The Big Bang Theory – The Gyroscopic Collapse

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By: Jennifer Vintzileos

We keep nearing closer and closer to the season finale for our lovable nerds and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). This episode we had the chance to finally see the gyroscope project come to a close, but what happens after? And with Amy (Mayim Bialik) being offered an opportunity of a lifetime what will her decision be?


As Penny (Kaley Cuoco) passes around glasses of champagne to her friends and gives apple juice to Sheldon, they toast the completion of the gyroscope. With Phase 1 completed Howard (Simon Helberg), Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon can now move onto testing their product. Unfortunately, when the guys head to the lab to start the next phase they find the room completely barren. Their project has been taken by Colonel Williams (Dean Norris) so that the government can move the gyroscope into the next phase. This means that Howard, Leonard and Sheldon have their work taken from them and get no credit received for their efforts. Downtrodden, the guys head out and discuss their disappointment while picking up dinner for the group.


In the Hofstadter residence, Penny, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Amy learn that Raj (Kunal Nayyar) is officially moving out of Leonard and Penny’s apartment. Bert (Brian Posehn) has offered Raj the room over his garage. Penny tries to sound sad, but is secretly elated and attempts to push Raj for further details. But it is Amy’s news that overshadows everything as she has been offered the opportunity to be a visiting researcher at Princeton University in New Jersey. While Raj, Bernadette and Penny are excited for her Amy has yet to find a way to break the news to Sheldon. Even when the guys enter the apartment and Amy has her chance to share, she puts the focus on Raj moving out to which Leonard tries to hide his excitement and push Raj for more details.


As Howard and Bernadette head home from dinner, Howard laments in the loss of his project. Bernadette is quick to pick up on Howard’s clingy, insecure behavior as he has done this every time something big has ended for him. The clinginess comes to a head when Howard is waiting outside the bathroom door for Bernadette so she is ready to sit him down for a talk. Howard points out that even Bernadette has become the same way when big projects have ended for her. They come to an understanding and make up.


Amy continues to be conflicted on sharing her news with Sheldon, but she knows it must be done. After making plain oatmeal, which is Sheldon’s favorite, he shares that he doesn’t know how he ever got by without Amy. In an effort to spend more time with her, he shows interest in their quantum cognition project. Amy rebuffs his efforts and finally shares the news about Princeton. While he tells her to go it is evident that this opportunity upsets him and he throws a fit and storm out of the room despite Amy’s efforts to discuss this opportunity like adults.


Amy joins Bernadette, Halley and Penny on a walk in the park and is conflicted about her excitement over Princeton versus not wanting to upset Sheldon. Bernadette and Penny encourage her to take the opportunity to do something she wants to do. Meanwhile, as they help Raj move, Leonard hears a sad harmonica coming from empty apartment 3A. Looking in he finds a morose Sheldon in the middle of the floor. Before Raj can convince Sheldon to move back in with Penny and Leonard to combat the loneliness, Leonard ushers Raj out of the empty apartment and tells Sheldon to be happy for his girlfriend. Amy has been offered a great opportunity and Sheldon should be supportive of her instead of dwelling on the negative.


Later that day Sheldon brings Amy a suitcase to apologize for his behavior. He feels that the suitcase will remind her that he loves her and wants nothing more than to be supportive of the summer opportunity at Princeton. Amy accepts his gift and they kiss, which leads to unplanned sex since they only have coitus on Amy’s birthday. Across the hall Raj officially gives his key back to Leonard and Penny with a heartfelt goodbye, but finds himself interrupted by Sheldon and Amy trying to hide their love-making with conversation. When he realizes he can’t compete, Raj leaves as Penny and Leonard are wondering what is going on across the hall. Unfortunately, Penny finally figures it out and they run back inside.


It finally comes to Amy’s time to leave for New Jersey and Sheldon helps her with her suitcase down the stairs. He takes the time to remind her of their communication schedule and when Amy should call to check in with him. Sheldon also reminds her that if she comes across a man as intelligent as him with hair like Thor to give him a call so they can discuss.


With Amy at Princeton, will the long distance make or break Shamy (Sheldon/Amy) or will they become stronger for it? As we have finally reached the season finale, our favorite characters have had huge changes in their lives. From Bernadette and Howard having their baby, Raj moving out, Sheldon and Amy co-habitating and Penny and Leonard finally having their own space, what will the finale bring? We’ll find out this Thursday on the Season 10 Finale of The Big Bang Theory!

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