Supernatural – Wayward Sisters

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By: Stacy Miller


In Iowa, werewolves are holding a little girl (Eden Summer Gilmore) captive when someone knocks on the door. “Who’s there?” the werewolf asks. “Delivery,” the girl on the other side answers. The werewolf opens the door. “I think you’ve got the wrong house,” The werewolf tells the girl. It’s Claire (Kathryn Newton). “Your name’s on the box,” Claire says. She shows him the mailing label. It reads ‘Mr. Werewolf.’ Before the werewolf can react, Claire springs into action with shotgun blazes and assures the little girl, Amanda Fitzmartin that she’ll be right there to untie. Suddenly, the werewolf tackles Claire to the ground and asks “Who the Hell do you think you are?” Claire stabs the werewolf with a silver knife and answers “I kill monsters.” Claire goes to Amanda and says “Your mother’s been looking for you.  It’s going to be okay.” Just then, a female werewolf growls and Claire turns around and shoots and kills the creature, “Like I said, totally okay.”  The next morning, Claire drives Amanda home and watches the happy mother and daughter reunion when her cell phone rings. It is Jody (Kim Rhodes). “Claire, it’s Sam and Dean…they’re missing.” We see a flashback from the mid-season finale with Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) trapped in The Bad Place. “They were on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them since. It’s time to come home.”

Claire arrives in Sioux Falls and greets Jody and Alex (Katherine Ramdeen). “Did you miss me?” Claire asks Alex. “Not really,” answers Alex. But both girls smile at the other, it is obvious that they are happy to see each other. Jody introduces Claire to Patience (Clark Backo). “You a hunter?” Claire asks. “Psychic,” Patience answers. Claire notices that Patience is wearing her (Claire’s) sweatshirt and asks whether the girl is sleeping in her room too. Jody responses that Claire’s room is being used for storage.  I guess that is what happens when you leave home. Jody plays the voicemail she received from Sam and Dean and tells Claire about Kaia Nieves (Yadira Gueves-Prip). Claire is annoyed when Alex gets ready to leave to go to her nightshift job at the hospital.  Claire reminds that she has a job too “It’s called hunting.” After Alex leaves, Claire assures Jody that she (Claire) has been hunting and she’s fine. “No you’re not. Patience had a vision,” Jody tells Claire. We see Patience’s vision of a blade and Jody cradling Claire’s unmoving body. “I saw you die,” Patience tells Claire. But even though Patience’s vision seem to have come true, she tells Claire that she’s still trying to figure things out.  Claire takes this as proof that Patience can also be wrong in her visions.  Jody reminds Claire of the seriousness of the situation. Claire says that Jody hasn’t never since what she (Claire) can do because every time they have gone out on a hunt, Jody takes care of the monster while Claire waits in the car.  Claire thinks she’s capable even if she does dive right into danger. “Sitting back, making a plan that’s how people die,” Claire tells Jody, assuring that she won’t die.  Then leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Kaia is found on the road and loaded into an ambulance as something watches from the trees.

Claire arrives at the hospital and comments on how Alex is dressed. “It’s a uniform, what’s your excuse.  You look like Biker Barbie.” Claire is surprised that Alex seems to still be helping Jody on cases. “If she needs my help with anything dishes, monsters…I’m there for her,” Alex tells Claire. “Unlike me,” says Claire echoing the unspoken meaning in Alex’s statement. “If I would have stuck around, she would have worried,” Claire says. “She never stopped,” Alex tells Claire but knows that her surrogate sister didn’t come to her (Alex) job for a heart-to-heart.  Claire asks Alex for a few minutes to use Alex’s computer. But Alex tells her she already checked for rock aliases and Jane Does brought into the hospital. But when Alex checks again, she sees that a Jane Doe was just brought in a few minutes ago.

In her hospital room, Kaia yanks out her IV and opens the drawers to get her stuff so she can escape. Claire stands at the door and tells Kaia that she’d make her getaway too if she had the cops on her ass. Kaia asks who Claire is. “I’m a friend of Sam and Dean Winchester and I think you know them too,” Claire answers. When Kaia goes outside, a monster approaches. Claire appears and pulls out her knife but the monster tosses her across the air like a Barbie doll. Jody arrives, firing shots. Claire gets up and stabs the monster. “So, let’s talk,” Claire says to Kaia.

Back at Jody’s house while Patience watches, Alex and Jody perform an autopsy on the monster. Claire asks Kaia about the monster.  Kaia tells Claire that she (Kaia) has seen that monster in her nightmares.  Claire shows Kaia are her hunting wounds/badges. The girls are hitting it off. Claire brings Kaia to the “autopsy room.” Kaia tells Alex, Jody and Patience that she is a dream walker and has seen those things before in The Bad Place. There is a door that can get to The Bad Place, but if Sam and Dean are there, they’re already dead.

In The Bad Place, we see Sam and Dean.  Dean is cooking something over a fire. “Don’t tell me it taste like chicken,” Sam says. “No Sam it’s a lizard. It taste like a lizard,” Dean answers. “We really ought keep moving, keep looking for that door,” Sam tells Dean. But Dean reminds his brother that if they fail to find the door, they could be stuck in monster land forever. And no one from back home even knows where they are. Suddenly, they hear a growl and are not eager to find out what it’s coming from. Dean makes sure to take his lizard cuisine with him before the boys run off.

Alex finds Patience is packing to return home. Patience reasons that if she goes home now, her father may take her back. She tells Alex that she’s not a fighter. Alex says that she’s not a fighter either but helps out in other ways and Patience can too.  But Patience’s mind is made up, she’s leaving. However as she walks to her car, Patience gets another vision of those monsters breaking into Jody’s house. Wasting no time, Patience rushes back inside and tells Jody, Alex, Kaia and Claire that the monsters are coming and they are all in danger. She says they have to leave now, but Claire wants to stay and fight. Patience says they will be killed if they go up against the monsters. “There’s too many.” Next, we see the monsters breaking into Jody’s house just like in Patience’s vision. Claire watches the scene from her phone as a camera was set up in the house. It’s a good thing they left! “Believe me now?” Patience asks Claire.

The next day, the car stops and Jody tells the gang that she called in backup. We see a car pull up with the license plate D-Train. It is Donna (Briana Buckmaster). Alex smiles and rushes over to hug Donna. “You too Rainbow Brite, bring it in,” Donna says enveloping Claire in a hug as well. Jody introduces Kaia and Patience to Donna saying “She’s killed a lot of vampires.” “I do what I can,” is Donna’s response and directs the group to the trunk of her car “I brought the basics.” ‘Why do you have all of that?” Patience asks. “I’m from Minnesota,” Donna answers.  Jody calls Claire aside and tells her that even though she knows Claire wants to come along, she needs her to stay there and protect the other girls. For the first time, Claire doesn’t argue.

Meanwhile in The Bad Place, a figure wearing a hood uses a spear as a quarterstaff to knock Sam and Dean out.

Claire tells Kaia how after learning Patience’s visions of her (Claire) death, she feels like hanging back and letting Jody take care of things. But because Sam and Dean saved her life, Claire feels she needs to save them.  Kaia tells Claire that if she goes, she’ll (Kaia) go with her.

Sam and Dean wake up and find themselves tied to trees. They hear a monster in the background. The dinner bell has been rung!

Claire asks for Patience’s keys.  Meanwhile, Jody and Donna arrive at Larsons Brothers Shipyard and Jody sees the door to The Bad Place. She tells Donna that she needs to go through. But first they have to hide in a truck when they hear more of the monsters. Shots are fired. Jody and Donna come out of the truck and see Alex, Kaia, Claire and Patience. “I called, you didn’t answer. We worried,” Claire tells Jody.

Donna gives Patience Shotgun 101 lessons while Claire tells Jody she has to let her go save Sam and Dean. Kaia takes Claire’s hand and they jump through the rift.

In The Bad Place, Sam and Dean are surprised to see Kaia and Claire. Sam and Dean ask where Jack is. “He’s in the other place,” Kaia answers. But before they can go through the door, the hooded figure throws its spear at Claire.  But Kaia pushes Claire out of the way and is hit instead. As a giant monkey-like creature growls overhead, Sam, Dean and Claire jump through the door.  And at the shipyard, Patience shoots and kills her first monster. “No!” shouts Claire as the door closes. Jody comforts Claire who cries over the loss of Kaia. Sam and Dean tells Jody that when Claire is ready to tell her thank you. They warn Jody that the rift was opened for a while and more of those things could have come through. “You go take care of the world. We got Sioux Falls covered,” Jody assures Sam and Dean as the boys take off.

Jody goes to Claire’s room. Claire now realizes why Jody always worries about her.  She (Claire) blames herself for rushing in without a plan and failing to protect Kaia.  As Patience killed a monster, she’s now a part of the family. Claire writes in her journal: “I came back to Sioux Falls to save Sam and Dean Winchester and I did. No, we did. All of these amazing women, my family.  They don’t know it yet, they think I’m staying because I’m broken. But I’m staying because I need them, my family. The thing that killed Kaia is still out there and I don’t care if I have to tear another hole in the universe, we’re going to find it and I’m going to kill it.”

The hooded figure jumps through a rift and takes down its hood. It’s a girl and she looks like Kaia!

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