The Blacklist – The Kilgannon Corporation (No. 48)

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By: Robert Warren



Ocean water wipes on the sandy beach as little girl named Poppy Hays (Maxine Wanderer) seeks treasures while walking at peace as birds cry out softly and faintly. A football is being spiraled between a young boy named Brax (Brandon Thane Wilson) and his dad Michael (Jarid Faubel ) near the shore. Poppy on her adventurous stride on the sand spots a sand dollar and checks it out when she looks into the ocean and sees a bunch of bodies floating in the sea.  One of the bodies lets out rough coughs and lifts his head from the sea. Poppy calls for her mom Sarah  (Hayley Podschun) scared.  The mom yells out for Michael and he runs over to his daughter Poppy. Michael yells for the children to go to their mother as he investigates the sea. The bodies, which turn out to be alive start swimming to the shore. Michael tries to help them in.

The Kilgannon Corporation No. 48 episode of “The Blacklist” starts with a cell phone vibrating in the Keen household. The Keens are madly in love, kissing, and ignoring all their calls. Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) is supposed to meet up with Reddington (James Spader) .

Elizabeth Keen walks past Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) to Reddington sitting alone outside in sunglasses with a tea set. Elizabeth tells Reddington about her and Tom Keen officially just getting married and how happy she is. Elizabeth picks up a newspaper Reddington has and it titles “Dozens Die, Washed Ashore, Off South Carolina Coast,” describing the incident that occurred at the start of the show.  Reddington implies that the people washed on the shore may have been hoping to enter South Carolina illegally. Reddington proclaims he may have been be able to help them.

Reddington fills in the gaps in the puzzle where he pieced together that the boat was sank intentionally two miles off the Carolina Coast and was a death trap when these people were just hoping to find freedom they just ended up with death.

Nesrin (Mihran Slougian) is talking to Mr. Zhang (Jun Naito) about 28 clients that ended up dead that were supposed to be alive when arriving at South Carolina. Nesrin (Mihran Slougian ) shoots Mr. Zhang because of the dead clients and kills him.

Reddington who used to be in the business of human smuggling says to Elizabeth “Whomever has filled the vacuum left by downfall has to be stopped, or more innocent people will die.”  Elizabeth returns to the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At the FBI headquarters they start discussing how Reddington used to be involved with illegally smuggling people and how now whoever is taking his place has to be stopped before there is people killed.

Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) talks to Reddington in his office about the situation agreeing to help Reddington take down the person who is human smuggling but refusing to help  Reddington get back in the illegal smuggling business. They agree and Reddington guides Cooper on where it will all start, Greece, Macedonia where there are pipelines that could be used for human smuggling. They are Reddington`s old routes so Reddington has an idea of where to begin.

Adam begins talking to Dembe about a transmitter he can give Dembe to help him communicate on this journey to help Reddington. In Thessaloniki, Greece, Dembe enters a shop supposedly looking for a copy of Erathostesness` man of the world as the FBI listen in.  The shop worker (Christian Rozakis) claims he can’t sell it but Dembe insists that he heard everything is for sale.  The worker brings Dembe to the boss in the backroom to settle the dispute.

Dembe is undercover as Malik Charef and when he meets the boss he is pretending to seek safe transport to Berlin. The boss has Dembe searched for a wire or video and suspects Dembe of lying about the seek to safe transport. The boss holds a gun to Dembe`s head but Dembe remains strong and claims if he is with the police then they would be listening and if he was shot would bust in. The man puts the gun down and claims the cost is 3,000 Euro due up front for transport, as the Irish are no longer accepting funds on arrival.

Elizabeth calls Reddington now that they know the Irish are involved and Reddington thinks that the Irishman they are talking about is Arthur Kilgannon (Nick Tate) who lives in Sophia, Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, Reddington shows up with Dembe to confront the Irishman.

In Manassas, Virginia Tom shows up to talk to Lena Mercer (Ana Nogueira), a woman who was calling him when he was with Elizabeth. Lena was having credit card problems and is thinking that Pete may have been using her card at a convenience store so Tom and her go in that store to look at the cameras. Once in the store the Lena tries on a shirt in front of the store worker to distract him while Tom is sneaking to the cameras to see if Pete had come into that store. Once Tom gets the answer, they quickly race out and take off to the tire screech of Tom’s car.

Talking to  Kilgannon , Reddington tries making a proposition but Kilgannon suggests Reddington talks to his son Colin  because he is the one that handles all the business behind the human smuggling. He assures Reddington it is all going well however as they move quickly but Reddington frowns upon the quick move as quality is lost with dead lives. The Carolina shore incident Reddington brings up Kilgannon tries dismissing as an isolated incident but it`s not so isolated Reddington tries to convey. Redington sees it as travelers dying all over.

Reddingtons proposition is that Colin (Kevin Ryan) and Reddington have a 50-50 split with this business. When the proposition is shut down Reddington  heads out.

Dembe starts talking to Reddington about working on the inside for more information but Reddington is uneasy about the idea as people are dying. Dembe is insistant as Reddington had saved Dembe by human smuggling and now Dembe now wants to save others. Reddington has a hard time but lets Dembe go back.

Dembe meets with Cornelius Goga (Stephen Conrad Moore) money in hand and Goga makes a speech before proceeding to smuggle them to Bolivia. The FBI are tracking Dembe along this process. All the humans being smuggled get their faces covered in black cloths.

Arthur Kilgannon starts talking to his son Colin about he is unfit to run the smuggling business. Colin argues with his dad for a bit and then proceeds to kill him over that disagreement.

Back to the smuggle, the car carrying all the people inside stops and Goga gets out. He takes off all their face cloths and walks them to gated shipping containers. The same shipping containers that store fish and such that get picked up for transport are being used for humans as well. This is a sneaky way of trying to transport people.

In this European transport center there is enough to prove what is happening with the human smuggling so Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò ) and Cooper want to get Dembe out now before anything goes wrong.

In Buckhall, Virginia, Lena and Tom (Ryan Eggold) arrive to where Pete`s (Karl Miller)  car is. Tom, pretty sure that Pete had killed his friend pulls a gun out the glove compartment just to be prepared. They both get out.

Back to the transport center everyone being smuggled is stuck in a cage just left waiting. A girl named Anna Elazar (Arpy Ayvazian ) is just sitting sad when Dembe tries to cheer her up. Dembe sticks a tissue in his fist and mimics a bunny rabbit conversing with the girl in Arabic. She smiles. Dembe hands her the tissue and the little girl creates the bunny with her fist. The mom grabs the daughter and takes her away from Dembe as she does not really know him.

Lena knocks on Pete`s apartment door and Pete answers as Tom follows behind stepping in front with a gun. Tom wants to know where the suitcase of bones is and tells Pete he heard that Pete killed Nik Korpal. Pete insists he didn`t and that when Korpal was killed he would have been too if he hadn’t given up the suitcase. Men march into the apartment and raise a gun as to knock someone out.

At the transport, Goga announces it is time to go and get in the trucks. The people are dragged into trucks and the mom and kid named Anna that were caged together are separated in different trucks as they cry out for one another.  Dembe begs that they don`t separate the mom and child then is whacked powerfully across the face knocking out the signal he had to the FBI. The connection was lost.

Samar announces for tactical units be sent. The tricks are closed and are about to take off as the police raid with gunfire. Samar is running all over with Keen looking for Dembe but he is in one of the trucks that took off.

Elizabeth calls Reddington announcing that Dembe is gone and Reddington is in disbelief. Reddington knows someone in the transport has got to know where the trucks are headed. Samar and Keen are trying to get information from Goga but he says only the drivers only know where they are. The drivers are instructed to drop off the smuggled people in random locations.

Turns out meanwhile that the truck Dembe is on is a refrigerated truck so if the truck stops then the air stops circulating making it dangerous as far as oxygen is concerned. So now they are on about a two and a half hour timespan.

In the truck, some of the humans being smuggled are trying to escape but Dembe is waiting patient confident someone will come.

Reddington arrives to the house of the Kilgannons` to the door answered by Arthur`s wife. Reddington wants her to talk to her husband about the business but the wife suggests that her husband is dead. Reddington suggests she contact her son on this matter but she is reluctant. Reddington tries to reach her with empathy and concern as he pulls the friend card of someone he care about being in imminent danger.  Reddington just wants to talk to her son.

Colins phone rings and he picks up Reddingtons call on the seven trucks in Macedonia. Reddington wants the names and addresses of the drivers but Colin is upset about Reddington  told his father that he was unfit to run the company. Colin won`t give him the information so Reddington hangs up. Arthur`s wife tells Reddington that she can give Reddington Colin`s exact location if they go to her computer.

Tom, Pete and Lena are tied up by the man who has the suitcase and the man offers to give it up but he needs to give it solely to Reddington. He offers to let the person who gets him in touch with Reddington first live and the other two will die.

Pete claims he doesn`t know and that he just ran the DNA search because of Tom. He tries pushing the man looking for Reddington to pester Tom and let him go since he does not know. When the man finds out he is of no use he kills Pete to a bullet at the head.

Now that the man realizes that Lena is of no use either he bugs her on that. She begs he not do anything. Lena justs wants to live. The man pointing the gun decides to let her go. She is cut loose. On her way out when she has her back to him he shoots her. Then there is only one left alive, Tom Keen.

Colin is walking with two men to his beautiful car. The men are shot dead by Reddington as Reddington approaches Colin interrogating him for the names of the drivers. Colin says he can give them to Reddington. He just has to get them out of the briefcase. Reddington thanks Colin and then shoots him dead grabbing the briefcase from one of the dead men who was Colins financial advisor.

Elizabeth walks into a room with a list of the trucks information provided by Reddington. They start running the search.

Dembe and the others are just waiting in the truck hoping someone comes for them. Reddington shows up to Dembe`s truck and lifts the back of it. The girl in the truck is barely breathing from not having enough oxygen.

Reddington and Dembe take her to the hospital. The girl is alive and breathing, expected to have a full recovery. Reddington calls it “resilience of the young”

In the car, Reddington starts telling Dembe how much he means to him. Samar is proud of saving so many lives by finding the trucks but Elizabeth is still a bit upset as she knows a lot of these people are going to later be arrested and deported.

Cooper calls Reddington and while Anna, the girl, lives and expected for recovery her parents were arrested and expected to later be deported.

Reddington found a way to do some bribery to where her parents could be set free and reunited with the girl. The girl runs to hug her parents and then runs to hug Dembe.

Back to Tom, who is tied up by the man looking for Reddington. Tom tells the man that he does not want to die and if the man wants Reddington then he can give him to the man. Tom tells him that Reddington is his boss. Tom has a wife and a kid and is not ready to die.  Tom offers up finding Reddington for the man but only if they reach a trust and the episode reaches a close.

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