The Big Bang Theory – The Allowance Evaporation

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By: Jennifer Vintzileos


Who’s ready for Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) first argument since they’ve started living together? And if Shamy (Sheldon/Amy) wasn’t enough, are you ready to see Raj (Kunal Nayyar) finally embracing adulthood? I know I am!


It is a typical gathering at the now-Hofstadter residence. With an euler’s disk, which is a scientific educational toy used to teach about the dynamics of spinning disks, a wager is placed. If Raj can hold his breath longer than the disk, he wins the bet. As wagers are made, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is sure that she will win based on losing interest in their game. In the end Raj wins the bet, but not without Howard (Simon Helberg) quipping that Waiting To Exhale is Raj’s favorite movie. In reality, it’s actually The Princess Bride.


But in all the fun and games, Raj later connects with his father Dr. V.M. Koothrappali (Brian George) via webcam. Dr. Koothrappali continues to support Raj financially and after hearing about Raj’s latest breakup, his father admits that he has given up on trying to set his son up with potential marriage interests. Raj brings his issue to Howard, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Penny and Leonard (Johnny Galecki), but has garnered little sympathy from his friends.


Meanwhile, Amy and Sheldon are on their own date night when they run into Amy’s co-worker Bert (Brian Posehn), who ends up being stood up by his date from “G-Harmony,” a dating site for geologists. Detecting his sadness, Sheldon asks Bert to join them for dinner and the topic of Amy and Sheldon’s sex life is addressed. Amy becomes upset that Bert is aware of their sex life, but Sheldon assures her that he only shared with the guys, Kripke, a few of the professors and the lunch lady. Their date results in an angry Amy and bewildered Sheldon, who is trying to understand the boundaries of their secrets.


As Raj continues to struggle with his financial decisions, the group discovers just how spoiled Raj truly is. His apartment, car and credit cards are all funded by his father; expenses that he is not aware of the prices. Even in his mild-depression from his father giving up on him, Raj buys little Halley a three hundred red velvet Gucci cape. Ultimately, Raj advises his father that he has decided to not accept his money anymore, a fact that has Dr. Koothrappali giddy.


Sheldon decides to create a “Zones of Privacy” chart and show it to Amy in the hopes that she can help him to understand what things need to be kept between them or the level of privacy that certain facts can have. Amy appreciates the gesture, but notices that there is a black dot in the middle of the board. These are Sheldon’s thoughts that he doesn’t share with anyone. When Amy gets him to reveal one of those thoughts, she discovers that Sheldon has had his driver’s license for the past two months already. While he knows it was unfair to have Amy get up at 4:00 am and drive him to the train museum, Sheldon feels that being driven around makes him feel important.


At the University, Sheldon decides to announce to the cafeteria that he is ashamed of their gossiping behavior over his and Amy’s relationship. Bert chimes in and Sheldon accidentally lets out how Bert was stood up. Trying to recover and failing miserably, Sheldon apologizes to Bert and goes to sit with the guys. He then shares his Amy drama that led to addressing the room.


With Raj finally learning financial responsibility, how will this affect his activities with the guys? We shall get a taste of that as our favorite nerds prepare for Comic-Con. Join me next time for an all new episode!

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