He wants to bring a spiritually to the country so he humbling accepts the guidance of Lucifer and says yes to being his vessel. Hello President Lucifer! We see Lucifer talking to President Jeff asking for his help in “fine tuning some protocols.” Lucifer says to Jeff that he will need some personal details for people to believe that he is in fact President of the United States. Hearing the President talking and wondering who he is talking to, one of his Secret Service details enters the room and Lucifer immediately kills him. President Jeff talks with his group about Bill’s (the Secret Service man) death and is asked to say a few words to the man upstairs. Lucifer manages to pull it off and is even praised for always knowing the right thing to say.

Sam is telling Castiel about the slaughter of the nun and priest at the church. They were too late, but on the right track. The question is where do they go from there? “Why don’t we start with who won The Noble Peace Prize,” Dean suggests.

Meanwhile at the President’s Compound at The Forester Estate, Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) is briefing the President and members of his staff. Kelly tells President Jeff that his poll numbers are up and he is the most popular President in US history. When next we see Lucifer/President Jeff, he is in bed with Kelly. Apparently, he and Kelly have been involved for quite some time. Although Kelly understands how much Jeff loved his deceased wife Louise, she also knows how he feels about her and believes they could have a future together and he would make a great father.

When one of Crowley’s demons tells him about the death last night involving President Jeff, Crowley comes to the Men of Letters bunker to share the information with Sam, Dean and Castiel. Sam is not happy that Crowley can come to the bunker whenever he feels like it, preferring to keep the King of Hell at a distance. Crowley doesn’t think Moose is being very charitable when he is helping them. Although he is not popular at his palace, Crowley says there are still those loyal to him. “Crowley, could we just get the damn news without the drama?” Sam asks annoyed. “Can I get you without the flannel? No, still I endure,” is Crowley’s ever witty response. Crowley takes over Sam’s computer and tells Sam, Dean and Castiel that he’s figured out the identity of Lucifer’s new vessel. It is President Jefferson Rooney.

President Jeff is telling his aide Rick (Stephen Lobo) that he has it on good authority that two men who are members of a cult are trying to kill him because they think he’s Satan. Sam calls British Men of Letters member Mick, but hangs up without leaving a message. Then, Sam and Dean find out that President Jeff is on a fundraising circuit in the Midwest and staying at the estate of hedge fund millionaire Ron Forester.

Rowena’s (Ruth Connell) latest fiancé is leaving her to go off with the other woman he’s been seeing, Mona Levin, because he couldn’t verify Rowena’s financial holdings. Yes, the man is a gold digger who was after Rowena’s non-existent money. Crowley snaps his fingers and kills the man. Rowena is covered in her ex’s blood, but says to Crowley, “That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.”

Castiel experiences terrible pain due to voices on angel radio. “A Nephilim is coming into being,” he says. It looks like Lucifer is going to be a daddy. So, Sam and Dean take off for the Forester Estate where Dean tells Sam their plan is to “Impeach Lotus and find Rosemary’s Baby.” But Sam and Dean are stopped from going further and their fake FBI badges don’t help them this time. Rick knows that they are the Winchesters and asks whether they made the badges in “shop class in the psych ward.” Sam and Dean try to fight their way pass and even Castiel getting out of the Impala is no help. But help does appear in the form of an approaching car and a grenade launcher from the man inside. Sam and Dean take cover from the massive explosion. “You, angel. Wipe their memories,” the man orders. He introduces himself to Sam, Dean and Castiel as “Arthur Ketch, British Men of Letters.” Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) explains that he is there because Sam called and even though he hung up, Mick Davies called him to help. “I’m an artist, I paint in many colors,” Mr. Ketch says, explaining that the British Men of Letters have spent years blending technology and sorcery to create weaponry unlike the world has ever seen. Mr. Ketch shows them some of the British Men of Letters’ toys including a Golden Egg that extracts a demon from a vessel. Does it work on an angel, too? Dean tells Mr. Ketch that if he wants them to trust him, he’ll have to do the same.

Sam and Dean return with the Golden Egg vessel extractor. Crowley zaps Kelly to where the rest of Team Winchester await. She is pregnant and can’t believe what they tell her about who they are and the baby she is carrying. But they need her to believe them because they need her help. Castiel uses his angel mojo to convince President Jeff’s men that Kelly is the only one in the room. Lucifer arrives and Kelly tells him she can’t have this baby. “I’m afraid I have to insist,” says Lucifer grabbing Kelly and flashing red eyes. Sam comes out with the Golden Egg extractor and uses it along with a spell by Rowena to free Lucifer from Jeff’s body. “We got Lucifer,” Dean says. But it actually looks like Lucifer went down the vent, but I’m not going to rain on the Winchesters’ parade as they have bigger problems coming soon. Sam and Dean tell Castiel to take Kelly out of the room. The President’s detail storm into the room and Sam and Dean get arrested for the attempted murder of The President of The United States!

Meanwhile, Castiel has taken Kelly to Five Corners Cafe. She ditches him though by sneaking out of the back. She tells Castiel on the phone that she can’t get rid of the baby because it’s her child. Castiel reminds that it is the spawn of Lucifer. But Kelly’s mind is made up, she is its mother.

The episode closes with Sam and Dean chained in a van on their way to prison. And now begins the long hiatus wait to find out what will happen when “Supernatural” returns January 26.

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