The Blacklist – “The Informant” (No. 118)

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By: Robert Warren



Starting in Toronto, Canada a woman named Romi (Sarah Rich) turns around at the bar of a night club to see a man (Jason Schuchman) eyeing her from across the room. The man makes his way to Romi as she gets a call from her boss Bronwyn (Carey Van Driest). She picks up and walks right past him. Bronwyn tells Romi that the meeting got bumped up and she needs her back tonight because they are now presenting tomorrow.

Bronwyn needs her flight rebooked because of this and needs to head out. Bronwyn grabs a cab and hangs up. Romi, frustrated by this, sees the man who was making his way to her earlier and apologizes for not talking to him but that she had to go because of her awful boss. The man chokes up something out of his mouth and falls to the ground. Romi freaks out and heads into the club where everyone is lying dead on the floor. Romi chokes up something and falls dead with the rest of the people at the club.

“The Informant” (No. 118) begins with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) trying to piece something together. She has sticky notes labeled; glasses, Damascus Knife, heavyset and 5` 5 ” near a paper with a “X” on it. Keen has a gun that is evidence next to a ruler to measure, a picture next to an index card labeled Worgul, an index card labeled Fischbauch, an index card labeled Madigan, an autopsy report, an index card labeled JL, an index card labeled Shelly and a yellow index card that says Navarro. The camera pans in on the index card labeled Navarro and the camera pans to the new scene of Keen talking to Raymond `Red’ Reddington (James Spader) in another room.

Keen is telling Raymond how the police are wrong because they think that Navarro killed her husband Tom Keen. Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò) walks into the room as Keen leaves. Navabi mentions that fifty-seven people died and members of the terrorist cell are claiming responsibility for this.

Reddington brings up that the attacks were financed by a set of accounts which will be frozen soon and that there was a man known as the informant who set money into these accounts with classified computers. The question is…who is the informant?

At the FBI headquarters, Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Aram Mojtabai (Amir Arison) are talking to Navabi about the situation. They are trying to figure out who may have had access to these classified computers and they come up with a list. After narrowing down from who is out of the country and which had solid alibis, they narrow it down to Howard Ray Bishop (Robert Eli) as the possible informant.  Bishop being one who has political aide and held positions with the State, Treasury and FDA – they decide to try to bring in for questioning.

Ressler and Navabi sit in a car near a sidewalk and spot Bishop walking on the phone. Moitabai in their ear mentions that Bishop is not even actually on his phone. Navabi follows Bishop as he goes into a restaurant and then goes into a restroom. Navabi following checks the bathroom and he is nowhere to be found.

In a separate scene, Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) receives a call on the phone about Keen being on the lookout again, but Garvey insists that it is ok because she is not going anywhere. In a new scene, Navabi is interrogating Bishop with Ressler. Why wait 24 hours to report an incident? Hmm. Could be suspicious.

Cooper talking to Reddington mentions that Bishop turned himself in, claiming that he was a part of a hit and run. Cooper thinks Bishop may be involved in the selling of a list and wants Reddington’s help to see. Reddington mentions that Keen is back, determined to find Tom`s killers and wants Cooper to just look out for Keen. Keen is talking to Detective Singleton (Evan Parke) who is trying to find Tom`s killers just like Keen is. Keen invites Singleton in.

In Grand Cayman on Cayman Island, Reddington is talking to Herman (Stephen DeRosa) and hugging him. He is trying to get information on the accounts on the list he got from Cooper. The list contains account numbers of accounts that may soon be frozen and Reddington claims to want to know the names behind the numbers so he can notify the people on the list before their accounts are frozen. Reddington offers to help Herman by referring the people on the list to him if he chooses to cooperate.

Keen talking to Singleton mentions that it was Damascus Knife that was the person that killed her husband Tom. Singleton starts showing Keen which of the three people worked for Navarro. Keen is trying to find out who Damascus was and the detective has no idea. The detective starts trying to figure out about who killed Keens attackers and she has no idea. The detective tries to figure out how Keen got to the hospital and she claims to not know. The detective mentions that it is a crime not to hide information about a crime so if she has any she should speak up. Keen mentions that she is aware. Detective singleton exits and the door`s closed.

Reddington walks into a room where Miss Isaacson (Manni Perez) is sitting down in a chair. Reddington starts talking to Isaacson to try to get her help with names to the account numbers. She isn`t very cooperative, but he offers to get her a tattoo from the tattoo artist Sogi-son for her cooperation and it sparks her interest. Sure enough he books her an appointment and she gets him the names.

Navabi walking in with Mojtabai comes in with the list of names to the numbers that they got from Reddington. They think that the buyer may be Rosmin Hamzah who is a Brueain national with extremist ties in Southeast Asia. Cooper orders that Navabi stay with Bishop and Mojtabai take a team and follow Hamzah. Cooper wants to make sure that they not walk away from the informant.

Keen pulls up in a car to a group of people just chilling outside. She starts talking to Vasilis (J. Alphonse Nicholson) outside and trying to figure out where his boss Navarro is of the Nash Syndicate. Vasilis begins to insist that keen is in the wrong place and tries to start walking away. Keen tells him not to walk away but yet he comes up, walks off and comes up and walks off. Keen is insistent he not walk away and he gets mad and reaches his hand in her car to grab her throat claiming that she need to drive off and get outta here.

Keen takes handcuffs and throws one on his are that he is grabbing her neck with and uses the other to the a piece of the car. She drives forward and starts going faster with him attached to the car. As she enhances the speed by stepping on the pedal more and more he starts revealing information and pleading her to stop.

When she mentions that Crisanto (Adam Lim) will know who she is looking for and where she slams on her brakes and the tires screech. Keen insists that he call him now that she is stopped. Keen mentions that he do so unless he would rather cruise a little more.

A car pulls up behind Keen and Crisanto gets in the passenger seat of her car. Keen pops from the back seat and uses rope around his neck to get him to talk as Vasilis is sitting in the driver’s seat with hands on the wheel and duct tape on his mouth.  Keen threatens for Crisanto to answer her questions or else basically. If he doesn`t…well then he is dead. The man claims that the person who will know is a man named Pee-Wee (Peter Patrikios) and Keen tightens the rope and asks…where is Pee-Wee?

Ressler is walking on the sidewalk talking to Navabi in his ear about Hamzah`s driver. Ressler receives a call from Henry Prescott (James Carpinello) and informs him that the hit and run, which was an alibi, was actually a murder so he suggest Ressler stop peeking in on things now or he is going to release dirt on Ressler that will land him in jail.

Ressler walks to Bishop and makes him put his hands in the air because he is going to custody and informs Navabi that Hamzah is headed her way.  Bishop tells Ressler that he just made a bad mistake.

Prescott walks up to Ressler irritated that he didn`t do as directed and just leave well enough alone. He threatens the fact that he knows everything about Ressler whereas Ressler does not even know his name.  Prescott walks up to documents and brings up that Ressler pretended to be Frank Sturgeon and hired him to dispose of the National Security Advisor.

Ressler mentions that he can’t arrest Prescott, but if he messes or get in touch with him again then he will kill Prescott. In a new scene, Navabi starts talking to Ressler about Prescott and Bishop then starts talking to Cooper about it. They start searching for more information.

Keen starts talking to Pee-Wee to get information about Navarro and where to find him. After he claims not to know she takes a gunshot to his leg.

Pee-Wee asks who she is and she just claims to be the person that he is taking to Navarro. She lights a small stack of money on fire and mentions that if he not take her then she is just going to light all of this money on fire, basically, one stack at a time.

Detective Farwell (Larry Mitchell) begins talking to Ressler and Navabi about Detective Perez who may be involved in the crime.  He mentions her password was Frank Surgeon (the alias that Ressler once used.) In the car, Navabi asks Ressler if he has any idea who Surgeon could be. He mentions that he has no idea who the person could be.

Ressler begins freaking out a bit. Sure enough, after a matter of time, Ressler receives a call from Reddington who mentions that he and Ressler need to talk.

Navabi begins to talk to Cooper about how Ressler has been acting very strange lately by being quiet, just leaving on the whim of a phone call and just being non-talkative. Navabi mentions that it just seems as though Ressler may not be his normal self with all the weird ways he is acting in these different encounters with her. Navabi claims to be worried about him and so is Cooper. Cooper mentions that he will keep an eye on Ressler.

Reddington is talking to Ressler and Ressler is trying to find out who the informant is if Reddington knows, but Red isn`t just going to tell him. Reddington, who is upset with Ressler lately, mentions that he had Prescott get in touch with Ressler as part of a test because of how much Ressler has been ignoring Reddington. What is the good news for Ressler? Well… he passed Reddington`s test.

Now in the car, still talking to Reddington, they are headed to see a woman who claims to be Prescotts wife (Mamie Parris.) She is a judge that lied in her testimony and now they are on their way to see her.

Ressler walks in as a bad cop now with Reddington. Prescotts wife is all confused by their arrival. Reddington tries to make a deal with Prescotts wife as he needs to talk to Prescott but because of Ressler he is no longer taking Reddington`s calls.

If she accepts Reddington`s offer to contact Prescott then she will be free to leave the country to the area of her choosing. She leaves to get her coat. They hear a scream and it appears that Prescott`s wife jumped out the window killing herself.

Ressler really wanted to get Prescott, but now with Prescott’s wife gone he may not be able to get him, as he does not know his real name or maybe he will? Turns out that Prescott`s wife is not actually dead and her name is Janet.

Reddington and Ressler pull up to a little league football game and Janet (Prescott’s wife) is there with Prescott, who is Mitchell Hatley and Ressler is there to place him under arrest. Ressler claim that Hatley is not the man that Janet thinks he is.

Janet acts surprised as Hatley pushes Ressler to the grass and runs off. Ressler chases Hatley through different alleys and as Hatley runs near the street a car drives by and Reddington flies open his door to knock Hatley a.k.a. Prescott to the ground. Reddington gets out of the car.

Reddington points the gun to Prescott, decides to put away the gun and handcuffs Prescott. Sirens wail. Keen in a separate scene has Pee-Wee walk to the door of Navarro. Navarro opens the door and Keen puts handcuffs on Navarro.

Cooper is talking to Navabi and mentions that Prescott`s drivers got away but they took in Prescott and he isn`t so lucky as there is evidence of several of his documents. Ressler gives Cooper a signed confession of what he did and Cooper does not accept it. He does not even open the envelope.

Cooper mentions that he will keep the letter however. He mentions he expects Ressler to just show up and do the work that he is meant to do.

Prescott is killed by Reddington. He handcuffs Prescott in a vehicle and sets it on fire so he is gone. Now Ressler not worry as much but he killed Prescott for his own protections not for Ressler`s. He hopes this help Ressler however. Ressler grabs some alcohol.

Keen is interrogating Navarro with gun in hand and he mentions that Nik Korpal was helping Tom and Tom was not helping him. Keen looks for more info but he soon refuses and jumps to attack Keen. Keen fights back and kills Navarro and the episode comes to a close.

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