The Big Bang Theory – The Locomotion Reverberation

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By: Jennifer Vintzileos


With a title that alludes to trains, one can only assume that Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) other passion in life gets a front seat. But how will this passion affect his work with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Howard (Simon Helberg) on their project? Well, hilariously of course!


As Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are finally moving full-steam ahead on their gyroscope project for the government, Sheldon proposes a formula that would be able to make the guidance system about 8-10% smaller than their approved specifications. He is voted down by Leonard and Howard, yet does not quit on annoying the both of them. While Howard contemplates how to get Sheldon out of their hair for a while, Leonard produces a way to keep Sheldon occupied: a ticket to an ultimate train experience in Nevada. Sheldon is overjoyed and immediately starts researching for his trip.


At Casa Wolowitz, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) are hanging out in the kitchen. Bernadette is still adjusting to Howard’s return to work and feels strung out from all of the responsibility of taking care of Halle. Penny offers the opportunity for the three girls to go out for a night of dancing to help de-stress Bernadette. Raj offers his babysitting services so that Bernadette can go enjoy herself, enlisting Stuart (Kevin Sussman) as his second-in-command.


While Amy is being bombarded with Sheldon’s enthusiasm over train knowledge at home, Leonard and Howard receive a visit from Colonel Williams (Dean Norris). The Colonel came to check on the progress of the project, but before leaving spots Sheldon’s calculations to make the gyroscope smaller. As both men try to explain that they have the project to approved specifications, the Colonel then decides he wants to go with Sheldon’s idea and advises them both to get him in here to do so.


Biting the bullet, Leonard and Howard go to pay Sheldon a visit only to find that he is currently working on an actual piece of train machinery to prepare for his experience. Oddly enough, working on train equipment has mellowed Sheldon’s OCD to the point that he tells Leonard and Howard that he won’t help them out. In an effort to bring out the old Sheldon, they even try messing with his calculation by having Leonard draw an incorrect solution to Sheldon’s initial equation. But Sheldon sees through their guise, leaving both men to plead with Sheldon until he finally caves and agrees to help them.


Girls night turns out to be a total bust when Penny discovers that the club they were going to go to has turned into a bookstore. On top of Bernadette receiving constant calls from Raj about the baby so she is ready to call it a night. Even when Amy finds another club for them to attend, Penny breaks down and admits that seeing Bernadette be responsible and juggling all these new responsibilities scares her. Since her and Leonard have been married for two years, she feels like they haven’t progressed forward like Bernadette and Howard have. Bernadette shares that she feels so overwhelmed by being a mother that it scares her. When Bernadette and Amy remind Penny that she has so much going for her, this triggers Amy’s own melancholy over Sheldon not progressing their relationship and she begins to cry. This triggers Penny crying as well followed by Bernadette beginning to lactate in result of the cries.


On the way to bringing Sheldon to his ultimate train experience, Amy fantasizes about a sweaty Sheldon driving the train. In her fantasy, she envisions Sheldon taking her water bottle from her and dumping the contents over his head in slow-motion. Once she snaps out of it, Amy pushes down on the gas pedal to help Sheldon start his experience sooner.

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