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By: Allison Schonter



A.L.I.E. is everywhere, and that statement was proven in Red Sky at Morning. She has taken over the City of Light, but her reaches have extended further and it puts everyone in even more danger than before.




Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) master plan of recruiting Luna (Nadia Hilker) as Commander is failing miserably. Luna has no desire to become Commander. She wants peace and she knows that she will not be able to have that if she accepts the Flame. She doesn’t believe in killing; nobody on the oilrig does. Luna’s home is a place of peace, a place where those who are done fighting go.


Clarke is determined, though and she devises a plan that involves forcing Luna into becoming Commander. She gets a moment alone with the could-be-Commander and tries one last time to convince her to take the Flame. Clarke tells her that becoming Commander doesn’t mean that she has to kill; Lexa was working towards peace and had enacted “Blood must not have blood.” But Luna still refuses and when Clarke attempts to force the Flame onto her, Luna fights back, easily overpowering Clarke. Luna didn’t flee her conclave because she was weak; she fled because she would have won. She killed her brother in the first round, but left when she had to face off with Lexa.


Things only go downhill from here. It turns out that City of Light has reached the oilrig and Luna’s own people act against her. Locking Clarke, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) into the freight container, Luna’s people take her. Meanwhile, Jasper (Devon Bostick) is off talking to Shay, a Grounder girl, who ends up being struck by an arrow as Jasper is taken. Luna’s people torture her in an attempt to get her to take the key, but she refuses. When a young girl is brought into the room and harm is threatened against her, Luna fights back, breaking her own rules and killing those in the room who are chipped, including Derek, someone whom she is especially close to.


Clarke’s fight has reached Luna and Clarke believes that this has finally forced Luna to accept her blood right. People that she loved died because of the City of Light, but it turns out that this only serves as a further deterrent for Luna. At a death ritual for those lost, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper’s drinks are laced with an ingredient that renders them unconscious and the four wake up back on the beach with the Flame still in Clarke’s possession. There is no Commander.




Back in Arkadia, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) is feverishly reading A.L.I.E.’s (Erica Cerra) code that is locked into the mainframe of the Ark. Whereas Monty (Christopher Larkin) only sees letters and numbers, Raven sees buildings and trees. She sees the City of Light. Raven also recognizes that there are thousands of minds already in the City of Light and the more minds that A.L.I.E. has that the harder it will be to destroy her. This prompts Raven to want to attempt something that Monty deems too risky: she wants to enter the password. Monty is adamant that they wait. Clarke has her own plan and it’s the one that they need to stick with.


As Monty goes off on a little rendezvous with Harper (Chelsey Reist) (who in the world saw that coming?!), Raven continues to look at the code and she finds something big enough to warrant interrupting Monty and Harper. She has found A.L.I.E.’s “Citadel.” With layers of security this is a place that A.L.I.E. has kept heavily guarded, a place where something is being hidden.


When Monty falls asleep, Raven takes the opportunity to enter the password found in Becca’s notebook and does a little digging. She gets past layers of security and into the Citadel. Unfortunately, A.L.I.E. realizes that someone is accessing her code. As Monty wakes up and tries to stop Raven, somebody in the City of Light prevents her from going any further. Hannah, Monty’s mom, is now being used against him. Hannah (Donna Yamamoto) is A.L.I.E.’s last attempt at preventing Raven from finding whatever is being hidden. Hannah tries to convince Monty that he can join her, but Monty refuses, instead asking Raven what happens if they delete the code. The City of Light and everyone in it will be deleted. Monty tells her to do it. Losing him mom is worth it if it means putting an end to A.L.I.E.


As Raven gets through the last door, she discovers that A.L.I.E. is hiding a kill switch. Raven has the chance to stop A.L.I.E. and she takes it. She types in the code, but as she presses enter A.L.I.E. removes herself from the Ark’s mainframe.   Raven’s attempt was unsuccessful and it may have just cost them any chance that they had at stopping the City of Light.




Things are looking bleak in the Grounder’s capital still, but Murphy (Richard Harmon), Pike (Michael Beach) and Indra (Adina Porter) have banded together in order to take down A.L.I.E. Locked in the cell, guards come to check on their prisoners, offering them a key/chip. There are no takers. But the guards do notice that Pike has been injured and A.L.I.E. notes that none of them did it. As the men make their way around to the prisoners checking their chains, Indra, who is no longer chained, quickly kills the two men.


Once all are free, Pike, Indra and Murphy head to the Temple while the other prisoners attempt to flee the city. Jaha’s (Isaiah Washington) backpack is in the Temple and Murphy believes that if they destroy it, they can destroy A.L.I.E. But there are two problems: 1) it is nuclear and if they make the wrong move, they would destroy the entire city and 2) A.L.I.E. has recruited Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira) to stop them.


As Pike attempts to destroy the backpack, guards begin banging on the door, threatening to storm inside. The migration of A.L.I.E.’s minions to the backpack isn’t yet complete and she needs more time. So, Emori begins pleading with Murphy. If he destroys the backpack, he will be destroying the minds of everyone already in the City of Light, including her. He hesitates and before he has anytime to do anything else, Pike destroys the mobile backpack. But it’s too late and the migration has been completed. They weren’t successful.


Final Thoughts…


Red Sky at Morning was intense and presents an entirely new and long list of questions. For starters, Luna is still a mystery. She is a peaceful Grounder who wants nothing to do with becoming Commander. But there is still so much mystery surrounding her. She could have won her conclave. She killed her own brother, but what prevented her from killing Lexa?


Next on the list is what happens now? Luna was Clarke’s only option, their only chance. Luna was Plan A, but do they have a Plan B? Raven can’t access A.L.I.E. through the Ark’s mainframe any longer. They are entirely cut off from the City of Light and any possibilities of destroying it.


And then there is A.L.I.E. and the City of Light. The last we see of her is on the Ark. What does that mean? How did she get there? Is the City of Light now on the Ark?



Don’t forget to tune in to The CW Network next Thursday at 9 pm EST for Red Perverse Instantiation – Part One.


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