Supernatural – The British Invasion

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By: Stacy Miller


Outside London, England 1987. Two young boys, Michael and Timothy (Spencer Drever and Luke Seybold) enter Kendricks Academy.  Timothy asks Michael whether he’s going home for Christmas then apologizes as he forgot; it’s obvious from the response that Michael doesn’t have a home in which to spend the holidays. Headmistress Hess (Gillian Barber) calls them into her office.  She praises them for the many trials they’ve conquered at Kendricks through either hard work or natural talent. But they need to see which of them will matriculate to the next level as the organization needs people that will execute orders without question as they protect people from things they don’t even know that are out there and help them sleep safely in their beds at night. “And so, only one of you will be leaving this room. Good luck,” Headmistress Hess tells the boys as she leaves a blade on the desk and walks out of the room. A short while later, Michael walks down the hall towards Headmistress Hess and tells her “He fought well, he didn’t want to die.” Michael is holding the bloody blade. “Yet the code demanded it. Well played Mr. Davies.”  Okay, here’s a school that encouraged one student to kill the other under the guise of training and a code? And what did they tell poor Timothy’s parents?  In the present, Mick wakes up from his dream. He’s at the temporary headquarters of the British Men of Letters having fallen asleep.

Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) are in the Impala. Sam is on his tablet using Facetime and getting the scoop on Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) and Dagon (Ali Ahn) from hunter Eileen Leahy (Shoshannah Stern).  Dean thanks Eileen for the good job she did in gathering the information. Eileen’s extra friendly goodbye to Sam doesn’t go unnoticed by Dean. The Winchester brothers arrive at the Men of Letters bunker where they find Mick waiting for them, apparently their key opens the door to every chapter house.  Davies didn’t come to hang out with the boys; he came to tell them about the home office discovery of a cosmic happening.  Sam and Dean already knew about it.  They explain about Kelly Kline getting knocked up by Lucifer and that she’s expecting the devil’s child.  Mick asks why they didn’t share this information sooner.  He also doesn’t know why Sam and Dean didn’t put a bullet between this woman’s eyes as the code demands.  Sam reminds Mick how torn up Davies he was when he killed werewolf Hayley.

In Hell, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) communicates with Dagon telepathically and questions her about how his child is doing and whether the “container” (Kelly) will hold until the birth. “Don’t let me down Dagon.”  Crowley (Mark Shepphard) notices that the fight seems to be out of Lucifer. Lucifer tells Crowley he’s giving him submission because he’d rather be there than rotting in the Cage with Michael; its Crowley’s game so he’s going to play by the King of Hell’s rules.

Mick has another dream about Timothy. This time we see how Timothy wanted them to run away, but Mick killed him.  Davies is awakened from this recurring nightmare when Dr. Hess calls him on his cell asking why he didn’t check in.  She tells him that due to this business with the coming Nephilim, they don’t have time to court a bunch of “mangy colonials.” She lays it out for Mick: If Sam and Dean don’t come on board, he’s to turn them over to Mr. Ketch. “Either assimilate or eliminate,” she warns. The next morning, Dean is recovering from a huge hangover and tells Sam that they can drink, but Mick is a Gold Medal alcohol consumer. Sam asks Dean whether he’s heard from Mary. Mick enters the room and answers that their mother is fine because she’s with Mr. Ketch. When Dean asks Davies how he’d feel to leave his mother with Mr. Ketch, Davies reveals that he never knew his mother nor his father.  He was taken in by the Men of Letters after he was caught trying to pickpocket a member. They saw potential in him and he owes them everything. Hmm…sounds like a case of blind loyalty based on gratitude.

Meanwhile, Kelly is having strange pains and demands that Dagon take her to a doctor. Dagon reminds that no doctor will understand what Kelly is going through and thinks they should leave there. “Either you take me to a doctor or I’m not going anywhere,” explains Kelly. At the doctor’s office, Dr. Turner (Michael Meneer) tells Kelly he’s going to do a sonogram to make sure everything is okay with the baby. When Dr. Turner notices something unusual on the sonogram, Dagon flashes yellow eyes and gets him to tell Kelly that everything is okay with her baby. “See Kelly, your baby is a little angel just like I’ve been saying,” says Dagon. Dr. Turner then asks about the father for the baby’s medical records.

Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) is on the phone with Mick giving him details about the hunt he was just on with Mary (Samantha Smith) so Davies can type up the report.  When he hangs up, Mary questions Ketch about his friendship with Mick. They’re more survivors than friends and were in school together. “Major in murder, minor in mayhem?” queries Mary, not knowing how right she is.  Mr. Ketch asks Mary about her own training.  Mary explains it was more on the job, but she gave hunting up because she wanted a normal life. “I believe you’re drawn to danger,” Ketch says as he shares a drink with Mary.

Mick is at the temporary British Men of Letters headquarters when he has a disturbance.  Renny Rawlings (Darren Adams) stands on the level above drinking tea.  He tells Davies that he’s been working with Dr. Hess since he graduated top of his class from Kendricks and was sent by Hess on the overnight to help/keep an eye on Davies.  Mick tells Renny he doesn’t need his help.  It doesn’t matter because leaving isn’t an option for Rawlings.

A demon named Dermot (Eric Mazimpaka) enters Dr. Turner’s office and slits his throat.  At the Men of Letters bunker, Dean leaves a voicemail for Castiel (Misha Collins) telling him they need his help.  Eileen is telling Sam about how she tracked down Dermot and that the demon works for Dagon by helping to cover her tracks.  We see Dermot in Dr. Turner’s office deleting Kelly Kline’s medical records from the computer. Eileen killed Dermot by stabbing him in the heart with an angel blade, but not before getting Kelly’s phone number from him.

In Hell, Crowley has Lucifer brought out so he can address the demon minions and tell them to support the one true leader. But what Crowley doesn’t see as the angel’s back is to him is that Lucifer is warning the demons that he and not Crowley is the one true leader to support on pain of unimaginable agony.

Kelly is talking with Dagon on the phone requesting the Prince of Hell pick her up zinc and calcium per Dr. Turner’s instruction. After she hangs up, the cell phone rings again.  It is Oliver, really Sam, saying that he is from Dr. Turner’s and the doctor would like to see her at 5:00pm today. Kelly reluctantly agrees.  Mick drives up with Renny, who introduces himself as being top of his class at Kendricks (no one cares). Renny refers to Eileen as “Banjee Girl” and Mick hands over The Colt to Sam. Dean grabs Kelly Kline off the street, puts her in The Impala and goes off to meet Sam, Eileen and Mick.  He asks about the new guy.  Renny again mentions that he was top of his class. “I don’t care,” is Dean’s response.  Dagon appears and uses her powers to toss the hunters through the air like rag dolls. She takes Kelly by the arm. Eileen gets up and grabs The Colt but tragically misses shooting Dagon and shoots and kills Renny instead.  Mick draws his gun and prepares to shoot Eileen because the code demands her death for killing a Men of Letters, even though it was an accident.  Sam tells Mick that he is better than answering to some twisted code. “You only have to answer to yourself.  You only have to answer to your own code,” says Sam. Although torn between following the Men of Letters code and following what he knows is right, Mick lets Eileen go.

Meanwhile, Mary and Ketch have just slept together.  Mary hopes Ketch is not reading anything into what happened between them because it doesn’t mean anything. It is obvious Mr. Ketch thought otherwise, but pretends it was just a passing thing. “I’m not built that way and I suspect neither are you.”  He then comments he’s glad Mary took his advice and chose hunting. Mary gets annoyed because she had the same conversation with her boys, it’s not an either or situation.  She can have both.

Returning to the Men of Letters bunker, Sam confronts Eileen who is broken up over having killed Renny, a human and not a monster. She is going back to Ireland to take some time off. In Hell, a demon examines Lucifer’s vessel. The demon just needs to figure out how to remove the wards so Lucifer won’t be able to be hurt by Crowley.  The only problem is Crowley had the person who created the wards killed to safeguard the secrets. In a safe house, Dagon handcuffs Kelly Kline to the bed to keep her from leaving as she can’t be trusted. Kelly says she was just worried about the baby.  Dagon laughs as the baby will be fine, but Kelly won’t as birthing a Nephilim is always fatal.

At the temporary headquarters for The British Men of Letters, Mick finds Mr. Ketch waiting for him. But Ketch didn’t call Mick there. Dr. Hess appears and expresses her disappointment in Mr. Davies for letting the situation with the American hunters get out of control. “Hunters are like dogs, you give them an order and they obey,” Dr. Hess says. She tells Mick that Eileen Leahy will be found and killed and that The Winchesters will be investigated and executed if found guilty. Mick is tired of following a code that forced a young boy to kill his best friend. From now on, he’s going to do what he knows is right.  Too bad he won’t get the chance as Mr. Ketch shoots him in the head. Mick is dead! As the experiment to recruit American hunters has failed, Dr. Hess orders Mr. Ketch to exterminate them. “Every last one,” she says coldly as she puts a file labeled Dean W. on the desk.

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