Supernatural – The Memory Remains

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By: Stacy Miller


Towahawk, Wisconsin.  Kids with beer at night in the woods…so not a safe place to be, especially on Supernatural. A teen named Jared Hayes (Daniel Doheny) walks away from the group and finds a bag of money.  Okay, looks like somebody’s setting a trap. Gotcha! Jared finds himself tied to a tree and calls out for help.  His friend, Daryn Boston (Antonio Marizale), rushes to his rescue just in time to see a man with a head of a goat bash Jared’s brains with a hammer-like weapon.

At the Men of Letters bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles) calls Castiel (Misha Collins). “This is my voicemail, make your voice a mail,” says the angel’s message. Dean leaves the voicemail message about their tussle with Dagon and how they can use his help.  Castiel is MIA, but Sam tells Dean they received an email from Mick (not really because he’s like, you know- well Sam doesn’t know that Davies is dead) about a case in Towahawk, Wisconsin involving the disappearance of Jared Hayes. And apparently a lot of people go missing in Towahawk about one a year from 1888 to 1997, then it stopped until now. So, a twenty-year cycle.  It’s off to Towahawk for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean.  The fake FBI Agents speak with Sheriff Barrett Bishop (Steve Boyle) who tells them that Jared probably just skipped town because he had a less than ideal home life.  Sheriff Bishop tells them about Jared’s friends so Sam and Dean go to talk with Daryn Boston.  Daryn tells them what he saw the night Jared disappeared.  He thinks it was Black Bill, an urban legend monster that lives in the woods that has the head of a goat. Black Bill is like a local Jersey Devil. At a diner, a waitress named Carmen (Aliesha Pearson) flirts with Dean. So, Dean tells Sam that he’s calling it a night because he’s already figured out how to kill Black Bill.  They can use The Colt as the gun can kill anything. “Work smarter Sammy, not harder,” Dean tells his little brother before going to the counter to get his pickup on with Carmen.

Daryn is at work at Bill Hook Meats where his boss Pete (Ryan MacDonald) calls him on clocking in late.  He sympathizes with how Daryn is feeling as he knows the teen and Jared were friends.  When Daryn leaves, Goat Man strikes again; attacking Boston in his car using the same hammer he used on Jared.

At the diner the next day, Dean comes in with Carmen and grabs Sam’s breakfast. “Would it kill you to order pancakes?” Dean asks his brother while continuing to eat Sam’s omelet.  Sam tells Dean he thinks he knows what they’re dealing with; a satyr, which is a half goat/half man creature. Dean isn’t sure as the picture Sam shows him is of a cute thing playing a harp. Sam learned from Daryn’s mom that the kid never made it home from work last night. Agents Stark and Martell (Sam and Dean) go to the meat plant and talk with Pete about Daryn.  They learn that Sheriff Bishop owns the business. It looks more than suspicious that they spoke with the sheriff yesterday and now their one witness has gone missing.  Fortunately, Sheriff Bishop is on site at Bill Hook Meats trying to schmooze the inspectors to help keep the plant opened, despite the out of date equipment. Sam and Dean question Sheriff Bishop about Daryn Boston going missing and about Black Bill.  Bishop says Black Bill is like an urban legend boogey man parents tell their kids to keep them out of the woods and night.  As far as Daryn not showing out for work, Sheriff Bishop thinks that because of the drugs and drinking the teen does, he’s probably off somewhere sleeping it off. We see Daryn waking up in the Bill Hook Meats freezer.  He pounds on the door for help.  Too bad Sam and Dean just walked past it as they leave the meat plant.  Daryn finds Jared’s cold, dead body before he becomes a victim of Goat Man.

Dean is eating a burger at the diner when Sam arrives.  Dean tells Sam that all the people who have gone missing worked at the meat plant.  Sam adds that he checked county records and found out that the Bishops owned every business and in town. Sheriff Bishop has been selling property off recently, except the meat plant and the family estate. Dean thinks they should check out “creepy Adams Family house.” Sam gets a text from Mick (not really Sam) and texts back that they are working the case. “It’s clear, onward,” Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) tells his team as they invade the Men of Letters bunker.  He tells them that Dr. Hess wants them to learn everything they can about Sam and Dean Winchester including their allies, how Sam gets his hair so shiny (ha, ha) and where Dean gets his ratty flannels. Ketch warns them to work quickly and leave no trace.  They also have to find The Colt as Mick somehow let the Winchesters get their hands on it.

Sam and Dean search the Bishop Estate and find what looks like a murder room. They question Sheriff Bishop, who admits the family’s secret – They have the god of sacrifice, Moloch, living underneath their house. Black Bill was something the Bishop family made up so they could wear a goat mask and grab townspeople to use to feed their blood to Moloch. But after Sheriff Bishop’s father died in 1997, he decided to put an end to the killings as he wanted his family legacy to be something more.  Sheriff Bishop tells Sam that they keep Moloch locked up in the basement. Sam uses his flashlight and looks down the grate and sees the basement is empty.  Moloch is gone.  Dean goes upstairs to find the missing god and gets knocked out by Pete who puts a padlock on the door so Sam can’t get out to save his brother. Sam and Sheriff Bishop are able to break out of the locked room. Sam tells him that he tracked his brother’s cell phone signal and knows where Dean was taken.

Meanwhile at the Men of Letters bunker, the British Men of Letters go through the Winchesters’ stuff. Mr. Ketch is in Dean’s room and finds Winchester’s collection of Busty Asian Beauties magazines.  But it is the photograph of Mary with a young Dean that gives him pause. Ketch looks at the picture with a strange expression on his face.

Dean wakes up at the meat plant where he is tied to a chair with plastic wrap.  Pete appear and tells him that he came to the big house looking for Barry (Sheriff Barrett Bishop) his half-brother, “Different mothers, same daddy.  Old man Bishop had an “eye for the ladies,” says Pete. It seems Sheriff Bishop grew up in the big house and Pete in a two-story. “Does that sound fair to you?” Pete asks Dean. “It sounds like a bad episode of Dynasty,” Dean answers.  He explains to Dean that because Barry was selling off things, he had decided to go to the big house to get anything he (Pete) could sell himself.  That was when he found Moloch in the basement and the god told him that it would make him rich and solve all his problems; all he had to do was feed him. “Hunting people, killing them… the family business.” Pete says that as Moloch has been starved for twenty years it will take some time for him to get his strength on. Pete reasons that he is saving the town and making the Bishops great again.  Pete had planned to use his idiot brother as Moloch’s meal, but Dean will have to do.

At the Men of Letters, there’s no sign of The Colt. So, Mr. Ketch orders his guys to pack up. There’s one last thing he needs to do. “I could really use a pint,” Ketch says as the British Men of Letters exit the bunker.

While Sam and Dean fight with Pete, Dean battles Moloch.  Pete tells his brother that he’s tired of the crap he’s been given his whole life. “I’m saving this town and you’re dead,” Pete says pointing his gun at Sheriff Bishop. But Sam shoots and kills Pete, saving Bishop’s life.  Then he shoots the lock off the door and fires The Colt at Moloch.  “The Colt dusts anything,” Sam says, asking his brother how he’s feeling. “Like a just went twenty rounds with a god,” is Dean’s answer.  Sheriff Bishop tells Sam and Dean that he’ll clean up because this is his legacy.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean talk about what their legacy will be after they are gone and whether they will be remembered. Sam believes that the people they saved will remember them and their legacy is that they left the world a better place than when they found it. Sam and Dean leave their mark by carving their initials on the desk.  Sam then calls Mick to debrief him on the case. They get Ketch instead.  Mr. Ketch tells them that Mick had to fly back to London (lie, you killed him) and they will now be reporting to him. Sam and Dean tell him they won the god hunt.  “So now we’re reporting to low rent Christian Bale. I don’t like that guy, he creeps me out,” Dean is telling Sam.  And Mr. Ketch is listening to their conversation as he planted a listening device at the bunker.

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