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By: Brittany Dailey



Q) What’s it been like for you, now that we have Rosita’s backstory and we have seen more of her character?


A) There is definitely an evolution in her being. She kind of comes out of it more and is more independent and she doesn’t live in the shadows of being protected anymore, because the secret is out. I think she can finally settle in herself and be who she is and even with one on one conversation you get to see that she’s the type of girl who goes to the spa and takes the extra shaver or the extra shampoo bottles. No one wants to admit that, but she doesn’t care. Her honesty is pretty courageous, which I really admire in Rosita, and it’s been great. For me, there is a sense of relief. I didn’t know how the fans were going to act towards the character and if they were going to like her. Ultimately, that’s the bits and pieces of who I really am. It’s definitely nerve wracking. Just like Rosita, you want to be liked to a certain extent. It’s nice to get that feedback from the fans and have that Twitter that is very much a sounding board for an artist. We don’t have a stage where we get an immediate reaction. It’s nice to get these tweets back and really see the reaction from all of the fans.


Q) Why do you think Rosita decided to take on the route of a scholar and pursue multiple degrees?


A) I think it’s the way she was killed, there’s a lot of history there that hasn’t been spoken about. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I think it’s knowing that Rosita was a revenant and wanting to do more with her life. If you’re going to be on this Earth than having a purpose, even if you are considered a demon. I don’t think it was by choice, her being a demon. And I think for a lot of revenants it wasn’t by choice, which we’re really starting to see some of these revenants are real people. I think for her its having a purpose and growth in general. Her being able to grow as a human being and evolve, beyond what she considered, is a big deal for her.


Q) Did you know ahead of time how many episodes you would be in or how prominent your character and story arc would be in this season?


A) I didn’t know how prominent the story arc or the character would be, but I did know that I was going to eight or nine of twelve episodes. I think she (Emily Andras) wanted to see how we all interacted and wrote from there. I really liked. I didn’t know that Rosita was a revenant until I read that specific script. It allowed my character to breathe and to really live in moments. I did know that Rosita had somewhat of a history and that she is a supernatural being of some sort because she’s known Doc for a long time. I built my own backstory. Maybe she could live forever, maybe she had that ability or made that same deal. I didn’t know at the time.


Q) Rosita is so interesting because she’s Team Wynonna although she’s been on the outside coming in. We see her help save Dolls, as well as helping to save Nicole, who she doesn’t know very well. She is atypical, not only as a revenant, but of what is expected of stereotype or archetype as Doc’s romantic interest.


A) The motivation behind that is complex on many different levels when it comes to not having a community of people, for her. She’s a lone wolf and she’s been a lone wolf. I think she comes into this world where people care about each other and I think that she craves that and she wants to be part of that. There are multiple reasons behind her being Team Wynonna. I think honestly as much bad as she’s done in her life, in her core she is a good person.


Q) Can you talk about the finale at all?


A) [laughs] I think the last episode is going to be pleasantly surprising or extremely ordinary. There are a lot of cliffhangers.


Q) Technically you did die, in the alternate universe.


A) It was fun to play that character in the alternate universe. It was different than who Rosita is. I don’t think she’s as independent or as courageous. There is a little meekness to her, in the real world. In the alternate world she’s balls out or vagina out.


Q) You mostly work with Tim Rozon. What’s that been like working with Dominique, Melanie and Varun?


A) They all are so giving, as artists and performers. Tim is incredible. He could act with a door knob and be incredible. He’s definitely someone who is very present in it. It’s like family. They are incredible. Varun is just funny. We had one night where we went into super long hours and we got into that super silly mood of being awake too long and laughing our asses off. My favorite scene with me and Mel is coming up. Dom is just amazing. She is in my heart forever. She is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. We got along really well on set. They all are such amazing people to work with.


Q) Who would you want to work with in Season 3? If we have to say hypothetically, who you haven’t worked with?


A) BoBo (Michael Eklund). I feel like they are both revenants and storyline wise it would be interesting to see what their relationship was or is. Obviously, they know each other.


Q) What’s been your favorite thing about playing Rosita?


A) Playing the dynamic of being super intelligent and being able to play with being a woman and living in her own sexuality and being comfortable with that. I think that those two are never seen on the same page. It’s been really awesome to play both and see the dynamic of that in a three-dimensional character. It’s probably the most fun for me, and her off the cusp being honest.


Q) Do you have a favorite line?


A) ‘You greet a girl, you don’t point your shooter at her.’ I think that’s pretty witty and snarky. Also, ‘I hope you’re as good at drawing a placenta as I am.’ [laughs] Pregnant Pictionary.


Q) How was it getting to shake up the dynamics between Doc and Wynonna and getting to watching the fan reaction?


A) I think the fan reaction was a little more accepting of the Doc and Wynonna shake up then the Wayhaught shake up. With Doc and Rosita, I think a lot of the fans are rooting for them to be together, to some extent. Then, with the other side (Wayhaught). They’re in a real relationship and that dynamic is so different. Comparatively with Wynonna, it’s a real triangle.


Q) What’s been the most rewarding thing for you being part of the series? I understand that you did watch Season 1 prior to getting the role.


A) I was involved in the audition process in Season 1. I auditioned for Wynonna. I saw Mel at the audition and they auditioned like 300 girls. I knew about this series and the comic books about three years ago. For me, that’s why I bought Season 1 because I really wanted to see this. When I say that I’m heavily invested and I was an Earper, that’s what it is. I knew about it from the beginning of the auditioning and fell in love with the show on page, first. Then, I fell in love with the comic books after doing my research. I was invested in it, before watching it.


Q) Rosita is a bartender, what is your go to drink?


A) A Moscow mule or a Mexican mule.


Q) How great was SDCC?


A) It was probably one of the top experiences of my life, thus far. It was incredible. Knowing that I’m part of something that is bigger than me and being part of something that makes people happy, is really cool. Having people come up and saying thank you for representing ethnic culture. It’s nice to know that someone can look on screen and see themselves there. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life, for sure.


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