Supernatural – There’s Something About Mary

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By: Stacy Miller

The episode opens with hunter Eileen Leahy (Shoshannah Stern) running for her life at night in the woods. She is being chased by a hell hound. Eileen tries to shoot the invisible beast, but sadly it kills her. We see Mr. Ketch standing nearby. He blows a dog whistle and says “Good puppy.” Poor Eileen.

Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) go to the last hotel their mother was staying looking for Mary. All her stuff is gone and it seems she hasn’t been there in a while. Dean calls Ketch demanding to speak with his mother. “I don’t have time for Manners 101,” Dean says annoyed by the Brit. After he hangs up, Dean tells Sam that Ketch said he hadn’t seen Mary in over a week, which is obviously a lie since in one of the messages Mary left for him she told Dean that she was working a case with Ketch. Sam gets a call from Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) with the sad news that Eileen was killed by what appears to be an animal attack. Sam and Dean know it wasn’t an animal attack and go to the morgue to see Eileen’s body.  From her wounds, it was a hell hound.  But the question is why would a demon sick a hell hound on Eileen?  There have been seven hunter deaths over the last three weeks. Sam and Dean don’t know what’s going on, but what they do know is that they have a hell hound to find.

Meanwhile in Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) is demanding a minion to find the missing Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford).

Mary (Samantha Smith) visits a hunter named Rick (Andrew McNee), but when he turns his back to her to go in the fridge Mary pulls out her knife.  He sees her reflection on a glass bottle and breaks a beer bottle to use as a weapon.  But Mary is able to overpower Rick and slits his throat. Mary wakes up startled.  She is confined in a room at the temporary headquarters of the British Men of Letters.  Lady Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore) enters. “How are we doing today?” Toni asks. Mary questions the operative as to whether she was out of the building last night. She then has a flash to an electroshock treatment and realizes that she is being brainwashed. “You’re being realigned,” Toni says, explaining that they are making sure Mary’s thoughts and actions are that of the British Men of Letters. Mary had a false vision of the perfect life as a wife and mother when all the while she was lying to her beloved John and keeping the secret from him that she was a hunter. She invited Azazel in that night, resulting in her death. Her decision led to John’s obsession and years of abandonment for Sam and Dean. “So we are turning you into a purer version of yourself. Mary Winchester, Natural Born Killer,” Lady Toni says, adding that Mary plays a key role in the elimination of the American hunters.

Crowley comes to see Dr. Hess (Gillian Barber). As he was the one who loaned Arthur Ketch the hell hound, the King of Hell wants to make sure that they have the same arrangement in the states that they do in the UK.  Dr. Hess reaffirms that they do: His demons will focus on the idiotic human that are dumb enough to sell their souls and also provide the British Men of Letters with information as needed. Crowley is also to locate that Nephilim. Dr. Hess adds that his relationship with the Winchesters is cozier than she would like; she hopes that he doesn’t expect them to be spared.

In Hell, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is getting impatient that Drexel (Alex Barima) as the demon who is secretly working with him is taking so long to remove Crowley’s security collar that keeps Lucifer under the King of Hell’s control. Crowley receives a call from Sam and denies that any of his demons had anything to do with the hell hound that killed Eileen Leahy. Crowley also says he doesn’t know anything about hunters being killed.  After hanging up on Sam, Crowley tells Lucifer that he wants him to get rid of a certain British woman (Dr. Hess) who feels she can give the King of Hell orders.

Meanwhile, Lady Toni updates Dr. Hess and Ketch on the progress she’s making with Mary. Lady Toni and Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) exchange a few barbs before she walks out of the room.  We learned that Ketch and Lady Toni slept together and that both are vying for Mick Davies’ (Adam Fergus) old job.

Dean shows Sam a letter that Eileen sent them via snail mail four days ago. She believed after she accidently killed that British of Men of Letters operative she was being followed and her phone and computer were being bugged.  Eileen had wanted to stay with Sam and Dean for a while. The Winchesters do a sweep of the bunker and find one of the listening devices.  Sam and Dean set a trap for the British Men of Letters knowing that the snoopy Brits are eavesdropping. They have a conversation about a hunter named Terry Marsh who said he didn’t believe the deaths were monster related.  And because Terry doesn’t feel safe discussing it further at the bunker, Sam and Dean arrange a meeting at a warehouse near the old ironworks out by the interstate. The hook has been baited as now all Sam and Dean have to do is wait for the British Men of Letters to bite.

Lucifer is pleased when Drexel tells him that the security collar is able to control by transmitting whatever Crowley wants and Lucifer is forced to comply. So, once Lucifer has it reversed in his favor Crowley will be his puppet.

Lady Toni reminds Ketch how ruthless she is and that she has been studying the situation with the American hunters for years so Mick Davies’ old job is as good as hers. Their conversation is interrupted when Ketch is told that Mary has been asking for him. After he leaves the room, an operative tells Lady Toni they have information.  Mary tells Ketch she didn’t think he would come. She says that she believed in what she thought the British Men of Letters stood for so that’s why she agreed to work with him. She wanted her boys to have a life free of monsters. Ketch doesn’t know what Mary is hoping, that he’ll intervene on her behalf? She made it clear that they don’t have a relationship. “All my life, all I ever had other than my family was my will and it’s going away. I’m putting people in danger. I’m putting my sons in danger,” Mary cries as she pleads with Ketch to kill her. Ketch promises that it won’t be long and that this will all be over soon.

Lady Toni waits in the car while her people go and check out the warehouse where Sam and Dean have the scheduled meeting with Terry. Suddenly, someone breaks the windshield of the car. Lady Toni begins shooting. Soon she is fighting with Dean, but Sam appears and trains his gun on her.

In Hell, Crowley reminds Lucifer that he will never best him. The joke is on Crowley as Lucifer has turned the tables on him. The security device is now programmed to work for him and Crowley has to bend to his will; the King of Hell is his own personal Muppet!

While Dean is driving the Impala, Lady Toni taunts that because they laid a hand on her they will be facing punishment by the British Men of Letters when they are caught. There will be no trial, just execution. Perhaps by mommy herself. Lady Toni elaborates by telling Sam and Dean that Mary is now one of their trained killing machines.  The Winchesters are shocked to learn that Mick is dead, killed by Ketch for being too sentimental for the job.

Lucifer is now in charge and shows it by letting his minions see him stab Crowley with an angel blade.  It looks like the King of Hell, former King of the Crossroads, is dead.  But what’s with that rat that Crowley stared at before his stabbing? The rodent follows as Crowley’s body is dragged away for disposal.

Sam, Dean and Lady Toni return to the Men of Letters bunker where Ketch and his men are already waiting for them. In the best scene of the episode (in my opinion), Sam and Dean really show how in sync they are. Without speaking a word and with just a glance to each other, the Winchester boys are able to overpower Lady Toni, Ketch and his men and take their guns. But before we could clap for their victory, Mary arrives and issues an order not to move…to her sons! “I really wouldn’t move, she will shoot you,” Ketch tells Sam and Dean. He announces that although the bunker makes an excellent fortress, it makes a better tomb. They have retriggered the locks so Sam, Dean and Lady Toni (who Ketch decided was expendable) can’t escape. He has shut off the water and reverted the air so their oxygen will run out in about two or three days. “You dying in here, it’s almost poetic,” Ketch smiles as he leaves with Mary.

As the episode closes, Ketch is driving in the car and telling Mary that over time it will become easier for her to do what needs to be done (including hurting the people that she loves) without question. Lucifer surveys his kingdom from on top of a mountain and says “My son.”