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“Swerve: to deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course. Swerving is the decision not to hit one thing and maybe hit something else instead. To deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course. That’s the story of my life. I’ve been accused of self-sabotage. Things will be going fine, well, as expected anyway and then for seemingly no reason, I’ll jerk the wheel of my life and crash into something totally unexpected. I call that the swerve.” ELISE


Starry Constellation Magazine has been very honored to bring you thoughts and details about Swerve Season 2 by its creator and director Jason Armstrong; two of its stars, Sharon Belle and Winny Clarke and my (@freegolaw) thoughts about what might be in store for all #Swerves and #Swearpers in Season 2.  Now that we are over halfway through with Season 2, I thought it was time we heard from the #Swervers and #Sweapers and find out what they think of this season so far and what Swerve has meant to them.

I took to Twitter and asked the following questions: (1) How would you describe Swerve? (2) What is your favorite scene? (3) What if any predictions do you have for what is to come?

The response was overwhelming (in a good way) and reminded me why I feel so honored to be a part of the #Swerver/#Swearper family. Not only has Jason Armstrong written and created a wonderful, thought-provoking, touching, thrilling and dramatic series; he has also created a loving and supportive online community where #Swervers and #Swearpers always have a place to go to discuss the episodes and the feelings they evoke. #Swervers and #Swearpers have created on online family where no one is alone and everyone feels as though they have finally found their home. Every Tuesday and Thursday, even before the newest chapter is posted, fans, stars, creators and producers of Swerve take to Twitter and discuss what has already happened and what may happen next. It appears that Elise is not the only person who was on a journey to find “home.” For many #Swervers and #Swearpers who feel alone, Jason Armstrong and Swerve have given them in the words of one Swerver “a place to be myself and not feel judged. A home of sorts.”


  • How would you describe Swerve?

Kat Inokai @bumpandhustle:

#SwerveSeries is refreshingly real; it doesn’t try to impress – but rather expresses. We’re all thinking these things. All feeling them… I think the writing sets us apart. The story just grabs at your core. It’s a drama; a thriller; but it unfolds at its own pace. That’s rare. And as soon as you relax and start to go with it – SWERVE. @SkinlessJsn is so good at that.

Katerina Dolezalova @KateDolezalova:

“Get paralyzed by all the blank, white space.” We are scared to achieve our dreams. And what’s really killing us are not unfulfilled dreams, but dreams we are scared to dream about. Also, we can be completely alone in a middle of a crowded street. We need real and deep connections. So important to spread this message and Swerve does that! Every little detail, you can feel it with Elise. How she’s lost, but trying to find herself in a middle of the chaos in her life. We wanna support her, help her, because we wanna believe that she can win. If she can, we can and we wanna believe that. Swerve is a touching story about people, people with effort and we need more of those.

Kat @CatsAndLillies:

To me #SwerveSeries is like an unfinished Rubik’s cube. At first you can only see 1 or 2 faces of the cube. Plus the mixed up colours let it look messy & inscrutable. But once you start looking deeper, you being to see the other faces & colours & you realize you’re holding a masterpiece! You’ll get hooked by it & you’ll try to solve the puzzle. But every time a new chapter is released, it turns around a face of the cube & it leaves you with a new puzzle, one that you hadn’t thought about before.

Rottiegrl @freegolaw

My opinion of @SwerveSeries is that it is poetry in motion. The monologues steal my heart every episode. The dialogue is amazing and profound. @Sharongrumble reaches new levels every episode. No matter how different you may be to Elise and her choices, the way Sharon portrays her makes her so relatable. The emotions she (Sharon) can convey with a singly look breaks my heart every time. I would absolutely say she is a “less is more” type of actor. Her performance has such a subtlety and grace that I fall more and more in love with the character of Elise in each chapter. I love how the series takes something as uncommon as contract killers and combines it with something as relatable as finding you place in this world and finding your home and your family; be it by blood or by choice. I think that was such an unexpected and brilliant choice. I love that Swerve constantly surprises me and manages to do that while still remaining completely true to the characters.

MarsVogel @MarzyMartian

I love the suspense and the mystery. The way it’s misleading, yet it all comes together in the end. Well rounded characters, deep emotions.

CoryXenos @CoryX182

#SwerveSeries is a rollercoaster that takes you places you don’t want to go emotionally, but when you step off you say let’s go again.

Emma @NerdPancake

Swerve is a show that captures the mystery of life, love and death and wraps it all up in a beautifully made series.

Oliver @IvyDreams

Swerve brings you along on the unexpected journey of a person who doesn’t have all their answers yet.

Katherine @kleffnotes

I describe it as thrilling, dramatic roller coaster series that focuses on one woman and her need to Swerve.

Tiffany @GleekCreampuff

I’m not great with words at all, but I do know Swerve is a series I love that can make me feel all the emotions at once. The characters feel real. The writing is intelligent and the acting is top notch. It’s just a brilliant series and I am glad it exists.

TragkFreak @sadfreakohmy

To me it means a place to be myself and not feel judged. A home of sorts <3


  • What is your favorite scene?

Katerina Dolezalova @KateDolezalova

All the monologues from Elise. The absolutely “no small talk” rule, the candle lighting scene.

Kat @CatsAndLillies

When Jen is braiding Elise’s hair and the 2nd intense eye contact scene between Elise and Stevie. I feel like in both scenes Elise is letting her guard down and trusting the other enough to allow this closeness.

Rottiegrl @freegolaw

When Elise and Jen first meet and Jen’s first words are “are you okay?” Normally first words are “hi”, but Jen’s first words were all about her concern for this stranger. This stranger who really needed that question to be genuinely asked.

CoryXenos @CoryX182

Is that there is something for everyone. It forces and allows (at the same time) one to confront issues within oneself. Grief and loss are something that even the toughest people have issues with. It’s hard. This series faces that head on. Jason’s work is truthful, pure and honest. And I think that’s why it’s so appealing. These aren’t topics that are covered often or well, but #SwerveSeries does it with a grace and beauty and raw honesty that is unmatched in film today.

Emma @NerdPancake

S2 is definitely the record store scene. S1 is looking into each other’s eyes with Elise and Stevie.

Ramsey @profmramsey2011

One (of many) is how @Sharongrumble doesn’t say a single line (while she is looking for Tylenol) and discovers all the meds. Unspoken soliloquy.

Tiffany @GleekCreampuff

Elise and Stevie with their eye connection.


  • What if any predictions do you have for what is to come?


Katerina Dolezalova @KateDolezalova

It will blow our minds like S1. Nothing less, nothing more.

Mars Vogel @MarzyMartian

I wonder if Mr. Nobody is connected to Elise in some way. I also wonder if his wife is involved.

CoryXenos @CoryX182

I’m really afraid that Mr. Nobody is going to corner Elise and Stevie but that it won’t be until the end of the season. I don’t want either to die, but I predict that he’ll kill Stevie for sure. And that, ultimately, Elise is going to Swerve again. I think people can change and be affected by their environment, but sometimes natural instincts kick in, people revert to old behaviors. If it happens, it’s only natural that Elise would swerve again and leave. I WANT to see her happy. But, I know how Jason writes HAHA. He writes life like it happens. And we don’t always get the happy ending. We get reality…which is often bittersweet.

Emma @NerdPancake

I foresee some Elise/Paris/Stevie love triangle.











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