Teen Wolf – After Images

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By: Kim Olson



In Tyler Posey’s directorial debut, Brett (Cody Saintgnue) is running from Gerard (Michael Hogan) and Tamora (Sibongile Mlambo), who literally prodded him and shot him with an arrow, respectively. Brett’s sister, Lori (Lily Bleu Andrew), recruits Scott (Tyler Posey), Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) to help save her brother while Mason (Khylin Rhambo) and Corey (Michael Johnston) insist Lydia (Holland Roden) use her banshee skills to help locate Brett.


Lori follows clues her brother left to the underground tunnels where he is hiding.  Liam mistakenly howls, vibrating throughout the tunnels, so Brett knows they are coming for him. Unfortunately, now the hunters also know they are there. Lori wants to find her brother, to hell with anyone else! She wants to separate from the pack, which is never ever a good idea! Never ever split up! That is how people die! She takes the lead and trips a wire Gerard set, getting Scott shot in the chest with a stake! She cannot afford to slow down and needs to go so she leaves behind Scott, who took a stake for her! The only reason Scott is even in these tunnels is because she asked for his help! Scott insists he just needs a minute, but he cannot carry on. He is in pain and Malia cannot take that away. Malia will not leave him so she stays with him while Liam and Lori continue on. With nowhere to go and nothing to do but think, Scott deduces this hunter is not a lucky amateur who is learning. They are clever. They know these tunnels. They have been around a long time. It has to be Gerard. Malia insists they call Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) because now, without him, they are about to lose Scott. But they stupidly promised they would not and hold to it. Malia is about to lose Scott, who passes out.


Liam and Lori find Brett dying, oozing black out of his face. Liam holds off the encroaching hunters long enough for Brett and Lori to get away and walk right into a trap. They exit the tunnels through a manhole and the second they reach the street a car hits Brett! The pack worked so hard the whole episode to save him, just for a car to ram him down! The car meant to mow down Lori, but Brett stepped in front of her and died to save his sister’s life. Liam jumps straight up out of the manhole and HOWLS, his teeth and yellow eyes showing to an audience of on looking civilians! Scott is alert again! Everyone knows Liam’s secret! He is about as dead as Brett! He leaped right into Gerard’s trap! Gerard wants everyone to be afraid of Scott and his pack so they will join the army he is building to hunt them all! It is Gerard Argent versus Scott McCall once again and it looks like Gerard already has the upper hand.


Mason and Corey ask Lydia to conjure a premonition to help them find Brett. Lydia needs absolute silence in order to focus, but Mason and Corey are annoying as hell and will not stop making loud noises. (Similar to when Stiles gave Lydia keys in season three, hoping to spark a premonition.) She glares at the teenage boys like, “I said be quiet.” She is going to kill them! They listen to the head bitch in charge and shut up long enough for her to go full psycho, her head spinning, as she writes down the number 68 in every single language known to man! Lydia insists she is going to investigate, alone. The number leads her to a locker, reminding her of the one that belonged to her boyfriend, Stiles.


While waiting for Lydia to finish her research, Mason and Corey go to the library to study for an upcoming test. They feel like they should be helping Lydia, but she wants to be alone. The library is packed! Psycho-eyed Nolan (Froy Gutierrez), who is also there, asks them questions that are definitely not on the test or any high school test. Mason and Corey think this kid is crazy! Scared, Nolan stabs his pen into Corey’s hand! Everyone’s eyes turn on them as blood spurts out of Corey’s hand like a geyser and then there is not even a scratch to see! Psycho killer Nolan runs out of the library and straight into Lydia Martin!


Noticing Nolan’s lacrosse number is 68; Lydia grabs his arms and asks him if he knows anything about Brett. Scared of her too and not wanting to needlessly mess with her, Nolan continues running away. Lydia, Mason and Corey meet back up and she tells them that Nolan is scared of them. She says everyone is scared of them and turning on them. Heck, they have already started!


Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) is alone, examining a (mostly) dead body in the morgue. It is the same body Mason told his best friend Liam, while they were playing video games during their first sleepover since they were ten years old, that he could not get out of his head. The lights in the morgue flicker and then turn off, so Melissa uses just the light on her phone to see. Scared, she runs out of the morgue and calls Chris (JR Bourne) for backup. Chris is scared too, which is unheard of! This is not just a dead body. It is a big red body of fear. Chris escorts Melissa home, making sure she gets there safely. Before he leaves, Melissa rests her hand on his shoulder and tells him he does not have to go. Are they about to…sleep together?!


Best Lines:

  • Corey: Does anyone speak Chinese? Mason: My phone does.
  • Lydia: I’m going alone.
  • Tamora: What if there’s a pack? Gerard: There is. You can count on it.
  • Melissa: I bet you want to know what scared the hell out of you. Chris: I’m
  • Corey: I remember, because it was like five minutes ago.
  • Gerard: The best way to build an army is through fear.

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