Supernatural – Patience

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By: Stacy Miller


Omaha, Nebraska.  A psychic named Dede (Chelsey Reist) looks at a photograph of herself and Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine). She is closing up when a man (Jon Cor) enters.  Noticing the troubled look on his face, Dede decides to keep the shop opened to see whether she can help him.  “What’s on your mind?” Dede asks. “Shouldn’t you know already?  The sign out front says Psychic,” he answers. Dede tells him that she’s not a mind reader.  She reads auras and energies. “Can you read mine?” he asks.  When Dede does, she sees his true face – this man is a wraith.  The wraith is happy that he now knows that. “You are the real deal,” he says and then extends his brain-sucking body part from his palm and sucks Dede’s brain while she screams.

At the Men of Letters bunker, while Dean (Jensen Ackles) is blasting his classic rock, Sam (Jared Padalecki) knocks on Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) door since he (Jack) hasn’t come out of the room since they set him up in it.  Sam gives Jack a laptop and a flash drive telling him that “Before you were born, your mom left you a message.  I know you have a bunch of questions. Hopefully, this is a start.”  Sam puts the flash drive in the USB port and tells Jack which button to push to play the video. Kelly (Courtney Ford) appears on the screen and tells her son how she always wanted to be a mom.  Sam watches Jack’s reaction from the doorway until his cell phone rings. He (Sam) closes the door and takes the call.  It is Missouri.  She knows it has been a long time and apologizes for being a stranger.  When Sam asks how she’s been, Missouri tells him that she could really use some help.  In the background, we see Dede’s body being removed.

Meanwhile, Jack continues to listen his mother’s words of love and advice to him. “Jack, don’t let anyone tell you who you’re supposed to be…because who you’re supposed to be, it isn’t fate, it isn’t me, it isn’t your father.  You are who you chose to be.  And I know you are going to be okay.  You are going to be amazing.  You have an angel watching over you.”

Sam tells Dean that he received a call from Missouri Moseley and because she needed help, he contacted Jody (Kim Rhodes).  Sam thinks that he and Dean should stay there and help Jack learn how to control his powers. “Jody can handle this,” Sam says.  “Maybe she can.  Or maybe she ends up dead because you wanted to stay here to babysit the Antichrist,” is Dean’s response, obviously still believing that Jack is evil and beyond saving.  He disagrees that they need Jack to help save their mom (Samantha Smith).  Preferring to go to work and help Jody and Missouri, Dean leaves the bunker.

Over in Omaha, Jody questions Missouri about Dede who Missouri calls her protégé and the closest thing she has to kin these days.  “Always did love that car,” Missouri tells Jody as Dean pulls up. Dean hugs Missouri then Jody and they go inside the shop. Learning that Dede’s brain was sucked dry, both Dean and Missouri know that it was a wraith.  Dean tells Jody that Missouri reads objects.  Ms. Moseley touches a few items and is able to see the wraith.  She explains that the creature pretended to be a customer to trick Dede. Missouri adds that the wraith has picked up a taste for our kind, meaning psychics.  Missouri gets another vision and screams “James.”

Back at the Men of Letters bunker, Sam tells Jack that he wants to train him to focus to use his powers so he doesn’t hurt anyone.  Then, Sam asks Jack to move a pencil with his mind.

Missouri calls James (Adrian Holmes), who is her son. She knows that she’s not supposed to contact him (apparently they are estranged), but had a vision that something is coming for him and Patience (Clark Backo). James hangs up on his mother.  Missouri gives Dean the address in Georgia where her family lives. Dean thinks Missouri should come with them (he and Jody), but Missouri tells him that she would only complicate things.  She tells Dean that she’ll stay behind and say her goodbyes to Dede. “Save my family Dean Winchester. You hear me,” Missouri tells Dean.

At the bunker, Jack is frustrated that he is unable to move the pencil with his mind.  He tells Sam that he was able to move things before because it was as natural as breathing.  Or if he got angry.  But with Sam there staring at him, it’s impossible.  Sam tells Jack to take a break and relax.

In Omaha, the wraith enters Missouri’s shop.  She tells him that she knows what he is and that he’s there to kill her. But Missouri tells him that she won’t be running or screaming because she’s seen how this ends. Either way, she dies. “But this way my people, they’re going to murder your ass,” Missouri tells the wraith. “This would be a lot more fun if you scream,” the wraith says. “Tough,” says a brave Missouri. The scene pans out on the outside of the psychic shop and the sound of Missouri being murdered by the wraith. RIP Missouri Moseley!

Meanwhile, Patience has a nightmare in which she is in high school and sees her grandmother Missouri in a closet warning her of danger.  Then, the wraith grabs her.  Patience tells her dad James that she had a nightmare about her grandmother, but he tries to assure her that it was just a dream.  Dean is in a gas mart when he hears a news report that Missouri has been murdered.  He tells Jody that Missouri knew this would happen and they could have protected her.  Jody asks whether he wants to go back. “No.  Missouri wanted us to protect her family and that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Dean answers. Jody and Dean arrive at the house where Missouri’s family lives.  Her son James Turner answers the door. Dean delivers the sad news that Missouri was killed by a wraith and now it’s coming for them (James and his daughter).  At Madison Central High School, the wraith grabs Patience, but she is able to fight it off and even breaks off his brain sucking piece in his palm. But the wraith gets her on the floor. Dean and Jody arrive just in time. Dean shoot at the wraith, but it still gets away.  Dean and Jody tell Patience that the wraith is going after psychics.  Patience doesn’t believe that she is a psychic. She learns that her grandmother is dead.

Sam finds Jack sitting on the floor.  Jack blames himself for his mother’s death and tells Sam that Dean said that he would kill him (Jack).  If he can’t do the one good thing that Sam is asking him to do, that must mean that he is evil reasons Jack. “Asmodeus tricking you, Dean, none of that is your fault. I think you’re scared to use your powers and me pressuring you, none of that is helping you,” Sam says, telling Jack that he knows what it’s like to be scared of who you are and worried about a darkness inside of you.  “But Dean, Cass…they helped me through that,” Sam tells Jack.  He’s going to help Jack too because he knows that he’s not evil.

Meanwhile, James tells Patience about how after Patience’s mother Tess got cancer and her grandmother told him that Tess would be okay but wasn’t. He couldn’t believe in Missouri or her power anymore. So, for Patience’s own good, James cut Missouri out of her life. Patience is angry; she could have known her grandmother all these years. Dean and Jody tell James that the wraith is coming after Patience because his daughter is psychic. Patience goes upstairs to her room and takes out a broach that her grandmother gave her.  Patience remembers when she was a little girl (La’Mya Jackson), the last time she saw Missouri was at her (Patience) mother’s funeral when her grandmother gave her the broach and promised “No matter where I go, I will always look out for you.” Patience is surprised by the wraith.  Her screams alert Dean, Jody and James. But it’s too late, the wraith has taken Patience!  James shows Dean and Jody some magical crystals that his mother taught him how to use to help find each other whenever she was on a hunt and they were separated.

The wraith has Patience tied to a chair.  He tells her how he developed a taste for psychic brains after feeding on one that was in a crazy ward who wasn’t crazy.  The wraith taunts Patience that her grandmother was the best he ever fed on and knows she’ll be the same. Suddenly, James rushes in but is killed by the wraith. The creature then also kills Dean and Jody!  Fortunately, it was just Patience’s vision, which helps save her dad, Jody and Dean when the events play out for real and Patience is able to warn them from doing the same actions that caused their deaths in the vision. Dean is able to kill the wraith. Patience admits that she is a psychic. Before he and Jody return home, Dean encourages Patience not to pursue a hunting life.  Patience says that her dad told her to put her powers away and focus on a normal life.

Back home at the Men of Letters bunker, Sam tells Dean that Jack is messed up because he (Dean) said he would kill him (Jack). Sam reminds Dean that when he (Sam) was the freak drinking demon blood and their dad told Dean to put a bullet in him (Sam), Dean didn’t.  Dean says that Sam was worth saving. He thinks that Sam is just fooling himself into believing Jack can be saved because he wants to use the kid as “An interdimensional can opener” to bring their mother back. Dean tells Sam that all he can see when he looks at Jack is the people they’ve lost. He adds that Jack manipulated Castiel (Misha Collins) and all that got Cas was dead, that’s something Dean can’t forget.  Sam and Dean are unaware that Jack has overheard their entire conversation. At the mention of Castiel’s name, Jack focuses and can see the angel in a dark, empty place.  Where is Castiel?


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