The Brave – Close To Home: Part 2

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By: Danielle de la Torre


The episode opens up to an intense moment nine years ago as Patricia (Anne Heche) speaks to Alex (James Tupper) about the government men in suits that found their safe house and came to see her about Alex being a rogue agent. Alex tells her that it is a storm and they will get through it. He gets into a car that explodes seemingly killing him.  Patricia hangs up the phone as a government agent thanks her for going along with Alex’s execution.


Back to present day Patricia tells Dalton (Mike Vogel) and his team to clear the room so she can speak to Alex alone. Alex and Patricia banter about the right and wrongs of how Alex became rogue. Patricia tells him that killing people was wrong but the worse thing he did was kidnap a 16 year old girl. She tells him she will live with the sins they committed but to spare the girl.


The people who took Verina (Chirara Aurelia) tell her to do the job. She asks if after it is all done if they will let her go. They reply yes.


Back at the safe house Dalton and Preach (Demetrius Grosse) have a heart to heart about Patricia. Dalton says that Alex is a rabid dog that needs to be put down. Dalton is concerned that Patricia is going to take the fall for everything Alex did. Hannah (Sofia Pernas) patches in to Dalton telling him and the team that someone hacked another sub and is driving it toward an island in China in order to create tensions between America and China.  Dalton heads back into the room to tell Patricia what has happened. He puts a gun to Alex’s head as Patricia gives Alex one more chance to help them. Alex agrees only on the term that he is doing it for Patricia. He asks to use his phone. Dalton denies him. Alex tells them that he has to use his phone because if he uses anything else they will think he is compromised. Alex tells Patricia that it’d just like the old days them working again together. Alex gives Dalton the number to dial. It reaches a UK dating site that Alex claims is the way his people get in touch. Alex leaves a message and Dalton asks him to give a description of the man in charge. Alex replies that it’s going to be hard because he has never met him in his life.


Back at command Hannah and Noah (Tate Ellington) patch in a call from the Captain of the submarine heading for China.  The captain tells Noah that not being able to control his own sub is a nightmare. Noah tells him that they are doing everything they can on ground in order to eliminate the problem at the source. The captain tells Noah that if it comes down to it he will sink the submarine before he lets it run into the wrong hands. Noah tells him that the safe return of his crew is their top priority. As the captain hangs up Noah asks Hannah how many people are onboard. She tells him 150.


Hannah calls Patricia and tells her they are trying to figure out a plan.  Hannah discloses to Patricia if there is anything she can do officially or unofficially she will do it. Back at the safe house Alex debriefs the team on how to identify this Victor guy. Alex says that this guy has an ego and a weakness for women and scotch. Dalton offers up Jaz (Natacha Karam) for a “Honey Trap”.


Jaz enters a bar all dolled up. She surveys the room before ordering a pint in her best British accent. Patricia and Alex continue to banter about their past before Alex asks her if she intends to really take him back. Alex proposes that he can become an asset instead. Patricia tells him that he is too dangerous to be free.


The team commences the “Honey Trap” that makes McG (Noah Mills) the angry abusive boyfriend that ruins Jaz’s “away” time. McG successfully makes a scene in the bar and draws out Victor who comes to the aid of Jaz. Dalton tells McG to fight him in order to see if he is trained. McG gets beat up and the team realizes that they have found their man. McG leaves the bar proclaiming he could have kicked that guys butt if he wanted to.


Victor approaches Jaz and gives her ice for her wrist. Jaz slips Victor her fake number on a piece of paper that is actually a transmitter. Victor puts it into his pocket and the team in is business. Back in the U.S. command walks the Captain of the submarine through override commands. The code to restore control of the sub fails and Noah is forced to head back to the drawing board.


Jaz and Dalton scope out the hide out and try to find a way to infiltrate but time is starting to run out.


At the safe house the team goes over a plan. Patricia tells Noah and Hannah to do something. Noah replies they can’t do anything. If Verina dies than  the crew on the sub dies as well. Patricia and Dalton question Alex on what to do next. After a cocky attitude Alex gives them an idea. The team sits outside of the hide out and taps into their network. Preach contacts Verina. Verina tells them to kill Victor and his three friends. Dalton tells the team not to engage in a firefight with a 16 year old girl in the middle. Verina turns the hide out dark and Dalton and his team breach the hide out and face off in an action packed take down of Victor’s goons.  The team makes it to Verina and Victor and give him the option to surrender. Gun shots take the team inside to where Verina is. They find an unarmed Victor and Verina unharmed but all the computer gear is shot through and unusable.


Dalton patches Verina through to Noah in order to guide him through advanced coding.  Verina tells Noah that sometimes to build a better mouse trap you need the right kind of Cheese. Noah asks Verina what she means by that. Verina gives Noah the breakdown on how they can upload an override code for the captain to take back control of his sub. Verina gives all the codes in order for the captain to take back control of his sub and turn it around from Chinese waters.


Patricia partially thanks Alex for his help. Alex says that he would rather hear an apology for betraying him. Alex tells Patricia that he will not be betrayed again. It is her time to die. He kicks over the table he sits at and detonates a bomb. Preach covers Patricia as the bomb goes off.


Both Preach and Patricia are at the hospital. Patricia is stable but Preach taking the brunt of the hit remains in a coma. Patricia asks where Dalton is. McG tells her that he went dark and they have not heard from him in hours.


Alex returns to his safe house where Dalton is there to greet him. They sit across from each other at the table and tell each other personal details of their lives.  Jaz informs the team back at the hospital that Preach didn’t have his firearm on him when he arrived meaning that Alex had taken it. Dalton and Alex continue their intense stand off when Alex reaches for a gun. Dalton shoots him twice seemingly killing him. He returns back to safe house to return Patricia her necklace before reuniting with his team to Preach’s bedside.  The episode closes with Hannah and Noah getting into a elevator and the team rallying around Preach’s bedside.

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