The Brave – Stealth

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By: Danielle de la Torre



Pack your bags because this episode we’re headed to Mongolia. A farmer tends to his horses while a drone flies over his head and crashes in the distance.


The intelligence team in the U.S. gets a call and Hannah (Sofia Pernas) answers the call. Hannah and Noah (Tate Ellington) are informed by Director Campbell (Anne Heche) that the drone that crashed is Russian. It has the capability of being incredibly stealthy due to the undetectable skin it harbors on the outside. It is so stealthy that it has flown over the United States without any detection. Dalton (Mike Vogel) debriefs his team on the drones last known location. The episode cuts back and forth between Director Campbell informing the intelligence team and Dalton informing his team on how they will proceed due to the Russians heading in after their drone. Hannah asks Director Campbell how they will get Daltons team there that fast and the episode cuts to Dalton team skydiving into Mongolia like the badasses they are.


After Dalton’s team picks up their landing gear they head for a tiny village where they encounter scared villagers. Dalton whistles to announce his team’s presence but it scares the villagers further and they aim their weapons in defense. Dalton asks Amir (Hadi Tabbal) if he can interpret but he informs Dalton his knowledge of the villager’s language is next to nonexistent. Amir tries to tell the villagers in their language that they mean no harm but it only escalates the situation. Dalton calms everyone down and McG points out one of the villagers has been shot. McG slowly walks to the man and tries to help him. Once the villagers noticed that the team is there to help them they put down their weapons. With the help of the villagers, they give the coordinates of the drone to Preech who sends it off to the intelligence team. Hannah and Noah inform Director Campbell that the drone has fallen on the border of China. Noah is hesitant to send the team. If they don’t inform China that the team is crossing the border and the team is detected it can mean a war. Director Campbell and Dalton make the decision to pursue the drone so it means that the U.S. will be able to detect future drones spying on the U.S. Noah is delegated to debrief the team on how to enter China without being detected. Noah tells Dalton’s team that China can detect any technology going into their land so the team is forced to go total blackout with no communication to the intelligence team back in the U.S.  Director Campbell tells Dalton if they get caught they cannot be helped. It is as old school as it gets. But Dalton assures her they can do old school. The team mounts up on horses, from the village, and take off (again like the badasses they are.)


Dalton tells the team to keep their noise level down as they make their way closer to the drone. They end up coming across tracks of Russian special forces. They push ahead but have to ditch the horses due to the rouged terrain.


Back at the intelligence office Hannah is restless and Noah eats pork rinds like there is no tomorrow. Director Campbell gets a call saying the Russian Ambassador wants to meet with her and it raises a brow for everyone. But Director Campbell sees it as an opportunity.


In the field, the team trudges on before they are forced to take cover in a field while Russian Special Forces end up in the same field on top of them. The team stays hidden as they wait for the Russians to pass them over. Intense moments ensue before the team ends up in the clear.


Meanwhile, Director Campbell meets the Russian Ambassador for a dinner. He tries to make small talk with her but she is not interested. He then tells her he hopes her team is not going after the drone because the Russian Special forces are going to overrun the place in hours and will shoot to kill anyone in their way.


Dalton and the team make it to the drone crash site to see Russians load it in a truck. The end up devising a plan where Dalton will steal the truck with the drone pieces when the Russians finish loading it.


Director Campbell gives Noah a call from the restaurant to inform him and Hannah on what the ambassador disclosed to her. During the call Director, Campbell notices a man staring at her. She tries to figure out what to do next with Noah before hatching a plan of her own that she does not inform Noah of before hanging up.


Back in the field, the Russians start to wrap things up while Dalton and his team make a solid decision on taking the truck or not.


During this decision, the man Director Campbell noticed turns out to be another Russian spy who believes she panicked and set up a meeting with the Chinese due to her speaking with an Asian woman at a table in the restaurant. He calls the ambassador and informs him of her actions.


Dalton informs the team of his plans and leaves his long rifle with Preech (Demetrius Grosse) and heads for the Russian truck.


Director Campbell gets back to the intelligence office where Hannah informs him the NSA called and intercepted a call from the Russians where the ambassador has rescinded an order to send reinforcements to Mongolia. Director Campbell unfazed by the situation walks to her desk. Hannah also tells her that the Russian ambassador implied that Director Campbell informed the Chinese. Campbell simply states she had drinks with her former college roommate Sue Chen who is of Asian heritage. Noah catches on that the Russians simply assumed due to first glance and jumped to a conclusion.


The Russians make their way down a road where a tree has fallen in the pathway. One man tells the team to keep an eye out for Americans while they check the tree and move it. The Russian Special Forces remove the tree from their path and get back in their military vehicles and drive off. Out of nowhere Dalton runs from the trees and gets into the back of the Russian truck where the drone is.


Dalton makes a noise and the Russian in charge calls for the trucks to stop. The Russian gets out to check on the drone where Dalton is hidden. They find nothing out of the ordinary and proceed. Dalton takes a sample of the Drones skin as the truck hits a bump. Daltons loses his gun in the motion. He pulls out a device that looks like a phone and dials before putting it down and exited the truck. On the way out the head Russian catches him in the side mirror of the truck and alerts the others. Dalton is chased into the woods by the Russians.


The team hears heavy gunfire and hold their position where Jaz (Natacha Karam) spots a helicopter. The team argues on what to do next before Preech gives them strict orders to follow the original plan of meeting at the rally point.


Back at the intelligence office Noah gets off the phone and debriefs Director Campbell and Hannah that the Chinese were alerted by a phone call made by Dalton to a dry cleaner. Noah is unclear what it means until Campbell smiles and tells him Dalton did it on purpose. Hoping the Chinese would intercept it.


Dalton continues to be shot at and chased into the woods trying to escape. He is then tackled by a Russian where they wrestle before Dalton stabs him victoriously. Still being chased by the other Russians, Dalton takes off. He makes it to the field where the team first hid from the Russians. He runs across it with the Russians hot on his heels. He ends up in the crosshairs of one Russians scope before the rest of the team emerges from the field of tall grass and takes out the rest of the Russians (LIKE THE BADASSES THEY ARE). McG (Noah Mills) tends to Dalton who has a broken rib and ego from almost getting his ass whooped. He shows McG the skin he extracted from the drone and claims the mission accomplished. Jaz interrupts claiming there are more Russians out there and Amir joins in saying the Chinese should not be far behind either but Dalton waves them off. It turns out the phone call he made had sent the Chinese right to the Russians so they could both deal with each other. The Chinese take the Russians into custody.


Back at the intelligence office Hannah and Noah still sit in nervous turmoil before Dalton and the rest of the team’s trackers pop back up on the main screen. Dalton informs Campbell a successful mission.


Dalton and the team make jokes about Western movies and ride off into the sunset.


At the intelligence office, Noah asks Hannah out to eat before the depart Director Campbell intercepts them. The bug they had planted on Boothe episodes earlier turned up new information about the bomber that went after the team on the beach in the second episode.


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