The Brave – The Seville Defection

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By: Danielle de la Torre


We open to a bar in Seville, Spain where the team including Preach (Demetrius Grosse), Jaz (Natacha Karam), McG (Noah Mills) and Amir (Hadi Tabbal) are enjoying drinks and jokes exchanged between the four of them. Jaz exits as McG catches the eye of a local. McG asks her to join. She reveals her name to be Paloma (Erica Hernandez). McG feeds her the fake name of Walter from Canada whose job is a professional problem solver. They all take a shot before Amir and Preach catch the drift that its time to leave McG to do his thing in the flirting department.


Jaz makes her way outside to find Dalton (Mike Vogel) working on his lone wolf look.  When she sits next to him he starts to point out the constellation of stars he has been looking at. Jaz seems unimpressed as Dalton defends his actions asking if she ever looked at the stars. We learn Jaz is from New York city where she never knew stars existed and people didn’t stargaze.


McG ends up going back to Paloma’s place where the flirting graduates into much more as he ends up spending the night with Paloma.


When McG wakes up Paloma is already awake. She questions his tattoo that he has on his back. He tries to keep his cover and job description under wraps by claiming he is only a medic soldier, but Paloma doesn’t fall for it. She knows his tattoo is American special forces and tells McG so. Knowing he should probably leave, McG gets dressed as Paloma questions him further. Not willing to give any information McG asks who the hell she is. She replies the daughter of a spy with a problem. Knowing he solves problems, she begs McG to save her father who is in town giving a guest lecture at the university where she is a grad student. She tells McG that her father wants to defect. McG tells her that he can’t help and that her father should go see the consulate. Paloma counters saying a daughter of a Russian spy when to the consulate where she was turned away and killed two days later. She asks one more time if McG knows someone who can help.


Later director Campbell (Anne Heche) is on a video call with Dalton and McG as she grills him about how he met the woman. Campbell is not thrilled with McG, but proceeds and asks Dalton for a breakdown of what they know. Dalton gives the rundown of Paloma and her father. Director Campbell and Dalton both feel like it is a setup, but Dalton and Director Campbell both agree to pursue the mission to see if someone is targeting the team.


Paloma asks her father, Ivan Sokolov (Pasha D. Lychnikoff) to meet at the university where Dalton and Jaz swoop in and take the both of them back to their safe house.


At the team’s safe house Dalton presses Ivan about being a Russian spy who wants to defect. At first, Ivan denies the claim thinking that the Russians he works for are trying to test his loyalty. Dalton shows him Director Campbell on video chat where it becomes evident that they are in fact who they say they are. Ivan goes on to tell Director Campbell that he has cancer and put his daughter up to seeking out help. Being sick he is a liability to the Kremlin. Director Campbell says the team can’t help him unless he proves he is a high rank in the Russian Intelligence. Ivan feeds them a name of Megan James who is an American within the CIA who is working with Russians. The intelligence team looks her up, but she still turns up clean. Dalton and Director Campbell fight over what to do. Campbell tells Dalton his team is ghosts until they can clear the information that was given to them.


Back in the U.S. at the informational team’s office Hannah (Sofia Pernas) and Noah (Tate Ellington) search background information on Megan James (Rebecca Breeds). She still turns out clean. Noah asks Campbell what they can do that the NSA couldn’t do in twenty-four hours. Director Campbell says they aren’t and that Noah will be a covert operative to try and uncover the truth.


Noah brings in Megan with a few others and runs a fake special project with them to try and bait Megan into raising a red flag. The entire project is rigged to trigger the team if she does anything alarming with the information given to her.


Preach and McG are back at Paloma’s place with her where Preech searches her house for bugs. Preach leaves the room and McG searches Paloma’s phone and laptop. Paloma tries to apologize to McG and claims she did not use him. McG tries not to get too personal with her for the good of the mission. Preach comes back in the room to announce the house is clean of bugs.


At the University Jaz and Dalton scout out the campus from a high ground and Amir stays inside to tail Ivan. Amir accompanies Ivan as they enter his office.


Jaz asks Dalton if he really blames McG for getting them into this. Dalton replies that McG should be better at trusting his intuition. Jaz asks Dalton if he thinks even he is that good at knowing what a woman’s intuition is. She dares Dalton to guess what she’s thinking. Dalton says that it’s not even a challenge, but they are interrupted when Dalton spies a suspicious man outside of the university doing perimeter sweeps. Dalton decides to go to ground level to check it out and Jaz readies her sniper. It’s revealed the suspicious man has a gun.


Ivan gets a call from his handler and the intelligence team back in the states positively identifies him as an authentic Russian agent. Suspicions rise even more over Megan James and Director Campbell orders Hannah to search Megan’s house.


Back at the University, Dalton sees the suspicious man meet up with two other men and realizes that it is an attempted hit on Ivan. The team works quickly to protect Ivan and take down the men after him.


Hannah searches Megan’s home, but has still found nothing to tie her to Russia. Noah calls her to tell her Megan is on the move. Hannah tells Noah to keep Megan busy until she finds something. Noah intercepts Megan and invites her to lunch.


At the safe house, Ivan admits to the team he ordered the hit on himself due to it being more humane than cancer taking his life. He also mentions that Paloma would have received four million dollars in inheritance from his death. The team struggles with what to do next. Dalton asks Amir for his advice since Amir knows how to read people best. Amir admits that he thinks Ivan is telling the truth. Dalton radios Patricia and they decide to proceed in helping.


Hannah skims through a notebook back at Megan’s house and uncovers a code. She calls Noah to let him know before he gets to lunch with Megan. Noah figures out what it is and hangs up before Paloma can reason with him. He confronts Megan and tells her to empty her purse. Megan empties it and pulls a gun on Noah who she orders to get in the car and drive. Megan asks Noah who he works for, but he doesn’t tell her. She stabs him before Noah purposely crashes the car and flips the gun on her.


Back in Seville Spain Jaz, McG and Preach all sit in a car. McG and Preach watching Ivan while Jaz watches him through the scope of her sniper. McG apologizes for getting them into their situation and Jaz and Preach pick on his personal habits as a returning banter. They tell McG there are no hard feelings. Jaz sees the other South American that got away during the attempted hit enter the park where Dalton, Amir and Ivan are in. Jaz ends up taking him out. Director Campbell radios in and tells Dalton Ivan’s intel checked out and Megan was a mole. Ivan’s handler arrives and tries to take Ivan away via gunpoint but Jaz takes the handler out as well. This mission now turns into getting Ivan back stateside.


Noah, safe and sound back at the intelligence office, gets asked by Hannah how it feels to be a superhero. He tells her it’s not as sexy as he thought.


In Seville, McG and Dalton say their goodbyes to Ivan and Paloma and leave. Paloma and Ivan talk about Paloma’s mother before a car with hooded people pull up and shoot at Ivan and Paloma. Ivan pushes Paloma out of the way before being hit essentially being killed. It’s revealed that the team and Director Campbell staged Ivan’s death so they could get him back stateside safely. The only one not in the know was Paloma due to the team needing her organic reaction. Ivan apologizes later and Paloma says she just glad he is alive. Dalton escorts Ivan out and gives him strict orders about contacting his daughter and a happy goodbye wishing him luck.


Paloma watches her father leave and McG enters. She hugs and thanks him and he simply replies he’s a problem solver. They kiss as Jaz watches on smiling. As Jaz and Dalton get ready to leave. Jaz tells Dalton he didn’t finish his test from earlier about telling Jaz what he can read from her eyes. Dalton tells her he doesn’t need to prove what he already knows because it just becomes bragging. They both smile as he leaves.


NEXT EPISODE: As the team heads to Paris on a mission connected to Amir’s undercover past, things get personal; the team members learn more about the newest member and what might have brought him to them.



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