The Blacklist – Ian Garvey (No. 13)

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By: Robert Warren



“The Blacklist” Fall finale starts as Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) forcefully brushes in the Federal Bureau of Investigation towards her boss Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix). She is worried about her husband Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) who she can only reach the voicemail of. “What is it,” Cooper asks.  “Tom… he is missing,” Elizabeth replies.

In the middle of a forest is a shed where Lena Mercer (Ana Nogueira) and Pete McGee (Karl Miller) lie dead after they had been held captive. Tom, the sole survivor of a previous episode of killings, stands over Mercer looking at her dog tag labeled “I am enough” whispering, “I am sorry.” Tom brushes his around her dead face upset. He looks up from the ground, blood on his head, as a few of the men enter the room who held Mercer, McGee, and Tom captive, killing them one by one to find out where Reddington (James Spader) was in the previous episode.

The lead in the killings and the one with the suitcase is Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) who enters with a few of his men carrying a large wood chipper. The man demands Tom get a meeting set up with Reddington as he orders his men to grab the dead bodies and put them in the wood chipper.

A mysterious man (David Alford) spies on the shed seeing people hostage through the window and reporting what he can find to Reddington over the phone. Reddington is in the car with Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) taking about the situation and he receives a call from Tom as Garvey holds the phone. Tom is all tied up to a chair, but is reporting the location of where he is at so maybe Garvey will let him go.

After doing what Garvey asks, Tom demands he be let go yet Garvey just takes a punch to Tom`s face which knocks Tom on the ground with his chair. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is still trying to reach Tom but no one is answering. She is worried sick calling again and again to a point where she can`t even leave messages on his phone because the voicemail box is now full.

Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marno) enters the room having issued a “be on the lookout” for the situation and sending messages out to the field offices. Elizabeth receives a call from Reddington comforting her that Tom can handle trouble and just letting her know that he took a job that she does not know about.

Elizabeth starts tearing up a bit as she hears the news from Reddington as Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) enters the room telling her they got a lead and Tom’s car was found impounded last night. Ressler and Elizabeth enter the Red Birch Motel where Tom`s car was believed to be impounded to find out information.

Talking to the motel manager (Spencer Aste) does not prove to be too helpful having very little information to offer Elizabeth and Ressler so they try to get the room key for Tom. The motel manager wants a warrant before he does anything, but that does not stop Ressler or Elizabeth when they just barge in the room to search it. Blood is all over two of the pillows on the bed and Elizabeth tries to restrain her teary eyes. The mirror is broken and Elizabeth tries calling Tom again. She sees in the room that Tom`s cell is ringing because he left his phone behind.

Tom is in the shed quietly trying to cut himself loose with a piece of metal that is on the ground as Bobby Navarro (Happy Anderson) watches him unknowing what he is doing. As the other men are outside talking Tom asks Navarro for a hand up since he is still knocked over on the ground and Navarro lends it to him. When Navarro turns around Tom takes the chair and whacks Navarro on the head with it.

Tom grabs a gun and shoots Navarro as the men from outside rush into the room. Tom escapes quickly enough that they don’t even realize he left with the suitcase and is rushing through the forest with it. As the men look around for Tom they receive a call from Garvey telling the men to leave and look. When asked about Reddington Garvey says that Reddington was never coming as he knows that Reddington is too smart to come directly there.

Tom is rushing through the forest with the suitcase and gun as the men start shooting. He is quickly avoiding the bullets as he hears a car that screeches pulling right in front of him. Tom quickly points the gun at the car when the back door pops open with Reddington inside calling for Tom to get in. Tom pauses for a second, gets hit by a bullet from behind that brings him down briefly, gets in the car with Reddington and they take off with the suitcase as the tires squeal and the engine revs up. Men run by the car pointing guns and shooting bullets as the car quickly takes off. “I warned you about this damn suitcase,” Reddington says.

After making it further down the road near the forest Reddington, Tom and Dembe get out of the car when it ends up breaking down because their radiator was hit by one of the shots. They start beginning to walk. It is now not only Nik Korpal (Piter Marek) that was killed over the bones in that suitcase that he ran DNA on, but also Mercer and McGee now.

Aram Mojtabai (Amir Arison) back at the FBI headquarters talks to Ressler, Cooper, Navabi and Elizabeth giving them information about where Tom was before the hotel. Tom was at a gas station. Ressler and Elizabeth get assigned to go check it out.

Reddington, Tom and Dembe are walking in part of the forest when they spot a ranch. Wanting food and water they want to check it out, but Dembe volunteers to go first to check to see if it is safe. Dembe heads off and Tom and Reddington are alone. Reddington tells Tom he hired him originally to protect Elizabeth, but Tom couldn`t leave well enough alone. Elizabeth and Ressler enter the gas station to check it out. They talk to a VA State Police Officer (Blake Russell) about what happened when Tom was there. The officer informs them that Lena was distracting the clerk when Tom went to the back to look at the surveillance tapes.

Elizabeth and Ressler go to look at the surveillance tapes when they see Steve Smith with a hotel key for Red Birch Motel. They piece together Tom and Lena probably went to the hotel to catch Smith when a fight probably broke out. Now they are all on the run but why? Elizabeth says she will put a “be on the lookout” to find Lena and Smith so when they find them they will find Tom.

Dembe, Reddington and Tom run in a place when Reddington starts talking to Tom. Reddington mentions that it is understandable that Tom is curious about this suitcase, but what if it does not make things better for Elizabeth but actually worse? With Tom`s lack of trust in Reddington he does not really believe things will be worse for Elizabeth, but actually better if they can figure out this suitcase mystery. Tom, Reddington and Dembe start walking around this home with guns as if they are waiting for someone to arrive.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Mojtabai mentions that McGee is in the system because he is actually wanted for the murder of Nik Korpal. Cooper starts taking over and assigning tasks to the agents.

At the home Tom, Reddington and Dembe are now hiding with guns as Garvey enters with his men. Garvey does not see anyone and just picks up a doll to smell its hair. Tom ends up hiding with Reddington in the attic. In the garage in a car one of Garvey`s men enters. Dembe is hiding in the car on the passenger side. When Garvey`s men are looking around the house there is a bit of Tom`s blood that drips from the air vent on the roof. One of Garvey`s men is about to shoot up when Reddington kicks off the air piece whacking the man in the face and making the man fall over. Dembe sneaks in the car driver side real quick and runs over one of Garvey`s men. The man flies off the hood. Reddington and Tom come down from the attic and start shooting and killing people.

Dembe is in the car waiting when a man shoots the back window and breaks it. Dembe quickly outs the car in reverse and runs over the man. Reddington starts killing more of Garvey`s men when Dembe gets out of the car, staying by it and killing people with his bullets. Reddington gets in the car. Meanwhile, Tom is still shooting people inside the house. Tom kills someone and walks out of the home with two newspapers both lit on fire.

Garvey and Navarro both come running around the corner. Tom puts the two on fire newspapers in both of the cars of Garvey`s men making them catch fire. Tom quickly gets in the car with Dembe and Reddington does the same. They take off.

Tom and Reddington keep trying to make things work between them when Reddington gives Tom the shocking news that he was actually at the wedding. Reddington mentions how he came because of how Elizabeth feels about Tom and how she loves him.  Tom wants to know who is in the suitcase but Reddington won`t tell him.

Tom leaves to change when Dembe reenters the car disappointed that Reddington is still lying to Tom. Reddington looks in the suitcase and sees that Tom actually put the guns in the suitcase and snuck off with the bones in a bag. So much for a meaningful talk. Reddington quickly gets out of the car but Tom is gone.

Back at the FBI headquarters Elizabeth is at her desk, head down in the papers when Mojtabai walks in with more information. He tells Elizabeth about a place full of homicides and that one of the victims was Peter Alan McGee. Elizabeth jumps up, grabs Ressler and leaves. They arrive at the scene where all the bodies were shredded with a wood chipper. Elizabeth is horrified and at a loss of words. She is tearing up knowing that whoever Tom is in a mess with is capable of wood chipping bodies. Elizabeth tears up as Ressler tries to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Tom is at a train station with a packet full of DNA results for the bones. Tom takes a look at the results and sneaks it back into the envelope.

Elizabeth is at the wood chipper scene still sad when she receives a call from Tom.  Tom directs Elizabeth to meet him alone at the house and not mention that she is in contact with him. Mojtabai receives a call from Reddington asking if he talked to Elizabeth because he believes Tom is in a mess and may be involving Elizabeth.

Mojtabai mentions that Elizabeth did just suddenly take off for no reason. He looks up who called her last and sees a pay phone from Union Station, which Reddington pieces together is Tom. Reddington orders Dembe to Union Station.

Tom is changing clothes in the bathroom and trying to have a completely different look. He leaves the bathroom and a call for Tom is made over the intercom for him to pick up a bag. Tom receives a call from Reddington basically telling him to stop, but Tom refuses because he knows the whole secret supposedly and is determined to tell Elizabeth it, too. Tom hangs up and heads out.

After the scene cuts off, we see Elizabeth running in where she sees to tied up to a chair with duct tape on his mouth, bloodied and Garvey comes into the room. Garvey makes sure that the bones are there. Elizabeth is irritated as can be about this whole Tom situation and just starts punching people. Garvey`s men end up grabbing Elizabeth and Garvey takes a knife and starts stabbing Tom one stab at a time. Elizabeth screams violently and one of the men takes a very strong punch to Elizabeth making her very dizzy.

Garvey keeps telling Tom he needs to call Reddington and when he refuses Garvey attacks him with the blade a few times. While Elizabeth and Tom are on the floor nearly dead and dizzy, Garvey takes off as he leaves his men with the rest.

One of the men wants to make this more fun and turns on some light music. He starts torturing and puts saran wrap on Tom’s mouth. When they are about to start, Tom just jumps up and starts violently attacking. Elizabeth is still dizzy and just watches the whole thing. Reddington and Dembe break in and start taking some fires, killing the men. Reddington says to call because Elizabeth and Tom are going to the hospital, but Dembe does not think that they are going to make it.

“The Sound of Silence” plays in the background as Tom begs in the car that Elizabeth stays with him. The cop cars are leading them to the hospital. “Elizabeth, you have to make it,” Tom says. “I can`t live without you.” They fade in and out as they ride gurneys inside the hospital. The doctors work to try to save them. Using pumps and doing what they can, the doctors work hard to see what they can do.

Reddington sits in the car with his head against the window hoping that they survive. Mojtabai and Cooper rush into the hospital as Reddington just waits in the car and watches. “And echoes in the walls,” the music goes, “Of silence.” Cooper takes a brief look at Reddington as he heads in and Reddington just stares out the car in sadness and worry.

Navabi comes to the hospital and more gather in as the paddles charge to try to save their lives. Tom’s chest is lifted and he falls back down. Reddington just stays in the car as Dembe grabs Reddington’s hand to comfort him. “Of silence,” goes the music and the show fades to blackness.

Reddington is sitting next to Elizabeth’s hospital bed reading Invictus by William Ernest Henly saying, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” The monitor beeps and Elizabeth opens her eyes and reaches to Reddington – grabbing his hand. She motions for a pen. Reddington know that over a year has passed. She writes the word Tom with a question mark, as if to ask did he survive?

Reddington informs her that he didn`t make it. She whimpers and sobs and Reddington kisses her hand and puts a hand on her head. The episode comes to a close.


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