Teen Wolf – Broken Glass

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By: Kim Olson



In the penultimate episode of Teen Wolf, Deucalion (Gideon Emery) is training Scott (Tyler Posey) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) to fight without their eye sight in order to defeat the Anuk-ite, which will kill them and turn them to stone with just a look. Fighting the Anuk-ite without looking at it is going to be a lot harder than Scott thought because when one is afraid their eyes open wide to let more light in. One look, they die. The odds are bad, but Scott and his pack don’t run so they need to learn new fighting techniques. Deucalion trains them to fight using echolocation – determining where their opponent is based on sound. They both have superior hearing. They need to focus it, like a weapon. They fight and fight and fight each other. If his were the real deal, they’d lose. Malia walks into a crate, Deucalion trips them, Malia punches Scott in the eye and they hit walls! It’s so embarrassing; Deucalion wishes he was blind again. If they were fighting the Anuk-ite, they’d be dead time and time over again. They should wish they were were-cats instead because they could use all nine live! Scott and Malia are encouraging each other as they learn. They tell each other when they do good and sorry when they kick each other’s ass.


Lydia (Holland Roden) dreams the Anuk-ite turns her friends into a museum of supernatural statues. She sees Scott, Malia, Derek, Jackson and Peter turned to stone. In the morning, she goes to Scott’s house looking for him, but finds Peter (Ian Bohen) instead. Lydia discloses her premonition to Peter and they track down Scott to tell him. They find Scott training and tell him, “None of us are gonna survive this.” Monroe and more are coming with heavy firepower. Little do they know though, more are about to pull up to join Scott’s side as well. They’re so near, yet so far!


Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) is training and leading an army against supernaturals! She’s using Jackson  and Ethan (Charlie Carver) as examples for her students. She’s electrocuting Ethan in front of her class. Ethan wouldn’t have hurt or killed her before. Not until she hurt him. Now? He’s going to slash her throat! He’s going to use those sharp fangs of his to kill her nice and slow! Tired of hiding and being afraid, she proclaims, “It’s their turn to be afraid. Their turn to be alone. Their turn to run.” Monroe is scaring ordinary people, doctors, nurses and police into becoming killers on the inside. She’s even training more and more high schoolers to kill! It doesn’t help that the Anuk-ite is in the back of the room controlling their fear. If hunters and werewolves could become friends years ago, why can’t they now?!


At least some people are defying Monroe, like Nolan (Froy Gutierrez). No one trusts Nolan anymore. They’re afraid of what he’s going to say and who he’s going to say it to. Nolan meets with Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) in private because he wants to help him. All Liam wants is to kick his ass, still, but he can use as many allies as he can get! Gabe (Andrew Matarazzo) catches Nolan with Liam and leads him away like an executioner. Gabe does exactly what he’s supposed to: BEAT Nolan to death!


Chris (JR Bourne) finds Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) in Brazil, where he is wanted for the mass murder of twelve. It’s said he came in broad daylight, attacking in silence. Legend also claims he stood more than eight feet tall, with glowing eyes and moved with incredible speed and strength. Rumors say he turned into a wolf and disappeared into the fog, but really he drove a car right through a barn! In actuality, Derek didn’t do this. He wants to find the real killers. Chris and Derek retrieve a vile from Derek’s family vault. Chris’ sister, Kate (Jill Wagner), undercover in the FBI, steals it for her dad. They head back to Beacon Hills! That’s where it all started and that’s where it’s all going to end.


Best Lines:

  • Stilinski (Linden Ashby): If you’re coming for my friends, you’re coming for me.
  • Lydia: What are you doing here? Peter: Looking for Malia. What are you doing here? Lydia: Looking for Scott, obviously. Peter: Why? Lydia: Why are you looking for Malia? Peter: Parental concern. Why didn’t you just call Scott? Lydia: Why didn’t you call Malia? Peter: We’re not getting very far with this conversation.
  • Derek: You could’ve called. Chris: You don’t have a phone. Derek: I should probably get one.
  • Peter: That is disturbing on multiple levels!
  • Peter: Lydia, don’t hold back on me. I never held back on you!
  • Peter: Do you ever see anything remotely optimistic? Lydia: It’s optimistic if you prevent it.

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