Supernatural – The Future

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By: Stacy Miller

As the episode opens, we see Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) chained on a filthy cot in a basement. Dagon (Ali Ahn) forces her to take her vitamins. “Stop disrespecting the God inside of you,” Dagon says telling Kelly that no matter what she does the baby will be born. “In the meantime do us both a favor, take a bath,” Dagon orders Kelly before leaving the room.  Kelly talks with her unborn son and tells him that no matter how much she loves him, she can’t let him bring the world all the death and destruction Dagon was talking about.  Kelly slits her wrists, giving new meaning to the phrase blood bath as she lies unconsciousness in the tub.

At the Men of Letters bunker, Sam (Jared Padalecki) is busy researching about Kelly’s baby.  “What’s up Beautiful Mind?” Dean (Jensen Ackles) comments when he sees Sam’s calculations. Sam explains that since they can’t track Dagon, he’s been reading up on Nephilim to see how much time they have until the baby arrives.  Since Kelly conceived in December and Nephilim don’t need a full nine months to come to term, Sam has figured out that she’ll be giving birth around May 18th (around the Supernatural season finale). This means that Sam and Dean have less than a month to find Kelly and no leads where to look. They are interrupted when Castiel (Misha Collins) appears. While Sam is glad that Castiel is okay, Dean confronts the angel about where he’s been and why didn’t he answer their calls. Castiel explains that he was in Heaven working with the angels and the reception upstairs was poor. He admits that he heard their calls, but chose not to answer. This makes Dean angrier. As he sees it, Castiel was not only ditching them, but also ignoring them to do nothing! Dean leaves the room.  Later, Castiel knocks on Dean’s door and returns the cassette tape of “Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx” that Dean made for him. “It’s a gift, you keep those,” Dean says handing the cassette back.  He tells Castiel that they were worried when he went dark and they didn’t hear from him.  Castiel explains that he’s tired of constantly failing and wanted to come back with a win.  Dean says that Castiel isn’t the only one who has failed.  They had Kelly too, but lost her.  Now, Sam is working on a way to find Kelly and her baby. And this way wouldn’t involve killing them. “If you run out of time, could you kill an innocent?” Castiel asks Dean. “We will find a better way,” Dean tells Castiel, “You, me and Sam…we’re just better together. Go Team Free Will, let’s get it done.” Dean leaves to get a beer. Sam tells Dean his theory that if they use the grace extraction spell that Castiel used on him when they were trying to track Gadreel, they could extract the angelic grace from the baby. Without the grace, the baby would just be a baby. Then, neither the baby nor Kelly would have to die.

Dagon finds Kelly, but she is still alive. Kelly reasons that her baby wouldn’t let her die because it’s not evil.  Dagon laughs at Kelly’s theory. “He saved himself, he doesn’t care about you.  Nothing’s changed, he’s born, you die,” Dagon says telling Kelly that she will be there to nurture Kelly’s son to its killing destiny.

Castiel meets with Kelvin (Nathan Mitchell).  He stole The Colt but tells Kelvin that there are only two bullets remaining in the chamber.  Kelvin thinks two will be enough (one for Dagon and the other for Kelly). He praises Castiel for following Joshua’s (Paul Barton) plan and putting Heaven ahead of The Winchesters.  Castiel tells Kelvin that he is doing this for The Winchesters.  He stole The Colt to keep them safe and will kill Kelly so Sam and Dean don’t have to.  Castiel, Kelvin and another angel sneak into Dagon’s safehouse.  Dagon is watching a television game show, but Castiel is still unable to shoot her with The Colt because she sensed his presence. They fight.  Kelvin joins the fray and tells Castiel to “Find the girl.” Castiel goes down to the basement where he finds Kelly. Dagon knocks Kelvin out and goes downstairs but finds Kelly and Castiel gone.

At the Men of Letters bunker, Sam is still getting no response when he tries calling Castiel.  He questions Dean about how Castiel was able to get the gun out of the safe.  Dean admits that the gun wasn’t in the safe, it was underneath his pillow. “He came into my room and he played me,” Dean tells Sam, “I say we find him and kick his feathered ass.” Meanwhile, Castiel is driving Kelly away from Dagon’s location.  Kelly thanks Castiel for not killing her.  “Don’t thank me, I had a mission and I failed,” Castiel says. Now, he’s just trying to get as much distance between Kelly and Dagon as he can. Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) communicates with Dagon telepathically.  He learns that Castiel took Kelly and orders Dagon to get his son back on fear of eternal torment he was inflict.

Castiel tells Kelly that he will take her to Heaven and both she and her son will be destroyed because no human can enter the portal and survive.  He’s sorry, but her baby can’t be allowed to live because it will bring the universe to its knees. “Or lift it to its feet,” says Kelly, still refusing to believe that the birth of her son will mean the destruction of mankind.  Dagon tortures Kelvin with the angel blade to find out WWCD (What Would Castiel Do) then she kills him. Since his truck has broken down, Castiel checks he and Dagon into a motel room.  Kelly tells Castiel how she lost hope and slit her wrists. “I died, but then he saved me. He brought me back to life.  His power, his soul surged through me.”  Kelly insists that her son is good and is part of a higher plan.  Castiel disagrees.  He tells Kelly that there wasn’t a higher purpose for her when Lucifer took over President Jeff Rooney’s body and impregnated her. And if the baby is born, she won’t survive the birth so even if she is right and the child is good – who will care for it?  Kelly places Castiel’s hand on her stomach so he can feel the baby kick. Something strange happens and it looks like Kelly can see the future.  There is a knock on the door. Castiel sends Kelly into the bedroom and goes with The Colt to answer the door. It is Sam and Dean. “Yeah, that’s mine,” says Dean annoyed when he sees The Colt. Dean shoves Castiel against the wall. Sam stops his brother from kicking Castiel’s “feathered ass” and then notices Kelly standing there.  Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he found Dagon but didn’t kill her because she’s hard to kill.  Sam tells Castiel about the plan to extract the angel grace from the baby.  Kelly doesn’t want them to take away the one thing that makes her child special. Castiel agrees to go with Sam and Dean to talk. Dean tosses Castiel the keys to The Impala. He puts Kelly in the front passenger seat, throws the car keys up front and sits in the back. Kelly watches Sam and Dean talking outside, then grabs the keys and takes off. As she is driving, Kelly tells Castiel that she’s going to Heaven and now knows that he will take care of her baby after she is gone because she saw a vision that the baby needs Castiel in order to be born.

While he fixes Castiel’s truck, Dean tells Sam that Castiel is so desperate for a win that he’s not thinking straight.  At Heaven’s sandbox, Joshua greets Kelly.  But then, Dagon kills him and tells Kelly and Castiel that she has been there for hours waiting for them. Castiel pulls out his angel blade to protect Kelly.  Dagon thinks it is hilarious that Castiel no longer seems to have The Colt. Dagon kicks Castiel’s ass, leaving the angel bruised on the ground.  “Look at him, your angelic defender. You really thought that he was going to save you?” Dagon asks Kelly. Sam and Dean arrive just in time to save Castiel.  Sam shoots at Dagon, and Dean attempts to use The Colt.  But Dagon grabs the gun. “Time to take this off the board,” Dagon says before using her powers to burn and destroy The Colt!  She turns her attention back to Castiel, who orders Kelly to run. But Ms. Kline grabs the angel’s hand.  Kelly’s eyes glow and a strange surge goes from her hand to Castiel’s.  His eyes also glow and when he touches Dagon, he is able to cause her to catch fire, destroying her.  Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he was lost but now has clarity and he knows now that this baby must be born.  Sam and Dean disagree.  But Castiel uses his angel touch to put them asleep then leaves with Kelly.

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