Teen Wolf – Triggers

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By: Kim Olson



Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Theo (Cody Christian) lure Nolan (Froy Gutierrez), Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) and Gerard (Michael Hogan), along with the rest of the hunters, into a large elaborate trap they set up for them at the abandoned zoo. Liam chose this place because it’s like Mykonos, the Greek island. He explains, “In the city they built these long, narrow, winding streets that all meet up with each other. Invaders would get lost in them like they were in a maze, trying to figure out which way to go.” Hopefully, the same thing happens with the hunters. They bait Nolan toward them by having him follow Mason (Khylin Rhambo) to the zoo. Catching Nolan’s eye, Mason walks through the school hallways carrying an armful of blankets to Lydia’s car, which he also has full of food and at least six sleeping bags. Nolan trails Mason out of school and up to the zoo, driving closely behind him. Nolan is under the impression that the alpha, Scott (Tyler Posey), and his entire pack along with banshee Lydia (Holland Roden) are hiding out at the zoo. But it’s just Theo and Liam. Nolan’s superiors don’t believe him that the entire pack is at the zoo…That is until Theo and Liam start fighting. Theo punches Liam twice and slashes his chest, ripping his t-shirt! In return, Liam breaks Theo’s nose once, twice, three times. He lets it heal and then breaks it again! They make enough noise that Gerard, Monroe and two vans full of hunters show up as Nolan’s back up. Gerard gives Nolan a bow and orders him to shoot Liam to kill. He wants Liam dead because the bond between an alpha and his beta is as strong, if not stronger, than the bond between parent and child. Scott will fall and when he does, “It’ll break all of them,” says Monroe.


When Nolan approaches, Liam throws him off a ledge, taking himself with him! Liam crashes to the ground triggering a hallucination and murderous rage! He imagines his old lacrosse team, Devenford Prep, is PUMMELING him with balls as punishment for losing the game! Liam is scared! (The Akun-ite must be nearby!) He hears his ex-teammates say, “We lost because you let every single player get past you. You should share some of my pain. This is what it means to be part of the team.” In reality, Nolan is going to shoot Liam! Coming out of his hallucination, Liam throws Nolan against a wall! He nearly kills him, almost tearing his head off! But, instead, Liam breaks his hands punching the wall! He roars as Theo knocks him out, protecting him! Theo tells Nolan to run, sparing his life! Theo has to knock Liam out five times just to calm him down! Driving back home, Theo smiles at Liam knowingly and tells him, “You need to figure this out before you completely lose it.”


With Gerard and his men bamboozled, Scott, Lydia, Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Argent (JR Bourne) break into Gerard’s armory. They impatiently wait for Gerard and his ten or so men to leave before sneaking in. Once inside Argent shoots out the surveillance cameras and Malia throws a security guard against the wall. In the surveillance room Argent knocks out another problem. Scott and Malia get in the armory undetected and find all the weapons are gone. Gerard knew they were coming. They should leave, but Scott smells Jiang (Brandon Soo Hoo) and Tierney (Ellery Sprayberry). They open a door to get to them, which just sets off an alarm and locks them in the armory. They find all that’s left of Jiang and Tierney are just slabs of skin – their pack tattoos and ears. They also find Gerard has a unique map of the world. They grab that for later. Back in the armory sensors that will remove all oxygen from the room if tripped are firing! Scott and Malia can’t trip the sensors! Epic music plays as they Kung Fu fight through those sensors! Before making it to the door though, they fall on each other. Literally. Malia lands on top of Scott, straddling him with her naked thighs! They’re not at all uncomfortable, lying on top of each other. In fact, Scott so softly pulls her in closer not wanting her to touch the sensors. Malia finds lying on top of Scott to be all kinds of romantic. She tells him, “I’ve got an idea. It’s kind of a plan.” And he says, “It’s great that you have a plan.” Seriously, this is SO NOT a time for flirting! Thinking she can break them out of there, Malia swings like Tarzan above the sensors! She breaks a lock on a window and the lock falls, hitting a sensor. Poison spreads throughout the room, causing Malia to fall!


Like his first, Scott’s third chance at love is dying in his arms! She tells him, “Scott, I don’t wanna die like this. Not like this. I’m not dying here. I was supposed to go to France. I’m eighteen. I haven’t been anywhere. There’s still so many things I want to do. I don’t wanna die here. Not here. Not like this.” They’re running out of air! He tells her to try to not talk because the more she talks the more oxygen she loses, but she doesn’t care. They have only minutes. He holds her hand as death comes closer for both of them. To make matters worse, the hunters ordered to kill them on sight are back on the other side of the door! Saving Scott and Malia, Argent throws a smoke bomb which distracts the hunters and he shoots out the lights. In total darkness, he knocks out guards by hitting them in the face with the base of his gun while Lydia throws a heavy bag at a guard and kicks him square in the sternum! To break down the solid steel door, Lydia works herself up enough to SCREAM! Thankfully, Scott can hear her breaking the door. He tells Malia to “hold on.” With her POWERFUL cry, Lydia breaks down the door! She stands over the door, now on the ground, like she just SHOVED it down! They outmaneuver and overpower Gerard’s men and get away. Back in Scott’s room, Malia crosses something off her bucket list and kisses Scott! Scott smiles before kissing her back. It’s a long, hot mess of hands grabbing at hair and faces! They let each other into one another’s hearts!


All the supernaturals in Beacon Hills are breathing and praying like it’s their last. Edgar (C.J. Hoff), a werecoyote, hides in the school library from Gabe (Andrew Matarazzo), a student Monroe recruited to her army of hunters. Gabe is cutting everybody to test if they’re supernatural. “Everybody heals. We just want to know how fast you heal,” explains Aaron, a supernatural hiding amongst the hunters. It’s a witch hunt! Gabe and Aaron (Rhenzy Feliz) corner Ed and cut his hand. Ed then runs to the bathroom, where his scar quickly heals! Aaron surrounds him and disgustingly transfers the spiders from his system into Ed via a mass from arm to arm. Ed falls on the ground writhing as trillions of spiders crawl out every hole in his body! Gloating, Gabe and Nolan show Monroe their catch of the day. She tells them to get rid of the inhuman. Gabe most violently chokes Ed to death as Monroe and Nolan watch! Ed’s legs stop shaking when he runs out of air.


Scott’s dad, Rafe (Matthew Del Negro), is still in Beacon Hills. He’s investigating Gerard. He pulls Nolan from class to interrogate him in Monroe’s office about Jiang and Tierney’s disappearance. Monroe doesn’t leave her office. Instead, she keeps interrupting Rafe – not letting him or Nolan talk. She tells Nolan he doesn’t have to answer the detective’s questions. She even ends the FBI agent’s interrogation saying, “We’re done here. Nolan, go to class.” Rafe leaves too and interrogates Gerard on his firepower. Old, thin Gerard is a federally licensed weapons wholesaler who sells peace of mind and the feeling of safety. Still, Rafe finds it odd Gerard has thirty employees and enough weapons to arm three thousand. “What can I say? Business is booming,” says Gerard. Then, Rafe visits his ex-wife, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio), at her place of work to find out where his son is. But Mama McCall doesn’t give him any intel. She just gives him the run-around. She tells him, “You did your job, now it’s Scott’s turn…. You have known about the supernatural for five minutes and we have been doing this for a lot longer, so trust me when I tell you that these kids can handle it. So, let them do what they’re best at – saving our asses.” Finally, he shows up at Scott’s house. When he arrives, he finds everyone standing in Scott’s kitchen looking at Gerard’s map of Nemetons, beacons for supernaturals, across the world. Gerard doesn’t just want to kill the many supernaturals surrounding Beacon Hills; he wants to wipe them all off the face of the earth. That’s the only reason he would have the map. Rafe tells them Gerard legally distributed all of his weapons to the citizens of Beacon Hills at no charge. In short, Gerard is arming his army.


Looking around Scott’s house, Lydia is scared, jumpy and out of it! She hears and sees inexplicable things, including the window she’s looking at break! Suddenly, she yells, “Get down,” right before bullets begin to spray the McCall house, shattering the glass windows! Everyone is about to die! Lydia grabs Mason, Argent grabs Melissa, Malia grabs Scott and Rafe grabs his gun! Malia covers Scott as Lydia flies over her son. Everyone looks horrified! At least five automatic rifles are aimed at the house! From the floor, a bloody hand reaches up.


This is what Lydia was foreseeing all day long. She envisioned Argent’s car window shatter from a bullet hitting it and heard gunshot after gunshot and shell casings hit the floor. She even had an out of body experience of being at Scott’s house! She tried to warn everyone, but they wouldn’t listen to her. What’s the point of having a banshee if they don’t listen to her predictions of death?!


Best Lines:

  • Mason: Nolan’s right behind me. Like, literally right behind me. He’s driving a bright red car. He’s actually terrible at this.
  • Mason: Should I come with you guys? Theo: His friends shoot to kill. Go home. Mason: Ok, yah. Lydia would kill me if anything happened to her car anyway, so…
  • Liam: I like history. Theo: I’m impressed.
  • Theo: We’re supposed to be decoys, not target practice.
  • Gerard: None of it sounds remotely worthy of my time.

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