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By: Stacy Miller



I-135 Just North of Wichita Kansas. A man named Dale (Mike Hovac) goes into a hardware store and seems mesmerized by an attractive blonde. She introduces herself as Jamie (Jordan Claire Robbins) and tells Dale that she and her sister Jennie (Elise Gatien) are looking for a place called Lebanon Kansas. But the problem is they’ve run out of gas and money. Jamie asks Dale to be their hero by robbing the place and bringing the money along with some bottles of vodka outside where she and Jennie will be waiting. Dale does as he is told; he’s obviously spellbound by the bewitching Jamie.  He notices that Jamie is holding a hammer and asks what it’s for. Jamie says that it’s for protection. “But don’t worry Dale, our mom taught us three important things for looking out for ourselves.”  The most important thing is to always make the death look non-magical so you don’t attract hunters. Then, Jamie bashes Dale to death with the hammer.

At the Men of Letters bunker, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are talking about how they haven’t heard from Castiel (Misha Collins). Sam suggests that Dean go out and get some beer.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) are locked in Hell’s jail.  Lucifer is pissed that he is being treated like an average angel. Lucifer tells Castiel that Asmodeus is one of his (Lucifer) greatest mistakes, but he’ll find Asmodeus’ weakness and use it for his advantage.

Dean comes to the aid of Jennie when she screams for help saying that something is wrong with her sister. While Dean is leaning over Jamie, Jennie chants something and puts a hex bag into his pocket. “Doesn’t a kiss usually wake up your true love?” Jennie asks him. Dean kisses Jamie, who thanks him for saving her and then asks how he’s feeling. Dean returns to the bunker and tells Sam that he is in love and is thinking about asking the girl to move in with him at the bunker. Then, Dean removes The Black Grimoire and tells Sam that it is a present for Jamie. Sam asks his brother whether Jamie asked for the book by name. Yes she did, is Dean’s reply and it was a good thing that he had it.  Sam realizes what’s going on here. It has to be a love spell like he was under with Becky Rosen. Sam reasons that Jamie could be a witch or a demon. Dean wants Sam to calm down; besides, Jamie has a sister and it’s always cute when the less than attractive siblings fall in love. Sam takes the keys to The Impala. No matter, Dean says that it’s gorgeous outside so he’ll walk to his date.  When Sam tries to stop him, Dean punches his brother knocking Sam unconscious to the floor.

Jamie and Jennie are waiting for Dean when he appears with The Black Grimoire. Jennie is annoyed because they wanted the car too. “Good boys get a kiss, close your eyes,” Jamie tells Dean. As she prepares to bash him with her trusty hammer, Sam drives up in the Impala. He pulls his gun out and orders Jamie to get away from Dean. “Don’t point that at her!” Dean shouts. Soon, the Winchester brothers are fighting! Amused, Jamie and Jennie take the book and leave. While they are fighting, a hex bag falls out of Dean’s pocket.  But Dean has Sam in a chokehold so he (Sam) is unable to destroy the hex bag.  Luckily, Rowena (Ruth Connell) is back from the dead. She appears and destroys the hex bag. “Hello boys,” Rowena greets them.

Back to two locked up angels, Lucifer warns that his brother Michael will come and destroy them all. Castiel gets Lucifer angry by talking about how much Jack looks like his mother. This seems to unleash some of Lucifer’s powers.

At the Men of Letters bunker, Sam asks Rowena how she is alive since Lucifer told them that he killed her very graphically.  Rowena explains that she takes precautions in the event of her death. Sam thinks it is a resurrection spell. Rowena says that she needs The Black Grimoire.  It took a long time for her to heal and she wants to make sure that nothing like that happens again. Rowena tells Sam and Dean that years ago The Grand Coven cast a binding spell to limit her powers and there is a spell in the grimoire that may help.  Sam and Dean have no intention of helping Rowena to become stronger. The witch reminds that with her tracking spell, she can help them find those girls. So, they need her. “One more thing, where my son?” Rowena asks. Sam and Dean tells Rowena that Crowley is dead; in the end he sacrificed himself to help them. Rowena tells Sam and Dean that as a mother it’s better to have an alive son that hated you to a dead hero. She thinks she can help Sam and Dean if they work together.

Jamie and Jennie go to a hardware store to get supplies for their spell. The cashier Brenda (Angela Moore) asks whether the girls intend to pay this time. Returning to their lair, we learn that Jamie and Jennie want to use the grimoire to bring their mother back from the dead.

Castiel and Lucifer are able to escape because Lucifer’s rage helped him to break the warding trapping them.

Dean goes to question the cashier leaving Sam alone with Rowena in the Impala. Sam tells Rowena that even if she is able to get the grimoire and pull what she wants off, she still is going to feel helpless. Sam admits that he knows how Rowena feels.” The way Lucifer looks behind whatever vessel, it still keeps me up at night, “Sam tells Rowena.  “How did you deal with it?” Rowena asks. “I guess I really don’t deal with it. I push it down. The world kept almost ending and I kept pushing it down. I don’t know, I don’t really talk about even with Dean. I guess he’d listen but it’s not something I really like to share,” Sam answers.  In the hardware store, Dean tells Brenda that he’s looking for two girls Jamie and Jennie that stole something from him. Brenda is familiar with the Plum sisters but laughs when Dean tells her that they stole a book. “I doubt they can even read,” says Brenda. She gives Dean the Plum sisters’ address. Back in the Impala, Sam tells Rowena that she’ll never be able to change how helpless she feels. Dean returns, and Rowena uses a hex bag and a spell that traps Sam and Dean in place.

Rowena arrives at the Plum sisters’ lair and reminds Jamie and Jennie that they were just supposed to get the book and wait for her. Because they didn’t, she had to use the Winchesters to bring her to them. Rowena demands Jamie and Jennie hand over the book, saying witches of their level aren’t capable of handling such powerful magic. Jamie and Jennie get insulted that Rowena thinks they aren’t good enough. They tell her that they already did the spell.  Their dead mother appears…but she’s now a zombie. And after their mother kills Rowena, they’ll finish the rest of the spell. Rowena laughs that this isn’t her first zombie.  Rowena attempts a spell, but Jamie tells her that their zombie mother is magic proof and will eats her brains.  Rowena runs for her life.

Dean tells Sam that Rowena played him. “You’re like eight feet tall, you can’t reach that?” Dean asks sarcastically. Sam stretches and manages to grab the hex bag which he gives to Dean to burn.  They are released from the spell. “Let’s go kill some witches,” Dean tells Sam.

Rowena holds off the zombie mom until Sam and Dean arrives. Jamie and Jennie have used a spell that makes them unusually strong as they fight Sam and Dean. Rowena manages to use a headshot and kill zombie mom. Then her trusty beastie spell has Jamie and Jennie turning on each other as Rowena orders them to end it. “You really thought that after all that I was going to double cross you?” Rowena asks. Dean demands that Rowena hand over the book. Rowena pleads with Sam, reminding him that Lucifer will be back and she can’t be helpless again.

When they return to the Men of Letters bunker, Dean opens the book where a page has been torn out. He says that Sam let Rowena get in his head and just gave the deadly witch in the world a page from a power book of magic. Sam promises that if Rowena breaks bad, he’ll kill her himself.

Rowena performs the spell from the torn page of the grimoire. A surge of electricity envelops her and Rowena’s eyes glue blue. What power has the spell given Rowena and is she strong enough if she faces Lucifer again?

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