Teen Wolf – The Wolves of War

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By: Kim Olson


It’s time. The current chapter in Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) story is coming to an end. Between the Anuk-ite, Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) and Gerard (Michael Hogan), the dogs of war are coming for him. Let the final battles begin!


An all-out war is crippling Beacon Hills. Hunters are SHOOTING at the town’s supernaturals – Scott, Lydia (Holland Roden), Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Peter (Ian Bohen). The pack hides behind pillars and crates in an abandoned garage. They’re losing badly! These hunters REALLY want them dead! Scared, Lydia ducks down low plugging her ears!  Out of nowhere, her boyfriend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) drives up in his jeep, Roscoe, and saves the day! He runs a hunter over with his car! Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who is at his side, immediately springs into action! Warning: Fight WITH Derek Hale, not against! He wolfs out and attacks the surrounding hunters! He rips the gun out of one of their hands and knocks them out with it! He body slams another hunter into the ground! With the hunters distracted, Malia throws one against a wall and kicks another in the face as Peter straight up attacks one! All the hunters just give up and run away! When the dust settles, Scott notices Deucalion (Gideon Emery) has been shot dead! Scott pulls back and hugs his Alpha, Derek.


Back at the closed animal shelter, everyone listens intently as Stiles explains how he and Derek reunited. He tells them, “Day one of my internship, up comes this slide about this guy they’ve been chasing in the woods of North Carolina. I learn that the FBI has cornered this federal mass-murdering unsub…and were planning a SWAT assault to take him down dead or alive…So, I convinced them to take me on the field op.” Stiles’ girlfriend, Lydia, is faking mad because he convinced the FBI to bring an intern onto an extremely dangerous field operation to save Derek’s life. Stiles describes to them how, in his FBI vest, he had to carry a bloodied, clinging to life, Derek out and away from gunfire. Now, Lydia knows Stiles is just lying to impress her. Derek explains what really happened. HE actually carried out Stiles because Stiles couldn’t walk. Stiles was wailing and limp from pain! “They shot my toe!” exclaims Stiles, offering to show it to them. “My toe was caught in the crossfire. It was obliterated. Obliterated.” Now that sounds more like Stiles, thinks everyone.


Lydia goes with Stiles to rescue her ex-boyfriend Jackson (Colton Haynes) from Gerard’s armory, where he’s being held captive. She thinks Jackson might have the answer to defeating the Anuk-ite. Stiles isn’t feeling optimistic, but he’s with Lydia and she’s with him. She’ll make him feel better and put that cocky smile back on his face real quick. Stiles hopes Lydia is ok too, as she is uncomfortable and turns away at the thought of her ex-boyfriend being tortured and electrocuted. Jackson can handle himself though! When the guard watching him takes a closer look at him, he paralyzes the hunter with his claws that produce venom, chokes the hunter out with his tail, swings the hunter into the wall and kills him. All before his friends save him! He hears Lydia’s SCREAM knock out four hunters standing guard and sees Stiles kick down the door. Before Stiles can get out a “hey, Jackson,” Lydia (Jackson’s ex-girlfriend) excitedly runs right past him and into her ex-boyfriend’s arms! She SQUEALS as she hugs him, after not seeing each other for years! As Jackson’s hands lower down Lydia’s back to her booty, Stiles warns, “Not too close. Watch the hands.” The look on Stiles’ face says it all! He is not amused! He looks like he’s going to throw up! He’s been away at college for MONTHS. He comes back one night and his girlfriend, the love of his life, is running into her ex-boyfriend’s arms in front of him?! Understandably sad and over watching this hug, he childishly pulls the exes apart. He literally pulls his girlfriend off her ex! Proud of their work, Lydia says, “I did that,” referring to the four guards on the ground. Stiles says, “I kicked down the door.” Proud of her man, Lydia pats him on the shoulder, validating him. Before they get the hell out of there, Jackson HAS TO rescue his boyfriend, Ethan! Lydia is NOT the least bit surprised her ex is gay! She always suspected. “I thought you’d never figure it out,” she tells him.


Scott, Derek, Peter and Malia head to the school where hunters are waiting for them. Monroe finds and shoots Scott with a bullet laced with yellow wolfsbane, given to her by Gerard. Scott is not ok. The yellow wolfsbane is going to kill him. He groans from immeasurable pain until he passes out! Derek saves him by doing the only thing he can: Burning out the wolfsbane.

Before Derek is finished, he hears his deceased ex-girlfriend, Jennifer (Haley Webb). Rather, he hears the Anuk-ite, which has shapeshifted into Jennifer. Derek fights to keep his eyes shut, to not look at “her” for fear of turning to stone. “She” asks him, “Are you gonna let them kill me again? Are you gonna leave me for dead? Or are you willing to give me another chance? …Don’t I sound real? …Don’t you wanna look at me one more time? Don’t you wanna remember me? Remember us? Please look at me.” As strong as Derek is, the Anuk-ite is better. “Jennifer” grabs his hand, with his claws out, and runs it down her body. Against better judgment, Derek opens his eyes, sees the Anuk-ite and turns to stone!


After seeing two hunters turned to stone, Peter hears his daughter, Malia, calling for him. Instead of closing his eyes immediately, he turns around and sees the Anuk-ite. He too turns into a Greek statue! Fortunately, though, he still has a faint heartbeat.


Lydia, Jackson and Ethan arrive at the school. Hiding from the Anuk-ite, Lydia walks into a room. When she turns around Malia is in statue form staring back at her. Jackson and Ethan walk blindly around the locker room. They each open their eyes, see the Anuk-ite and turn to stone, too. Just like in Lydia’s premonition, they have all turned to stone!


Perhaps the key to everything – restoring everyone to heir human form and stopping the town from tearing itself apart – is defeating the Anuk-ite. If they can take out the fear, they can take out the fight. Everyone else may have lost their optimism, but Scott hasn’t. Still alive, he knows how to fight and catch the Anuk-ite. He knows how to save them all. He can’t be beat. He’s not afraid of the Anuk-ite anymore. Hiding in the library, he doesn’t just keep his eyes plugged and ears covered; he claws out his own eyeballs! He screams as blood drips down his face! With his hearing amplified, he hears the Anuk-ite say, “You think you can fight me, but you can’t. Your friends are gone. They saw my face and it drove them insane. They’re gone because of you. You failed them. You failed everyone, especially her. Especially Allison.” The Anuk-ite shapeshifts into every villain Scott has already beaten – Void!Stiles, the Nogitsune, a Bezerker, an Oni and a Dread Doctor. All the villains are coming back to take on Scott one last time! Scott sees everyone attacking him! His friends Derek and Malia run at and fight him. He hears Lydia scream! The Anuk-ite continues, “Your fear is different, Scott. There’s power underneath. Your power. Your fear brings me freedom! I won’t be trapped again. I won’t be caught and caged ever again. Not ever!” Angry, the Anuk-ite throws a table! Unafraid, Scott tells it, “You wanted enough power so that you could never be trapped again. You wanted the power of a shapeshifter like me. But that comes with all the rules of being a shapeshifter! We have weakness and we have lines we can’t cross!” Saving the day, Stiles rushes in! Facing his lifelong fear of going blind, he throws mountain ash at the Anuk-ite and turns it to stone! Scott was just distracting the Anuk-ite, holding it off until Stiles could get there.


Scott figured it out, like he always does! With the Anuk-ite dead, Derek, Peter, Malia, Jackson and Ethan are set free! But it’s not over yet. In the hallways, Derek and Peter knock out hunters who are about to shoot them and, in the locker room, Coach (Orny Adams) beats a hunter to a pulp with a lacrosse stick before it can take out Jackson and Ethan! Yep, Coach has been there the whole time! Now, it’s over.


Scott is sitting on the library steps with his best friend, Stiles, at his side. Scott’s eyes aren’t healing. Instead, he’s having a panic attack. He can’t focus enough to restore his vision. All his friends can do is stand around him and watch him be in pain. In his last line of the series, Stiles begs his best friend to “concentrate.” Looking at Stiles, Lydia remembers when she saved him from a panic attack by kissing him. She remembers when everything changed. She remembers when she kissed the love of her life for the first time and fell in love! With her last line of the series, Lydia tells Malia to kiss Scott. Malia kisses Scott and, sure enough, like magic he stops panicking long enough to focus and heal himself. His friends are relieved. Remembering their first kiss, Stiles and Lydia hold hands. Stiles looks at her lips, then her eyes and back to her lips. It’s been a long time. They now know what they’re doing after they win this war!


Gerard is still strategically positioning his army against Scott’s. Hunters are everywhere in the hospital as Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) goes to work. Still a nurse, Melissa wakes up Nolan (Froy Gutierrez), who is surprisingly not dead. He’s just bleeding from his head. Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) is also at the hospital. Anywhere he turns, a trigger-happy hunter is pointing a gun at him. Mason (Khylin Rhambo) and Corey (Michael Johnston) can’t leave the hospital without Liam. Before turning invisible to face the hunters together, Mason and Corey tell each other they love each other. They’re in love and ready to take on the world! Invisible, they knock out a hunter with a bedpan. Mason then throws the potty on the ground and liquid spills out. “I think this bedpan was still being used,” he jokes. Saving Liam, Theo (Cody Christian) arrives and pulls his (boy)friend back into an elevator! They tell each other they won’t die for each other, even though they totally would, but they will fight together! They open the doors to the elevator and jump off the walls. While bullets spray at them, they kick down hunters and throw them against the walls. They use each other as spring boards to take down their next opponent and the next! Badass Mama McCall helps them by electrocuting hunters! Gabe (Andrew Matarazzo) has his gun pointed on them. He is shooting and Melissa is ducking! Protecting Melissa, Liam unwisely runs in the line of fire toward Gabe and throws him back! Trying to kill Liam, another hunter shoots and kills Gabe! Nolan, on the supernaturals’ side, knocks the hunter out with a fire hydrant. Gabe crawls on the floor, presumably, to get away. But he’s not supernatural. He can’t heal. He is dead. Monroe lost. Her number one recruit is dead. Not about to change, she runs away before she dies, too. Realizing they work well together, Liam and Nolan become co-captains for their great coach, Finstock.


Hunters, undercover in the police force, are torturing Parrish (Ryan Kelley) in Eichen House. Saving the day, badass Papa Stilinski (Linden Ashby) takes on them all! All in a day’s work, he punches one in the nose, breaks another’s arm, kicks their heads into the walls and brings them to the ground! All the sheriff walks away with is a nosebleed! He orders the deputies to release Parrish. Stilinski and Parrish then release Scott’s dad (Matthew Del Negro) from jail. McCall came back to enter the fight in his son’s name, but didn’t get very far. Then, the three authoritative men work together to remove weapons from the hunters’ hands. They drop them like they’re hot potatoes!


In the armory, sick, old man Gerard shoots his daughter, Kate (Jill Wagner), with a bullet laced with yellow wolfsbane because she’s “one of them.” Realizing she can never please him, no matter how hard she tries, she kills her daddy! She stops whimpering on the ground long enough to get up and maul her father to death! Gerard’s son, Chris (JR Bourne), finally just walks away from his blood family and toward the one he chose for himself – the McCalls. He walks through Melissa’s front door and plants a big kiss on her.


Sometime in the future, Scott isn’t in Beacon Hills anymore. He wakes up in a motel room at the Moonlit Palm Motor Lodge somewhere outside of LA. His stepdad, Chris, is at his door. Scott gets on his motorcycle and Chris into his car and they drive off for the day’s adventure. Scott saves a teenage werewolf, Alec (Benjamin Wadsworth), from one of thousands of Monroe’s followers who is hunting him through LA. Scott pulls a crossbow out of Alec. Driving away to temporary safety, Scott tells Alec his story. He says, “There was this kid. Sixteen, alone and running for his life. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns, crossbows. They were hunting him. It started on the night of a full moon. Something came at him. Something bit him. And it changed his life. It changed everything…. I’ve got my own story. But there were parts I didn’t expect. People that I thought that would be with me forever were the ones that I lost. Some people I thought I could never trust ended up saving my life, more than once…We’ve all got stories…More people know our secret now, but more of them are on our side. They weren’t afraid of us anymore. Now we have allies who used to be enemies. We have protectors. We have friends willing to fight for us.” Chris drops Scott off to meet up with some of those friends now. Scott tells Alec, “We’re meeting up with some people who can help us.” Stiles and Lydia pull up together in Roscoe, Derek in his fast car and Malia and Liam in another car. “Some of them are always with us,” Scott says. “Others come when we need them.” The eternal lovebirds exit Roscoe. Scott continues, “Some can do things you’d never believe. Others might only be human, but they make up for it by being really smart or really good in a fight.” Grown-woman Lydia Martin smiles at the love of her life, Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski, as he winks at his best friend since childhood, Scott McCall. “You can be with us if you want,” Scott tells Alec. “But you’re gonna have to fight.” “Against Monroe?” Alec asks. “And everyone who follows her,” Scott replies. Alec continues, “She said she’d find me, that she’d hunt me down and kill me. She didn’t care how old I was. She said I was a monster.” “You’re not a monster,” says Scott. “You’re a werewolf, like me,” he proclaims. Scott’s red eyes glow as he looks at his beta, Liam. Scott walks over to his alpha, Derek. Lydia smiles at Stiles as they follow close behind. Scott wraps his arm around his best friend. Liam and Malia follow and Alec joins them. Scott and his friends, his pack, walk away arm-in-arm ready for another fight.


Best Lines:

  • Jackson: I’m gonna shove that thing so far up your ass!
  • Jackson: I used to drive a Porsche, but I can’t drive sports cars anymore. There’s no room for my tail.
  • Lydia: You still have a tail?
  • Deputy: Stilinski… Stilinski: Sherriff. You refer to me by my proper title, Deputy. Deputy: What are you, like 60?
  • Ethan: I closed my eyes and I couldn’t see which way she went.

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